My Wishlists

I’ve removed my boy’s lists while I get them revised.

Here are my Amazon wishlists. Amazon puts them in date added order, so be sure to filter by priority order on the Amazon wishlist page.

We’ll start first with my Steam Wishlist, which is where I play most of my games…

My General Wishlist – This is a wishlist of lots of stuff, including a laptop that was part of the registry list, but moved off as it didn’t seem proper on that list… but might be one of the most wanted items on any of the lists. It also includes a number of board games, most notably Gloomhaven.

As I’m trying to get into somewhat shape, my biggest list here is likely the various fitness wishlists. For details on the, My Fitness List , and My REI Wishlist, see My Fitness Wishlist page, where I go over things a bit more in detail, as it needs to be explained, as there is some overlap, such as 4 bikes between the two, but only needing one.

My AMD Upgrade Wishlist – My current PC is from 2013… it feels its age. It needs upgraded, but no reason to buy a whole new PC and reinstall everything from scratch. The main things needed are the Motherboard, CPU and RAM, then followed closely by the 1TB drive to replace my current boot drive, which keeps getting too full.

The Kitchen Items Wishlist – This list is mostly some kitchen items.

My PC Accessories List – This list ONLY works if the AMD Upgrade list is done in full.

My MIC Fix List – This list assumes I am going to keep using my existing microphone for when I do Twitch broadcasts… at least in terms of pop filter and shock mount, those would change depending on the mic in use. Overall a fairly low priority list.

My Telescope Wishlist – This list would be higher, but the severely limited space is why it is so low. I love astronomy, and would love to have a good telescope for once… Said telescope would have to be purchased from a place not connected to Amazon, but the link is there to get to it.

Cash of course is still king. One can donate via my Steamlabs donation link. That basically serves as the tip page for my Twitch channel, and probably the easiest way to donate cash. Of course we getting into crazy dream territory there.

Of course after I was out of debt, and a couple other upgrades. then there would be the Tesla Model Y… Long Range AWD or Performance (sans the Performance Upgrade, because who wants to lose that much range, but of the AWD and Performance, I prefer the Performance), most any of the colors, though Midnight Silver Metallic strikes my fancy the most, White five seat interior,  with the Full Self Drive option…

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