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Fortnite The Quick and Dirty Post

I’ve been saying to myself I’d make a proper Fortnite post since the game’s NDA dropped… originally I was going to make an article, record a video (done), edit it (not done) and get it up, and the post up to go live as soon as the NDA dropped… I didn’t get around to it.

I did play and stream the game that first day that us testers got back into the game (a day before the regular people pre-purchasing Early Access could play), and again figured I’d get an article up soon… again, I never made it.

So now we get to today, and I think it’s time to at least post an article pointing to my recent streams (or at least highlights of such). Side note before we get into them, if you watch my stream (and some others) live, you can get special in game quests.

Without further ado, here’s some of the highlights:

First four are from the testers head start:
Fortnite – Playing the Tutorial
More Fortnight Continue reading Fortnite The Quick and Dirty Post

My Division Video is Up

So there’s a new game coming out March 8th called, Tom Clancy’s The Division (pre-order/order Tom Clancy’s The Division via Amazon) for which I’ve been in mixed excitement and trepidation on. After playing a bit of it when it was in closed beta… got to say I’m more excited for it now.

I won’t go on and on about it in this post, and rather leave it to the video here for details (the video had far more stutter than usual, sorry, I must have goofed my OBS settings):

I’ve also got a Twitch highlight that follows it up (I can’t embed it, as it autostarts… even with autostart turned off, a bug Twitch hasn’t fixed yet, though it seems to be more a WordPress ignoring the setting thing, hard to tell): http://www.twitch.tv/jonathanstrangebt/v/39732910

TLDR: The Division rocks, get it. Follow the link above to buy it… and watch the video. 🙂

Killing Floor 2 – Thoughts and Video from the Stress Test Beta

So I manged to get into the Killing Floor 2 Stress Test Beta (I don’t think my Dear Tripwire, Why I Want In the Killing Floor 2 Beta post helped, but it might have), and I had a blast. Seriously some of the most fun I’ve had in awhile playing a game. Tripwire Interactive has a solid hit to be on their hands.

Let’s step back a moment for those who don’t follow the latest and greatest in gaming. What is Killing Floor 2? Continue reading Killing Floor 2 – Thoughts and Video from the Stress Test Beta

The Search for New Content

So I’m trying to figure out what sort of content I want to push via my @YouTube channel, as well as my @Twitch channel… and to an extent here until Overwatch comes out (see below with my open letter to Blizzard hoping to get in the first wave) and that content push starts.

Let’s back up. My loose New Years plan was to start pushing more content this year (2015).

The idea is to push at least 30 videos to my YouTube channel at www.youtube.com/brianathomas during the year, and to try and not go over 2 weeks between videos.  So far I’ve been more or less on target (EDIT: By mid year that was no longer true, I fell way off, especially coverage of Heroes of the Storm). Sometimes a few days more, sometimes pushing a couple videos in a week. This year has seen 6 videos (2 more that were published late December that I sort of count to the 30 goal, but I’ll skip counting those for the moment since while being 27 and 28 December, they are technically from 2014, though they are under the newer format). So far so good, for the most part. Continue reading The Search for New Content

A Bunch of New YouTube Vids Are Up

I haven’t been good at updating the blog here of late, but there are a bunch of YouTube videos since I last posted here. Check out my YouTube channel. All these videos, as with most of my recent videos are made from highlights from my Twitch Channel so quality isn’t as good as it would be if I recorded locally, edited and uploaded directly myself rather than have Twitch send it over. Remember, comment, like and subscribe! It helps. Continue reading A Bunch of New YouTube Vids Are Up

I Give Zombies Monsters Robots a Try

En Masse Entertainment (of Terra fame) have a new game out in beta called Zombies Monsters and Robots.

ZMR is a fun, 3rd person shooter where you fight, well zombies, monsters, robots, armies of bad buys and a host of everything else. Over the top and immense fun.

Here’s my first try at it:

I might make more videos later… and share more about my thoughts about it at a later date.

New YouTube Intro In Progress

In an effort to step up my videos to a more professional level, I started work on a new Intro. It’s semi-okay as it is, but I didn’t really spend the time to make the music loop properly when I extended the clip’s length. I have some plans on how to further enhance it from here once I get some actual content to add it to. Such as ArcheAge if Trion responds to my letter to them asking to get into the game (EDIT: They didn’t respond directly but I did luck in to the Alpa so…), and/or Blizzard lets me into Heroes of the Storm (yep, got a letter asking them for access to that game too).

It’s based on a template by Laurent Caccia. I made it longer, which is why the music has an odd loop at two points, and I have plans on modifying it from where it is now. For example I have it showing me playing Titanfall in the BT, but that’d probably change to the game being played in the actual video, and a few other small modifications that might be coming if I can make it work out well…

If any talented artists out there want to make a header for here (1200×240), backgrounds etc for my YouTube channel (which I don’t think even works anymore, I need to check that out more) and my Twitch channel, there I’m mostly looking for better header images above each block and of course overlays for the channel on the rare occasions I might stream, and can do them for free, let me know. I need to work on a better one for my Twitter as well, though save for how hard it is to read the smaller text, I think that one is somewhat okay.

Me Playing Mechwarrior Online

Mechwarrior Online is a Free To Play game where you drive large Mechs around and engage in Mech combat…

Here I am playing a little… This is near my average game play in terms of piloting and shooting, though I normally bite it somewhere along the way. About the 5 minute mark I take too long to pull the throttle back to make my sharp turn, but otherwise I think my piloting was semi-okay in this. I need to master lasers better. This is using one of the trial Mechs. The game is free, and you get a choice of 4 Mechs, one from each class without buying any, and as you play, you earn in game money that allows you to buy stuff later on, or you can spend real world money to buy the stuff without the grind, which is how they make their money, though people like me tend to just use the grind…

My “Let’s Play” Of Guild Wars 2 from the Beta Weekend Event 2 this Weekend

As I mentioned earlier, I recorded a video this weekend. This is the result.

Skip to 30 seconds in to get past the long black screen. I forgot to set the time of the title video to 3 seconds and it stayed at 30 seconds…

She has to change her clothes midway as I didn’t notice she was flashing us every time I looked up to the city for a while there… as I said in that previous post though, from a role play perspective I’m not sure she would mind.

This is the new non-fuzzy version. The issued turned out to be the Sequence setting was too low and knocking back the 1600×900 video down to 720×480, and while I scaled to fit, that fix didn’t stop the fuzzy… and it turns out when I made the preview window really big in the old version, it didn’t look as good as I thought. So a few lessons learned about Premier… I understand that CS5.5 and CS6 fix some of those issues by making the sequence from the video clip itself. I am using CS5.
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Journey to the End of the Universe and Back

With this video we travel from Earth all the way out past the edge of the universe and time then back in. Everything is in the correct position, moving properly as it has been mapped. Large swathes of the universe haven’t been fully mapped yet, so at one point the universe looks like two cones pointing to the Earth, but this is due to a limit of what we have accurately mapped not only its position relative to the Earth but its movement through space time. It is a wonder to behold.

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A Good Health Care Reform Video

The music on this one is a bit irritating, but the video message is great:

This video is obviously pro-reform. It is odd to see the people who want to keep the system going as it is. As if they want to protect the insane profits that the insurance companies make over the ill health of people, for those who have it. Odd how people like Glen Beck says we have the best health care system in the world, but just a year ago was talking about how all they care about is profit and they don’t care about people and it needs fixed, of course he was just released from a major hospital at that point. It’s crazy how so called “Compassionate” people don’t care that an insurance giant can deny a teenager a liver transplant, and many other fatal decisions every day, letting people die because it is better for their bottom line calling a government board a “death panel” yet that same board making a for profit decision isn’t a death panel.
Socialism isn’t Communism. They are vastly different beasts. The people complaining about socialized medicine don’t complain about other socialized stuff such as the police services, fire fighters, the military and the like. Could you imagine the disaster if the police department worked like our medical system does today?
Is socialized medicine perfect? No. Heck, that’s not what is really being proposed. What is being proposed changes nothing for most people save drastically lower costs and insure the many people who don’t have insurance now. Does it mean a bigger tax on the wealthy? Yes. However, in the end it may lower our health care percentage of our GDP, which right now is one of the highest in the world, despite being no where near the healthiest. The main focus of the bill, beyond the public option is to force insurance companies to cover pre-existing conditions and not charge more for them, and this is a good thing, since people like Sara can’t get covered for the thing that most threatens her life because it is pre-existing.

Kirk Cameron’s and Ray Comfort’s Way of the Master Series

Here is a great series put out by a Christian that refutes the Kirk Cameron’s and Ray Comfort’s Way of the Master series. In the series, Cameron and Comfort try to prove Creationism, particularly Young Earth Creationism. The video series that follows points out a few of the lies that Cameron and Comfort tell.
There are 4 videos in all, and hopefully they flow one after the other automatically:

Continue reading Kirk Cameron’s and Ray Comfort’s Way of the Master Series

The Carbon Dating Issue

I meant to put this up yesterday (February 12th), as it would have tied in a bit better, but better late than never, and the next date to tie it into wouldn’t be until November 24th.
I recall hearing in church, or reading stuff from church and the like about how a live seal would carbon date thousands of years old, among other examples this video talks about. The point they were trying to make was that the Earth couldn’t be as old as scientist say, or at least cast doubt on their measurement methods.
Well, this video goes into a bit on the actual science going on in fairly simple terms.
EDIT: Since from the comment below it may not be obvious, but the point of the video is to point how Creationist are wrong when they say carbon dating doesn’t work. I thought the video was self explanatory, but…

I may post more of this guys videos as time goes on.

Abort! Abort Plan!

No, were not aborting our plan to move to Denver.
Left 4 Dead
is a game for Windows and the XBox 360. It has shot to number one on the most wanted list, even going above Neon Genesis Evangelion: Platinum Collection. For me, this is a must have title… unfortunately I don’t have an XBox 360 < *cough* *hint* > so I would need to get the Windows version.
Anyhow, here is a funny video of some people playing, where a guy comes up with a plan and charges out and well, it is best left to the video:

I love the “Abort! Abort Plan!”