Dear Blizzard, Please Get Me Into Heroes of the Storm

Update. As of 25 November 2014, I’m in!! Now to get into Overwatch.

My dearest Blizzard,

How are you my old friend? I know I’m not the oldest of your customers, I came into World of Warcraft after Wrath of the Litch King and commited to the game until a few months after Cataclysm. I just recently got Mists of Pandaria after a long wait and jumped in for another month or so of gaming… I’ve still got my old Warcraft 3 here. I got into the Hearthstone closed beta a couple months before you stopped sending invites and opening it to everyone. I got Diablo III at or near launch (possibly even pre-ordered it, can’t recall now, but I’ll likely pick up the expansion as well). My 10 year old son, loves Starcraft and I’ll be picking that up Starcraft II for him (trying to decide if I should make his own account for that so he can play at his house, or if I should just put it on my account so he plays here). I’m not the most overt Blizzard fanatic, but I’m a reliable fan and customer.

You recently put out Heroes of the Storm, a MOBA (or at least MOBA like Hero Brawler) into Technical Alpha that I’d very much like to feature on this webpage, my YouTube channel, and on occasions even on my Twitch channel or my Hitbox channel. I know at first glance that I may seem too small time to really give my account access, but I’d argue that many of those you’ve granted access to, especially via the random invites, are much smaller.

Beyond providing promotion for your game and company, I can provide valuable feedback for the development team. I’ve noted before my noted past in gaming, where I’ve helped some other developers with games, and look forward to providing your dev team with valuable feedback. That post doesn’t go into details about tests that I was on NDA on either. I always strive to provide fast and accurate information to the devs when I get into alphas and betas in order to make the game the best the devs can make it.

As a poor MOBA player, see my Smite videos on my YouTube channel, I think I can provide a unique feedback and view of the game to the public at large via this site, my YouTube (and occasionally Twitch and/or Hitbox) that may of the others don’t have. Many of the people streaming now are good at other MOBAs like LoL and DOTA 2, but few of them are coming at it from a view of people who may be coming into the game upon actual release. While DOTA 2 is available to all Stream users, I think the casual pickup level in will be much higher and feedback from people who are new or bad at most other MOBAs will provide much valued feedback that I think the dev team could use, and an interesting public view for those who are just looking it up to learn more. They may ask, how is this for the new/poor player to come to, and I can provide that information for them on my website and YouTube channels, and hopefully, show that the game translates well (based on what I’ve seen, it might be easier to get into than LoL and DOTA 2). I truly think my unique position, feedback ability, talents and everything else would make me a valued person to have access to the game.

Here’s the thing Blizzard. You have everything to gain and nothing to lose by granting me press access to Heroes of the Storm. It is win win for you. At worse I play a few times and never promote it much beyond a couple posts, but help those who stream it, which still helps your game. Likely you get a few posts here and a video or two on YouTube, and there is a possibility that I’ll make lots of posts and lots of videos and perhaps a stream or two. Hit me up Blizzard either by my Armory links below (I’d guess that you have a way of seeing which account those are linked to and activating it from there), or contacting me via the Contact Page or better yet Twitch Message at my Twitch channel so it is even more secure if you do direct contact rather than direct activation. Not sure if its safe to put my Battlenet ID in a public spot like this, even if it is somewhat exposed in some forums… I’d give my email address, but spam bots make that not work… Anyhow, please Blizzard, get me into Heroes of the Storm, I promise it will be worth your while to activate my account for the game. Direct activation would obviously be safer and less prone to phishing attempt.

Here’s a link to my Diablo 3 character profile so you can flag my account for access to the game.

This post was followed up by a few other posts about Heroes of the Storm… Notably: Keeping Up With Heroes of the Storm and The Sky is Falling on the Heroes of the Storm Hype Train (which points out not really).