STICKY: I Am Not a Spammer

STICKY POST: New posts appear below this one.
If you have gotten Spam from, please read below the break. The short of it is, it isn’t us but somebody pretending to be us. We don’t spam.

I recently discovered that a company, I won’t say who as not to further draw investors to them, or an agent on their behalf, has been spamming people to get people to buy their stock. They are trying to manipulate their stock rate. The problem, beyond the questionable legality of such emails, is that they emails appear to be coming from this web page.
There is no deborahsm at this web or email address.
Nice that some company is trying to inflate it’s stock, fakes their email as coming from somebody here, and therefor gets all email I send black listed for all the Spam they send. Which is why nobody in my family probably gets my emails, such as how much the air conditioner cost to repair that was to be a birthday gift. Why so many others have reported not getting my mail. If I had the money, I would sue the company for their business practices. I pray to God that their worthless penny stock falls more and that all the people involved with this loose all their money and become as broke as I am, or more so… okay, perhaps that isn’t a prayer, but a hope…
Long story short. If you get spam from a deborahsm at this web address, it isn’t myself or anybody I know. It is a company trying to artificially inflate their stock. They didn’t hire myself or anybody here to do the spam for them.