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Here are our Amazon wishlists. Amazon puts them in date added order, so be sure to filter by priority order on the Amazon wishlist page.

Before we get to my stuff, let’s first talk about the boys. I’ve made wishlists for them. Note these are out of date as of 2 June 2017.

My wishlists are in several sections.

Current Computer stuff:

Both Current and New Computer stuff:

  • Streaming Wishlist items for the computer for my streaming/YouTube video making… As of 2 June 2017, this is due for a MAJOR revamp. NOTE: This will also work for the New Computer below.

Now to the New Computer section. This breaks down to 4 sections, two shared by all, then one for an AMD based system (preferred due to the fact it is better from a content creator point, though it suffers some frames on most older games), and one for an Intel based system.

  • New PC Build List – This is the essential items that both the Intel and AMD builds share. There are supposed big improvements coming to the graphics card options soon, but for now I put in one of the near top tier cards as of now, without going too super crazy<./li>
  • New PC Accessories List – This is a list of items like new keyboard/mouse, other accessories, and software that both the Intel and AMD builds share. Most important on this list is the HTC Vive
  • AMD Ryzen Build List – This list is for the essential items needed to build an AMD Ryzen system. There is a new AMD Ryzen called Threadripper, which would also require a different motherboard, that is coming out later 2017. While the AMD Ryzen system suffers lower frame rates than the Intel build here, that is mostly with older games, more modern games have a much smaller loss of frames. The primary advantage though is that their core counts allows me to stream/record and the like at the same time without having as big an impact as the Intel system does on frame rates. In the end, it actually puts me slightly ahead. It is slightly cheaper than the Intel build.
  • Intel Build List – This list is for the Intel based build. It would be a very good system, though not as great for perhaps streaming/recording at the same time as compared to the AMD system, though it will still obviously do far better than my current system.

The rest of my wishlist down into different sections…

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