Visiting the Ancient Ruins in Elite Dangerous

When Frontier Developments should a trailer of the new 2.2 Guardians update to Elite Dangerous: Horizons, they showed some ancient ruins. A player managed to figure out where those ruins were from the stars and nebula in the background and triangulated their way to the ruins. How he did that is far beyond me or the scope of this article. I had just arrived at HIP 10716 to get ready to do some Imperial rank grinding (HIP 10716 and Wu Guinagi Imperial Rank grind) and it was only a few hundred light years away, so I decided to hold off on the grind and visit the system. It would be my first time landing on a planet without a station (I’ve done plenty of station landing on planets), and first time using my SRV.

From the featured image above, you can see my SRV looking at an apparent alien obelisk.

I used the Radio Sidewinder Ancient Ruins Visual Guide to help guide to the me where to land once at the system…

As I got near, I decided to stream it. The stream went down a couple times, but I managed to get a couple good highlights in.

First is me heading to the ruins. Stream cut out a bit before I landed at them, but near the end you can see them near my cross hairs, they sort of look a bit like a crater on a crater at that point.

Then the stream cut out and I didn’t notice. After some coaching I managed to land (I just didn’t go down far enough, I thought I was landed but apparently wasn’t), and got into my SRV (I still need to reconfig the controls) and started exploring. It was partway during exploration I noticed the stream was down and restarted it.

Then I did some more exploring the ancient ruins on stream. That stream would be cut short near as I was finishing up.

Overall a very fun experience, and so long as you have Horizons, a fuel scoop, and an SRV, I suggest heading out and checking it out.

I doubt they are Thargoids… the stuff we’ve seen that suggest Thargoids has been more organic in nature, so I’d think this is another race, perhaps the Guardians. It’s too early in the release to tell for sure, and I honestly doubt we’ll see the Thargoids and/or Guardians (if they are another race) yet, but we’ll get things setup. I’m going to guess most of that stuff will be in the next major expansion/season.