Visiting the Ancient Ruins in Elite Dangerous

When Frontier Developments should a trailer of the new 2.2 Guardians update to Elite Dangerous: Horizons, they showed some ancient ruins. A player managed to figure out where those ruins were from the stars and nebula in the background and triangulated their way to the ruins. How he did that is far beyond me or the scope of this article. I had just arrived at HIP 10716 to get ready to do some Imperial rank grinding (HIP 10716 and Wu Guinagi Imperial Rank grind) and it was only a few hundred light years away, so I decided to hold off on the grind and visit the system. It would be my first time landing on a planet without a station (I’ve done plenty of station landing on planets), and first time using my SRV.

From the featured image above, you can see my SRV looking at an apparent alien obelisk.

I used the Radio Sidewinder Ancient Ruins Visual Guide to help guide to the me where to land once at the system…

As I got near, I decided to stream it. The stream went down a couple times, but I managed to get a couple good highlights in. Continue reading Visiting the Ancient Ruins in Elite Dangerous

My Suggestion for Elite Dangerous PVE Player Griefing

Elite Dangerous is a huge open sandbox MMO. And with open sandbox this usually means player can kill other players. The consequences very from game to game, and right now Elite Dangerous doesn’t do much to punish player killers. There is no PVE server, so many of us PVE players join up with a private PVE group. The other day I was at the ancient artifact grounds (Visiting the Ancient Ruins in Elite Dangerous), and left, but apparently some griefers were out there killing other players in the private PVE group, and this got me thinking that we need a solution in game. Within the groups Facebook page, there was a discussion about a PVE option, and punishments for players who grief PVE players, and that inspired this blog post.

The problem is there is no punishment for griefing players. A small bounty, but that is paid easy enough. In real life you go to jail, and that is where this gets to.

First the game needs a PVE option. This is on by default when you first start playing until you are two or three ranks up (in any form), then by default goes off and puts you in PVP by default. If you kill another player during that “trial” time, it will warn you, place a bounty on you, but otherwise leave you alone. A second player kill in that trail period will be treated as any other player, which I’ll discuss in a bit (however you start at the first step and it ignores that first trial period kill). If you are in a private PVE group, then it stays on PVE mode all the time. If there are any private PVP groups, then obviously it stays on PVP all the time. If you have open crimes against you in PVP or Open, then those carry over to the PVE group, and you’ll face the stiffer consequences.

Anyhow, in your right panel (or the panel between your legs, where it might make more sense) you get the PVP/PVE option. This changes your radar signature. You can’t switch back and forth willy nilly. There are cooldown times on any switch, how long I’m not sure. You can’t just use PVE to travel between stations, or though known/suspected dangerous areas, then reengage PVP when you are in more friendly areas.

So now your radar shows that the player near you is a PVE flagged player. If you attack them, you are warned, and fined (equal to if not greater than the cost of their repairs). If you kill them, then we get to the real punishment. Now, it is important to note that they can defend themselves after being engaged without consequence to them… unless you do no damage to them after the first, and only the first shot. If you do one shot, are near full health, then they turn and kill you without you engaging them more, then they’ll get a fine, but not the full punishment. This largely relates to players who start the fight against a PVE flagged player and kills them. PVP players are fair game, unless they are in a private PVE group. Killing a PVP player in Open or private PVP groups is always free of anything other than any bounties put on you in the game already.

You have killed a PVE player in Open. The money required for the other player to buy their replacement is taken from your account and given to them. If you don’t have enough, it will be deducted from you account as you earn money, say 25-50% of earning, until the debt is paid. A bounty is placed on you until you are killed in an equal or better ship to the one you killed the player in (so no jumping into a sidewinder, then getting blasted then back to your ship). We might let it go at that for the first time, if not it goes right to the next step.

You kill a PVP player in Open. Again, fined like above for the price of that player’s replacement costs. Bounty placed on your head for when you return to the major bubbles. You are given a strike, more on that in a bit. Now you are moved to a prison bubble. You are stripped of your funds and ships. They are kept in storage at the main bubble…deep in the middle of the main bubble, or on the opposite side of the main bubble from the nearest point the two bubbles have to one another. From this bubble, you initially can’t plot a path out. You are stuck here until you earn enough that you are allowed to plot your way out. This is a mini bubble, a few thousand light years (as in no less than 5k, most likely 10-20k) from the main human bubbles I’ve decided that it doesn’t need to be so far, a bit over 1000 would be ideal so they have to navigate back with a bit more difficulty than usual, but doesn’t need to be too oppressive, most prisons are close enough to populated areas. This is a fairly decent sized bubble, with plenty of trade and the like within it. Plenty of stuff to earn your way back. Of course that bubble itself has rules and regulations, and bounties on player killers. Those bounties stay on you until you are killed being in a ship equal or better than the one you were in when you killed the other player. There are no ship or module transfers to the prison bubble from the other bubbles. This prison bubble is open PVP all the time. This prison bubble has more hostile NPCs. It’s a harsh place, and the mission rewards and trade rewards are smaller. If you went here in debt, then 100% of all funds are taken until that debt is paid, not the 25-50% in the step above). Now the question is how long do you spend in the prison bubble? Probably has to be based on money, not time. Too many ways to exploit time punishments, stay off server if real time, AFK if in game time. So then how much do you have to earn? Probably based on a number of factors. If you killed somebody in a private PVE group, the penalty gets doubled (perhaps 1.2 to 1.5 times, but double sounds good since you went out of your way to join a specifically PVE group). But let’s say equal to the full, not replacement cost of the player killed ship, times 1.5 for a first strike, 2 or 3 for strike 2 and 4 or 5 for strike 3, then it starts going up double each time for each additional strike. The other player doesn’t get it, this is simply your earning your way out… and if you buy stuff with that money, it doesn’t count until you pay the fee. So you pay the fee, you can continue to stay in the prison bubble, earn more money which you get to keep, or can plot a narrow way out to the main bubble. Again, this prison bubble is only for players who kill other players who are marked PVE, though there should be a way to go there for other crimes if a player wants to experience the prison bubble without having to grief a PVE player. The prison bubble routes only to the main human bubble.

Once in the main bubble, you still have a bounty on your head, and you are still flagged as PVP until you pay that bounty at the main station. There is only one station that will let you pay that fee yourself, and it’s where your ships and any money you had left are. I was thinking Eravate, but you probably want one that isn’t a starting system, but still near the center of the bubble. Once you pickup your ships, pay any bounty if one is left (remember, for it to count to be killed while you have a bounty on your head, you have to be in a ship equal or better than the one you killed the other player in, otherwise the bounty remains), and get your funds back, you are free and clear to go. Now if you engage in another PVE player, you get cycled back into the above step with another strike, meaning it will take that much longer to earn your way out. NOTE, that this bounty make you far more noticeable than other bounties, and killing a bounty never counts against you.

I think a prison bubble makes for an exciting experience, and so long as there are ways to get there without having to grief PVE players, I think it’d become a fun hub of activity. Now importing illegal cargo or something isn’t enough to get you sent there, but there should be something that is clear, and you get a couple of warning about before you are sent there, would be cool. The penalty fee you have to pay to get out in such cases is usually much smaller (opening fire and killing an NPC in the stations no fire zone might be close), but the idea would be to let people get there other ways. It also serves as a harsh punishment for players who openly grief players clearly marked PVE. It is also semi realistic. In real life, you don’t get your possessions and money until you are out of prison. Here, you just don’t get it automatically when you get out, you have to go to where they impounded the stuff once free.

Elite Dangerous – Sothis Runs

IMPORTANT NOTE: This works as of 2.1, apparently in the 2.2 beta, Sothis runs have been nerfed. As of this writing, not sure if that will make it to live or not.

One of the easy ways to make money in Elite Dangerous is stacking Sothis runs. I just managed around 11 million in 4 or 5 stops in my Type 6 with 96 T cargo capacity and 18.83 laden jump range. This is not a full guide, just more or less what I do.

Sothis is an outlyng human colony system. From Newholm Station, you can pickup a large number of delivery missions. You do this on a few ways. First I do it via a private group that I’m in. Load up all the far away delivery missions (don’t worry, once you get there, they are all within 2 or 3 jumps of one another… at least on my Type 6) and all the data delivery missions to Ceos. Then log out to the main menu, choose Open and get all the delivery missions (they should be near the others) and data delivery to Ceos… log out again to main menu and go Solo and repeat. This process of getting missions from the Open, Private and Solo is called mission stacking. At this point it probably is best to stay Solo or if you are in a private group, go that way. First I deliver my data to Ceos, which is only 1 jump away, and this nets a good haul from the stacking.

You can only have 20 missions at a time, so if you don’t fill up on delivery missions, you can run data back to Sothis and restack the delivery missions as there usually are more… Also note there are two stations in Sothis, I typically only stack the station closest to the entry point, but I know some people stack both.

Here is a Twitch highlight of me delivering mission stacked data to Ceos. Staring Sothis Runs for Credits – Ceos data drops and notes. Continue reading Elite Dangerous – Sothis Runs

We Happy Few – Preview and Second Look Coming Soon

I recently did a preview (semi early review) of We Happy Few back in late July:

Don’t be a Downer, We Happy Few – Giving We Happy Few a quick look at it’s current Early Access alpha access level. The playable characters aren’t in yet, and most of the story isn’t in yet. Highlight starts after the escape seen in the trailers. I talk near the end of the broadcast a few bits of my early impression thoughts and opinions of the game based on the early alpha (and I was one of the ones who got to show it off early before the official press embargo ended).

That was recorded 27 July 2016, which is why I’m getting ready to do a second look and give a review based on more of what’s in the game as of now (it is still very early access) I think there’s been enough time and enough updates to go back in and check it out… plus the press embargo is long over, so I think it’s time to get an official opinion on the state of the game. So keep an eye on this page… this article will be deleted and a full review will be going up… hopefully in the next week or two, depending on my schedule.

NOTE: We Happy Few was provided via a press contact outside the developer and publisher.

Checking Out For Honor – Closed Alpha

I was lucky enough to get into the For Honor closed alpha, and decided to stream a little of my first dive in… I quickly forget the basic that the CTRL mode is block and keep trying to remember if there was a special block key for the first few matches.

Anyhow, here’s a few highlights from the broadcast (the featured pic here is from one of those broadcasts which is why it is of lower quality than a pure screenshot, I’ll likely replace that with a straight screenshot later):

Checking out For Honor (Dominion – Player vs AI) – Raider. For Honor closed alpha gameplay. My 1st match of the day, trying out the Viking (Raider) this time.
Checking out For Honor (Dominion – Player vs AI) – Warden. More For Honor closed alpha gameplay, my 2nd match of the day, trying out the Knight (Warden) this time.
Checking out For Honor (Dominion – Player vs AI) – Kensei. More For Honor closed alpha gameplay, my 3rd match of the day, trying out the Samurai (Kensei) this time.
Checking Out For Honor – Brawl (Player vs AI) Mode. I think we were supposed to try one particular hero out in this mode, but it said Not Requited… but perhaps he was chooseable anyhow… I don’t know.

I don’t think I’m ready for a VS player mode yet, and will stick to the VS AI modes… lol.

Not shown in those is hero customization, requiting new heroes and adding goals to gain more in game money.

Anyhow, what do I think? Continue reading Checking Out For Honor – Closed Alpha

Playing and Streaming Elder Scrolls: Legends – Bethesda’s Digital CCG Based on the Elder Scrolls Universe

After the huge success that Blizzard had with Hearthstone, a digital CCG based on the Warcraft universe, we’ve got a couple games that came out based on others. Chronicle, based on the Runescape universe, but with a lot of unique and cool twists that sets it apart from any of the others, that makes it well worth your time to check out. Meanwhile, perhaps one of the biggest RPGs (plus an MMO) out there, Elder Scrolls, has gotten it’s own digital CCG, Elder Scrolls: Legends. This game has a great deal more depth than Hearthstone (which remains a great game), and seems to straddle the line between Magic and Hearthstone near perfectly.

The game has a single player story mode, a solo versus mode, an arena versus mode, and others… I’ve been playing the single player story mode of late on my Twitch channel. Here are the highlights:

Elder Scrolls: Legends – Act 1 Chapters 1 to 8 1:18:55 The whole first act, from here on out I cut highlights by Chapter.
Elder Scrolls: Legends – Act 2 – Chapter 9 15:45
Elder Scrolls: Legends – Act 2 – Chapter 10 21:05
Elder Scrolls: Legends – Act 2 – Chapter 11 25:49
Elder Scrolls: Legends – Act 2 – Chapter 12 10:44
Elder Scrolls: Legends – Act 2 – Chapter 13 26:10
Elder Scrolls: Legends – Act 2 – Chapter 14 16:01

Unfortunately I don’t have any keys to give out.

Apologies for Lack of Content Here

I’ve been busy with life, writing, playing games, watching Twitch and streaming on Twitch, work, trying to get a better full time job with benefits (I need that insurance you know)… so sorry I haven’t been active here as much as I should be. Generally this blog serves as a portal to my YouTube (not very active of late), Twitch (semi-active) and the like and has fallen behind on the content I’d like to push to it. I’m not saying I’m going to get back on the ball, as I probably won’t, but hopefully I can find something to get posted here. For now, check out my Twitch highlights.

Endless Legend Has a New Must Have DLC … or at Least Strongly Suggested

Endless Legend made my 2014 PC Games of the Year list, and would have scored higher than honorable mention if I didn’t suck at the game so much. It is much better than Civilization, but harder.

They recently released a new DLC, Shifters, which adds a new Major faction, Allayi, which make use of a new resource, Pearls which can have an influence on future winters if you build an Altar of Auriga and use it to pray, using more Pearls to cast an influence on the next winter. Some buildings and equipment also use Pearls to build.

The Allayi are a nice addition to the races. They have no winter movement penalty, and they have really nice movement as it stands. On the negative side they need lots of food to grow and it’s hard to expand with them. Indeed I wasn’t aware of the expansion penalty while doing my initial play through. The Allayi see Pearls even without vision, so they are highly tied to Pearls. Their scouts can loot ruins easy enough too. I’m not sure how good they’d be at multiplayer though… I didn’t even attempt it (I’m too bad at the game to try multiplayer period). I’d be curious what other people found as the multiplayer experience with the new race.

I have a long play though here of my first 100 turns with the game. Note this is the first time I’ve played the game since around Early Access, so I’m beyond rusty and suck at the game even more than usual… This video is a highlight from my Twitch stream and wasn’t recorded local, so the video quality is as high as my direct recordings.

The TLDW/TLDR is that this is a very big and important update to Endless Legend. If you have the game, it may not be “Must Have” so much as “Strongly Suggested” to “Strongly Suggested when it goes on sale” expansion. I’m not sold on the price of $13 and might suggest waiting for a Steam Sale that pushes it closer to the $6-10 range. The new faction really adds a lot to it, and I think once one gets a hang of playing them, it becomes a must have expansion. I’m personally not there yet with the new race, but I can see how they’d become a favorite… at least for single player play.

My personal suggestion for now is to check out some streams and videos of better players. See if you like the new faction and mechanic. Then decide for yourself. I’m fairly happy with it. I continue to favor Endless Legend just slightly over Endless Space myself, but my son prefers Endless Space. I haven’t asked him if he prefers Endless Legend over Civilization as I do or not… We both love Dungeon of the Endless. All of which gets off topic. Be sure to watch people who are much better than I play it and get a feel for the new race and the new Pearls resource/mechanic (which sadly I don’t get into during the above video) and see if it’s a good fit for you right now.

NOTE: I was provided the DLC as a review copy via a press contact outside Amplitude, so my thanks to them.

EDIT: This QUICK review may be re-written later. I have a really bad headache as I write this and I’m finding it hard to concentrate. The general review of it being between Must Have and Strong Suggested will stand, but hopefully I can clean it up and expand on it. Why didn’t I wait? Well, I wanted to get it out while the DLC was still fresh, I had the day off and thought I could get it done.

A Few Gigantic Highlights

I recently got to stream Gigantic, while it was still under NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) for most players/streamers. I also created a video, but the stutter in that video is even worse than the Division one so I decided not to use it. So I’ll link the 4 highlights I made that weekend instead. A huge thanks to Motiga for allowing me to stream it a weekend early. Needless to say, the fact I got to do that, even if it was only one weekend early, got put into my  My Noted Past In Gaming post.

I can’t embed these as a bug in either the Twitch player and/or WordPress makes them autoplay:

First Game of Gigantic in 5 or so Months

Gigantic Fun With Gigantic

By Far Not the Best Gigantic Player Out There

Finally a Gigantic Victory

My Division Video is Up

So there’s a new game coming out March 8th called, Tom Clancy’s The Division (pre-order/order Tom Clancy’s The Division via Amazon) for which I’ve been in mixed excitement and trepidation on. After playing a bit of it when it was in closed beta… got to say I’m more excited for it now.

I won’t go on and on about it in this post, and rather leave it to the video here for details (the video had far more stutter than usual, sorry, I must have goofed my OBS settings):

I’ve also got a Twitch highlight that follows it up (I can’t embed it, as it autostarts… even with autostart turned off, a bug Twitch hasn’t fixed yet, though it seems to be more a WordPress ignoring the setting thing, hard to tell):

TLDR: The Division rocks, get it. Follow the link above to buy it… and watch the video. 🙂

Thoughts on What Makes a Good Life and the Pursuit of Happiness

Generally this is a gaming blog. Occasionally I stretch into political discourse, and I used to discuss faith and religion. However, I’ve tried to keep it largely focused on gaming of late. What follows probably would normally be something I’d just post to Facebook for my friends, perhaps open that post up to the public… but I figured why not push it here for a change of pace… and then share it to Facebook. 🙂

There’s a new TED Talk video called What Makes a Good Life? Lessons from the Longest Study on Happiness | Robert Waldinger | TED Talks

So let’s talk about a few things. Some are already pointed out in the comments, others are fresh and my own… Continue reading Thoughts on What Makes a Good Life and the Pursuit of Happiness

New Homeworld Game Out Very Soon

Eons ago, I played a little game called Homeworld. It was an amazing RTS game, and ages later I still recall the theme. Then a few years ago we started hearing of a little game called Shipbreakers (it’s gone by a few names, but that was the main one that I recall once it started getting big attention) from some of the original Homeworld people. Then the original Homeworld property went up for sale in a bankruptcy… and then we got Special Editions for the original game and Homeworld 2…. and soon Shipbreakers was an official Homeworld game.

Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak tells the story immediately before the events of Homeworld. As one can tell from the name, there it takes place in the desert of the planet the original game takes place. So gone is the full 3D aspects, but the rich RTS aspects still appear to be there. If you don’t have the original Homeworld games in their remastered forms, the pre-order of Deserts includes those.

Fists of Heaven is featuring a contest to giveaway a copy of Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak. It is one of those Gleem social media entry types. While the discount for the game is pretty nice for those of us who already have the remastered Homeworld games… I think I’ll give that a go first… especially as my poor brain normally isn’t any good at RTS games and why spend money to feel stupid if you can feel stupid for free? Lol. 🙂

My First Overwatch Video

Well, I managed to get some video footage that I was able to cut a video from. My personal account still isn’t flagged yet… cough… hint… Blizzard… cough.. so this is probably the only video I’ll be able to do until such time.

It’s mostly an introduction to the game, some thoughts and opinions on a few controversial subjects in the community.  No real new information for those who’ve been following the game.

I also tried to convert my script to closed captions for the first time…

EDIT: Of course as of the date this was written, 30 November 2015 and today 24 February 2016, I still don’t have access to the game… So Blizzard, please, BrianAThomas#1237

The Museum Director’s Day – An Overwatch Fan Fiction

What follows is a bit of fan fic I wrote for Overwatch. It’s nothing overly great and was done way too quick (less than 1 1/2 hours counting editing)… but it is a stepping stone to something I have in mind for later. As of original posting the ending is far too rushed a bit to deus ex machina… And yeah, I inserted myself, but all other characters outside the official Overwatch universe ones are not based on anyone else (no inflated or busted egos out there).

I should perhaps note that I normally don’t write fan fic (heck, I haven’t really written much fiction on perhaps 30 years)… as may become obvious. Lol. Also there are a few lore errors here and there, which would likely not be in the main story.

The Museum Director’s Day

An Overwatch fan fic
By Brian A Thomas

“It’s been nearly a year since the events that initiated the museum renovation.” Brian paused, the audience at home was now watching clips of Reaper and Widowmaker’s attempt to steal the gauntlet. He was standing not far off from the gauntlet itself, he found himself wondering once again what would have happened had they succeeded. What if Winston hadn’t caught wind of the plan and asked Tracer to come and help? The battle outside the museum caused more damage than that inside, though it was the footage inside that everyone remembered. Continue reading The Museum Director’s Day – An Overwatch Fan Fiction

The Overwatch Salt

A very vocal portion of the Overwatch fan base is all upset how the only people Blizzard let in is a few Twitch streamers and YouTubers, and left everyone else out. They are salty about it. But when one takes a moment to really think it through, there is no reason for all the salt. The salt drives more crazy than the lack of access.

This happens with every Blizzard beta

In a few months when it is no longer super high on Twitch’s rankings, people will start crying how the sky is falling on the Overwatch hype train, and amazingly enough nobody they know is in… I’ve covered before how this happened with The Sky is Falling on the Heroes of the Storm Hype Train, and I can already tell that in a few months we’ll be in the same spot with Overwatch. It had the same hype, and the same salt and accusations that were unfairly leveled at Blizzard that we see happening all over again.

The content creator’s are the only ones in fallacy

This is the most often cited problem. The one that causes the most salt.

Yes. Blizzard did flag some Streamers and YouTubers. Perhaps or even likely a few hundred. That doesn’t mean they are the only ones let in. I’d wager that the number of content creators let in is probably a 10% of the total people let in. Even if it’s as much as 20%, it’s a small percentage overall. There is no NDA, so yes, they are going to push for Streamers and the like first to help get free advertising for the game.  Continue reading The Overwatch Salt

In Defense of the Overwatch Museum Security Guard

There is a point in the Overwatch Cinematic Trailer (trailer below, screenshot moment as the featured image here) where amidst the battle going on in the museum, it cuts to a scene where we see the security guard playing a game of Hearthstone rather than doing his duty. It is an additional funny moment in the trailer, playing not only off the old joke of security guards not paying attention to that which they are supposed to secure, but also an inside joke at Blizzard‘s other game (for those not in the know, both Overwatch and Hearthstone are Blizzard games).

I am here today to defend the honor of that security guard. Continue reading In Defense of the Overwatch Museum Security Guard

Overwatch Update 18 October 2015

Okay people who follow @BrianAThomas" href="">my Twitter know I’ve been obsessed with Overwatch from the moment it was announced at Blizzcon. Heck I signed up on their site while the site still called it “Unannounced Blizzard Game” before they updated it to say “Overwatch” later that day. I was all over it. Sadly speed of entry doesn’t help with access… Anyhow, I made a post last year, Blizzard Reveals Their New Franchise — A New Game I Want In ASAP, soon after the reveal and it’s been a featured content on the site since then, but haven’t covered it much here aside from a brief mention in The Search for New Content. So it’s time to remedy that to a small degree.

Both my Twitch and my YouTube have distinct Overwatch themes… though I did dial the Twitch one back a bit (I used to have a picture of Tracer behind the header images)… I still feature Overwatch images prominently on my YouTube main picture and on the Stream Starting Soon, Stream Will Return and Thanks for Watching type images on my Twitch (an example of those is shown in this highlight which shows off the overlay when the whole profile page and the overlay were more Overwatch oriented, since then I’ve re-themed the profile a bit and changed to a less intrusive overlay, but the bumpers as noted still are Overwatch themed). Beyond Overwatch themed bumpers on my Twitch, I’ve also used Overwatch themes for when somebody Follows me (I made a Tracer GIF of her asking Widowmaker “Whatcha looking at?” along with pulling the audio from the clip too, if somebody hosts me it shows a an animated GIF I made from the trailer of Tracer going “Don’t worry loves, cavalry is here” again with an audio clip)… so yeah, still Overwatch themed if it has been toned down a bit… (Also I may have butchered those quotes a bit as it’s been a while since I’ve listened to the audio or watched the trailer). I’ve been posting about it off and on on Twitter though, even if not here.

There really hasn’t been much news since the announcement… I mean hero details, some changes from the early days to some of the heroes… but nothing really big until recently. That news is obvious in the header of this article, and that the beta starts 27 October 2015. Continue reading Overwatch Update 18 October 2015

What I’ve Been Playing of Late 8 October 2015

I haven’t posted for ages. Figured I’d give people a run down on some of what I’ve been playing of late, in terms of video games anyhow. These are in no particular order.

First off apologies for the auto playing Twitch video below… it’s marked to not autoplay, but seems Twitch has a 2 year old bug that won’t be fixed until the HTML 5 player is more readily available.

I’ve been playing the Star Wars: Battlefront Beta (buy Star Wars Battlefrontvia Amazon). On my upper mid(ish) range system (i7 4770k, 8GB RAM, GTX 770) I’m getting 60-70+ FPS with all the settings on high. So while the system specs may scare some people, it actually is pretty solid even without the high end systems. Anyhow, it’s a fun game and delivers on all my expectations. The beta is very limited so hard to tell how the overall game will be, as many game modes and maps aren’t in the beta. It certainly looks like it’ll be a must have title for fans of either Star Wars or Dice’s Battlefield series. It is a bit more than Battlefield with a Star Wars theme though and I’d think it’ll appeal more to the Star Wars fans. It is probably a safe game to pre-order. There is no single player campaign, it’s all multiplayer and co-op.
Here is a Twitch highlight of me playing it.
Embed removed as it autoplays no matter how it is setup, click this to be taken to the video.
Watch live video from JonathanStrangeBT on Twitch

Devilian. This is an MMO with ARPG elements. I was using the Thai version, but now I’m in the Trion NA Alpha. The game isn’t in beta yet, just closed Alpha. Closed beta should be coming soon, with open beta soon after that. If you don’t win access via a contest on some Twitch stream, you can buy your way in. Alpha access is a bit expensive and probably not worth the price IMHO, but to each their own. The game will be free to play after launch, and launch should be 2015… I haven’t recorded anything new for the NA Alpha as of this initial writing, but here’s my video of me playing the Thai version awhile ago.

Continue reading What I’ve Been Playing of Late 8 October 2015

My Dream ARPG and Upcoming ARPGs

One of my favorite genres of computer games are ARPGs, especially of the loot and grab/hack and slash style. Typically people think of Blizzard’s Diablo series. There are a couple strong other entries out right now. Path of Exile, an excellent free to play ARPG which would really take a full article to detail how amazing and in depth it is. Marvel Heroes 2015, an ARPG set in the Marvel universe. Torchlight 2 and it’s older sibling Torchlight are both nice light hearted takes on the genre, and good entry points for more casual gamers while still offering a good deal of depth for more serious players. As an added bonus the guys who made Torchlight are making a new game called Rebel Galaxy which I got an early look at, and it was full of win. Gauntlet is somewhat in the same vein, though it’s a bit more arcadey…

Anyhow, it’s among my favorite genres. There are a number of games coming out soon(ish) that I’m particuraly interested in. This is a very quick run down of some of my favorites that I’m looking forward to.

Devilian is an open world MMO with ARPG combat that is already out in Korea and Thailand, among some surrounding areas. The game is being brought to the west by Trion, who brought us ArcheAge (which I’ve covered extensively before overdosing on it). Now plenty of people out there feel upset at Trion for the way ArcheAge was handled at launch, but I for one am willing to give them the benefit of the doubt and more than a fair chance to prove themselves with Devilian.

I’ve already covered Devilian to some degree:

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