The Fitness Wishlists

This is the Fitness related wishlist, please see My Wishlists page for all other items, such as gaming, books, etc.

So I’m trying to get more fit, trying to take advantage of the access to nice parks around here. To get into mountain biking, kayaking, and stand up paddle boarding.

To this end I’ve created a couple wishlists, but I need to break down some of the details here. For example, there are two bikes on My Fitness List, and three more on my REI Wishlist, but I only need one bike.

The bike is probably the big one on these, as it is the most usable item. I can use it far easier than a kayak or stand up paddle board. With a training set, as in the My Fitness List, then it can be used indoors too. The most critical item after the bike itself would be a helmet, and a bike rack, like the trunk one in the My Fitness List.

After the bike, and the stuff for it, the next item up would be a stand up paddle board, along with a personal flotation device. The physical fitness that one can get from it is near what one can get from the bike, and far exceeds what I can get from a kayak, though the kayak being an easy way to relax and chill on the lake and rivers.

My REI Wishlist – Has 3 bikes to choose from, from moderately expensive to pretty expensive. The main idea here would probably get an REI gift card(s) equal to what would be needed to get what is needed, as then I could get my REI member dividend.

My Fitness List – Beyond the two bikes (which just links to the Trek website as Amazon doesn’t carry Trek), this is the more complete list of everything fitness related.


Bike – Okay, so as noted above, a bike is on the top of the list. There’s five between the two, but only need one. For REI, and most brands, I should be a S frame size, the exception to this rule is Trek where I am a M frame. I’m 5’5″ tall. Inseam is (pending). Gift certificates/cards for Pro Bike + Run could also work, but those bikes starts well over $1.3k…I’ve added a Dick’s Sporting Goods bike to the wishlist, again, a small 16″ frame.

Bike Helmet – I got a basic MIPS helmet.

Bike Rack – The list presently has a trunk mounted bike rack. This is the last of the needed equipment for the bike (the bike itself, the helmet, then the rack so the bike can be taken around). I’d prefer a good bike hitch mount, but that would first require a hitch like this Curt 11067 Class 1 Trailer Hitch, which fits my car, then I’d need to install it, which wouldn’t be too hard, just would need to get myself some ramps, and something to cut the heat shield, the curt should have everything needed in the kit otherwise. The bike lock is also a requirement.

Bike Shorts (and shirt?) – I know what you are thinking, a bit over the top, but it is to save chaffing. I didn’t put any on the list, and not sure what size to get (32″ waist). There is a local company, Aerotech Designs, that designs, and makes them. Side note, if you are seamstress in Pittsburgh, or can relocate here, they are looking for one.

NOTE – The rest of the items on the Bike list might come after a stand up paddle board, but are more or less in order.

Bike Computer – The bike computer, the Garmin Edge 830, the cadence and speed sensors are more less optional, but can help with the training, and becomes more important with the smart training equipment that follows. The REI Gift Card would go to that sort of stuff.

Smart Bike Trainer – This part of the list consists of the Saris CycleOps M2 Bike Trainer, OR the Wahoo KICKER Snap (Wishlist link will have to go to the Wahoo site, as Amazon doesn’t carry it), which while they may seem expensive at near $500, they are actually cheap for a smart trainer that adjusts resistance and the like. For example, the Wahoo KICKER Smart Trainer clocks in at nearly $1200, but is far better overall, though the Elite Directo XR is probably my most wanted one, especially pared with the Sterzo Smart. To use it, or even the Wahoo, one should then have a block to help hold the front wheel. A trainer mat underneath it all helps to keep things clean. Apparently the Snap may not work with newer mountain bikes… hard to tell. Another spot where the REI gift cards would come into use. It is possible that with a good smart bike trainer, to use an iPad Pro to run it on… the iPad Pro is not on that list.

ZwiftZwift membership, requires a smart trainer, and of course a bike. The whole point of all this is to enable training at all times of the year, and no matter the weather. Zwift is a program that enables varied bike routes to be done virtually over the computer, and the trainer then adjusts the resistance to match the road. After all that, some money to get Trainingpeaks plans and programs, but that point it’d have to be somewhat serious…

Stand Up Paddle Board

SUP – Next up is the Stand Up Paddle Board (SUP), which because of limited space and transportation issues (read, I’d need a rather expensive roof rack system) I need an inflatable one. Presently most decent choices aren’t available at Amazon itself. Even going off-site, the choices are few and far between. I’ve put in a good deal of research trying to find one that would be beginner friendly, and be able to expand to future use. To that end the Blackfin Model X was the final choice. Most any of the Blackfin models would do, though Red Paddle Co 10’6″ Ride SE MSL is a close second. Next up would be the SereneLife Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board from Amazon itself… The color is less important. All 3 kits come with the paddle, and everything else needed save the PFD and an electronic air pump.

PFD – A paddling personal floating device, like this one, is needed, but isn’t on the list presently. This would be needed even with a kayak.

Air Pump – An electric air pump that works with a car’s 12V outlet would help a great deal, both with the SUP and the inflatable kayak.

Far, far down the line would be a wet suit. But that is only if I get SUPER into it.


The GoPro 8 on the list is a full kit with the GoPro itself, and a few accessories.


Kayak – Once again, an inflatable kayak is needed because of space limitations, plus transportation. See the SUP list above for the PFD and Air Pump. The one on the list was made after a lot of research, but like many things during the pandemic, it is out of stock.

Paddle – One can’t kayak without a paddle

Fitness Watch

Okay, I have a Garmin Venu, and this is plenty, but the Garmin Fenix 6X Pro on the list (or the Fenix 6 Pro with either solar or sapphire glass) adds several functions, most notably maps. Also on the list are chargers that would work with the current one, or the Fenix.

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