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Follow up to the People Being Arrested for Reading the Constitution

I posted earlier about people being arrested for reading the Constitution, I figured enough time should have passed that more details would have leaked out by now, but I can find little.
This was at a pro-war rally, and the first lady, some men and members of Code Pink were arrested. It does not seem the first lady was a member of Code Pink, hard to tell about the men. The forums seem full of people defending the cops actions since the video doesn’t show the start of the arrest and point out the cops don’t need, and shouldn’t tell third parties, such as the cameraman, why the people were being arrested. However, these people miss the point that the woman herself was yelling “why am I being arrested?” and when the camera man asks her again later, she still doesn’t know.
The biggest insult is the defenders of the cops say the people probably didn’t have permission to protest or speak. Which is the point you dumb fucks! The Constitutions says nothing about needing a permit to speak, it actually says the opposite. You are not supposed to need a permit to speak in this country, at least the Constitution says you do not need one, and requiring one violates the Constitution.
Just a reminder of the text of the First Amendment:

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

A law requiring a permit is an abridgment of the freedom of speech and the right of the people to peaceably assemble. A Fee Speech Zone goes even further in abridging our rights the Constitution is supposed to guarantee us.
They were not using a bullhorn, and if we are to believe the Code Pink lady (a dubious thing I know) they were not shouting, so the interruption to the pro-war rally was minimal. Also, why are pro-war people not arrested for interrupting anti-war demonstrations? If they are to be fair, then they have to start arresting those people as well.

The New New Bin Laden Video

There is a supposed new Bin Laden video out or coming out (odd how the last “new” one that came out last week freezes so you can’t read his lips every time when he talks about current events before resuming) where he introduces the prerecorded martyrdom video of Waleed al Shehri, whom the FBI says was one of the people who hijacked American Airlines Flight 11 and crashed it into the North Tower, despite the fact that the man is alive and well in Morocco. Surely Bin Laden would know that one of his main guys was in Morocco at the time of the attacks and saw the BBC and other interviews with him from Saudi Arabia. Then again, the American public is shielded from such information since that would mess the cover story up. After all if the American public knew that at least 5 of the 19 hijackers are alive and well, they may demand answers. What is really odd is that even after they have been confirmed to be alive, they still say 19, the same 19, and not 14, showing they still rely on American’s being ignorant of what is actually going on, which is what makes the official story so hard to believe. If they wanted it to be believable they should adjust the story to fit the facts as they now stand.

At the Firing Range

I went to the firing range for the first time in something like seven years. Back then I took a firearms training class, and all we shot was a .22. This time out, I got a quick refresher and shot a Springfield XD 9mm. The XD is the gun I have been looking to buy, but wasn’t sure about the caliber, as it comes in 9mm, .40 and .45. I may rent a bigger one next time out, but I have to say that I thought the 9mm felt really comfortable. I didn’t do to bad according to them, and even I thought it wasn’t too bad considering how long it has been and the jump in caliber. Most of the shots were grouped just lower left of the center bullseye, touching it and extending a bit from it. I shot 100 rounds, and less then 20 were jerked and randomly placed (all low), most of the rest were in that lower left of center spot, or there abouts, some on the red bullseye itself.
Things I need to work on is grip, which tends to be too tight and my strong hand isn’t up quite high enough for ideal. I also lean back too far and need to work on leaning forward. I used an isosceles stance and may try Weaver Stance next time out to see if that helps, I think I used that with the .22 eons ago. Smoother trigger pull is also on the list of must improve aspects.
On the purchase side of things, a Springfield XD, probably a 9mm with personal defense rounds that will fragment when they hit plaster/drywall. A .22 for most of the practice to be done with as ammunition isn’t cheap, especially the rounds you would likely use in defense situations. Of course one must also do plenty of practice with their main weapon, and a good bit of that practice should be the rounds used for defense, but a .22 works well for casual practice. For the .22 I will probably go with the Beretta U22, which seems semi-affordable compared to most other .22’s. Of course a good gun case would be a must since Ari is here, even if the gun is kept unloaded, with a child around I think it should be kept safe, there are safes that open without having to be looked at to put the combination in.
I keep thinking competitive shooting would be a fun sport… that and perhaps some Krav Maga training… 😉 Sara and I saw an episode of Human Weapon that featured Krav Maga, and while I have leaned to Aikido as the martial art I may want to learn, Krav Maga does have a bit more appeal from the practical stand point.
Anyhow, I had a good time.

California Blocks Mandatory ID Implants in Employees

California Blocks Mandatory ID Implants in Employees is a report on how California has made it illegal for companies to mandate that their employees have ID chips implanted in them. I have already covered how Bush is affiliated with large RFID companies and is pushing to have RFID’s implanted into everyone (oddly, his croneys seem to be too busy to get them implanted themselves but want all of us to have them), but some companies are not waiting for the government to mandate it. According to the story above, CityWatcher.com, mandated that certain employees have ID chips implanted in them. Apparently when the company was sold on the device, they weren’t aware the device had already been hacked, and that if an implanted one becomes hacked it takes a scalpel and surgery to remove. I for one would leave the company, or ask to be moved to another area that doesn’t require the implant (giving me time to leave them since working for them at that point wouldn’t be advisable).
Anyhow, the California Senate has passed a bill, which will block employers from requiring their employees to have an RFID chip implanted as a condition of employment. It has passed the Assembly and is going before the Governor. The article doesn’t say if Arnold is expected to sign it or not.

Plugins You Need for Winamp and or Windows Media Player

If you use Winamp and/or Windows Media Player, here are a couple plugins you need.
I have been frustrated of late with the inability of WinAmp and Windows Media Player to remember not just the last track played, but where on that track I was before I shut it down. Say you are listening to a long podcast, book on tape, or a recorded radio show that you are playing back and you stop lisetning to it. You have to write down what it was you were listening to, and the time stamp of the spot you were at. What would be ideal is something that would allow the program to remember itself not only the last track, but the time it was at, even if I had to click Bookmark to do it.
For WinAmp: Time Restore and Autoplay. This plugin will restart the last track played, and restart it at the point you stopped, so long as you click the WinAmp icon and not the mp3 you last played.
For Windows Media Player (9 and up, at least it works with my 11): Resume. This simply titled plugin does the same as the above, but for Windows Media Player… I think it does other media beyond audio files, so bonus there, but I didn’t check to see if it does…
On the negative side:
Neither plugin will work if you click the media in question rather then start the program with it’s normal start menu (or desktop icon). That is, if you click the MP3 file, they don’t go, “Oh, I played that and was 20:03 into it, so let me resume from there.” Clicking the MP3 you want to resume will cause it to start all over. The only way to get the track to restart at the point is, as noted, click the program’s icon.
Neither plugin maintains a history, so if I shut say Sara’s track down to start mine, when I shut down it will restart mine, and where she was at will be lost. I am not asking for a deep history, just the last 5 or so titles and/or playlists that were shut down before completed. This would probably need to be implemented before the above negative issue.

Before You go Believing the History Channel 9/11 Special

Before you believe everything the History Channel is telling you in their 9/11 Special, be sure to read this. While I am not convinced yet of all of Alex Jone’s and other’s opinions on 9/11, I certainly don’t believe the History Channel special or any of the other 9/11 truth debunkers. I know there is far more to the story then the government or mass media will admit, and greatly suspect that the real truth is far closer to the so called truthers view of events then the official story we get from debunkers. Odd how the debunkers continue to ignore the Building 7 and the odd timing of the military wargames which confused NORAD so that nobody was able to respond as they normally would, since they had time to respond.

Going To Hell in a Handbasket

Be ready, things a going to Hell in a handbasket soon.
The government has been telling preachers to falsely tell their flock that the Bible says you always have to obey the government, specifically if martial law happens (story). There seems to be a looming economic collapse between the housing bubble and what seems a pending stock market crash, including billions in put options that pay off only if the market crashes by a third to a half… who risks billions in such a move unless they know something is about to happen to cause a crash? These put options make the put options against the airlines right before 9/11 look tame (and don’t let the mass media fool you, while put options are common, the size and quantity of options right before 9/11 is suspect, and the size of this new one is even more so). Recall also that the Insurrection Act was reworded recently to make it far easier to deploy US troops against its own citizens and that Habeas Corpus has also been effectively gotten rid of. Ask yourself, why change the Insurrection Act, get rid of Habeas Corpus and start lying about what the Bible says about obeying the government in the event of martial law? Hell in a Handbasket is coming, be ready.

Terrorstorm Final Cut

I have mentioned Terrorstorm a few times of late, here is a free version of the Final Cut version of the film.
This film covers admitted false flag operations, where the government later admitted or was reveled to have staged a terrorist attack, or an attack from another country in order to justify going to war or make actions against their people.
Timely considering that somebody came forward recently talking about how just 10 days after Bush took over, a full 8 months before 9/11, he had a meeting saying he wanted his cabinet find a way to remove Saddam from power, and 2 days later told them to make it happen.

Rest in Peace Aaron Russo

I just learned of the death of Aaron Russo, producer of films such as The Rose and Trading Places, and producer, writer and director of the must see, America: Freedom to Fascism, about the IRS and Federal Reserve. He died after a 6 year battle with cancer (apparently bladder cancer). In memorandum I present the aforementioned must see film.

Ron Paul Places 5th in Iowa Straw Poll! Paul at RonStock and more

The Ron Paul R[evol]ution is going full swing!
Ron Paul placed 5th in the Iowa Straw Poll with 9.1% of the vote (source who got it from this one)
11th–John Cox 41 votes
10th–John McCain 101 votes
9th Duncan Hunter 174 votes
8th Rudy Giuliani 183 votes
7th Fred Thompson 203 votes
6th Tommy Thompson 1039 votes
5th Ron Paul 1305 votes
4th Tom Tancredo 1961 votes
3rd Sam Brownback 2192 votes
2nd Mike Huckabee 2587 votes
1st Mitt Romney 4516 votes
Now let us stop a moment and consider how important this is. The media has been ignoring Ron Paul for the most part saying he is nothing more then a fringe Internet candidate who gets 2% of the national polls. Also, in order to vote in the Iowa Straw Poll, a registered Iowa voter had to drive to Ames, then has to have a ticket that cost’s $35. On top of this, unlike many of the other top finishers<cough>Romney, Brownback</cough>, Paul didn’t buy tons of tickets for his supporters and didn’t provide a bus for his supporters to get to Ames (everyone who enters is required to buy 800 and I would guess they did give those out… notice Giuliani didn’t even get that many, then again he didn’t work the Iowa Straw Poll). A strong finish for a “second tier” candidates does mean more media attention, and one would hope the media can’t ignore Dr. Paul’s fairly strong finish, though I doubt the media will mention Romney’s buying of tickets for his supporters (though in fairness, the New York Times did cover that point before the Poll). All in all, I think that Ron Paul and his supporters have to be very happy with the results… as a matter of fact, here is their official statement:

On behalf of Dr. Ron Paul and his wife Carol, and the Ron Paul 2008 campaign staff, I thank our supporters and volunteers in Iowa and throughout the country for the strong showing in the Iowa straw poll. We are pleased and encouraged by the results.
We have the three ingredients for success:
1. The message: freedom, peace and prosperity.
2. The man: Ron Paul.
3. You.
Our campaign has begun.
Kent SnyderChairman, Ron Paul 2008

By the way, prayers and best wishes to Ron Paul’s wife who apparently was admitted to the hospital the morning of the poll.

Ron Paul at RonStock:
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Brian at the Blossom with the Cleveland Orchestra

We had free lawn tickets to the Cleveland Orchestra at the Blossom Music Center and since one couldn’t ask for nicer weather I of course went. Sara was too tired, having had a full day already, and by this point it was too late to get another date for the night so I went alone.
I found a great spot to camp out at. Not far from me was some people who brought a whole table with them and had it fully setup… short 1 foot high table, but a table none the less. I was dead center to the stage, with the Ben & Jerry’s ice cream stand to my one side.
Parking ended up not as bad as I originally thought, though I was in the grass, it was a 10 minute fast walk, perhaps 15 minute regular walk. I was on the freeway in another 15 to 20 minutes.
On the program today, we had guest conductor, Jahja Ling conducting the Cleveland Orchestra in Brahms’ Piano Concerto No. 2 in B-flat major, Opus 83, with Peter Serkin as the piano soloist. I enjoyed this piece, especially what I would think was the second movement…The fourth movement I have to admit was a bit slow for me and I found my mind wondering.
A small intermission and then it was onto Beethoven’s Symphony No. 5 in C minor, Opus 67 which of course has perhaps the most recognizable opening of any classical piece to those who don’t listen to much classical anyhow. I of course recognized the familiar “ta-ta-ta-TA” and most of what I would guess is the first movement, however, the next three movements all seemed to meld into one or two in my ears, perhaps this is just the way Ling conducted it, or the way it is written, I don’t know.
We’ll probably go one more time. Right now I am leaning to the “Zinman Conducts” night where we’ll get a few pieces, including a violin concerto and the “Enigma” Variations… I am not familiar with any of them… at least that I know of.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Review

Okay, so I guess it is time to finally review Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (Book 7), J. K. Rowling’s final entry in the Harry Potter series, and a very satisfying ending it was. Let’s touch on a few highlights (Rot13 encoded to keep spoilers away from those who haven’t read the book yet (just copy/paste from here into the Rot13 site)):
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Update on Ohio’s Idiot Legislators – More on Why God Does Not Approve of Legislating Morality

I talked before about how Ohio’s Retarded Legislators AKA You Can’t and Shouldn’t Legislate Morality. Rather than stand up to the idiot bill, our Governor, can’t wait to get rid of him, let the bill become law without signing it.
A quick recap, the so called “Christian” group, Citizens for Community Values, who act very anti-Christ like, managed to convince Ohio’s legislators to crack down on strip clubs, adult books stores and the like. They have apparently dropped the 6 foot limit in favor of spelled out sticker regulations on touching customers. While it was already more or less against the law to touch a customer, they could generally touch their shoulders or something for balance, the new law now makes even that a crime punishable by up to 30 days in jail and a $250 fine.
Read my original post for the majority of my in context Biblical based arguments against such laws. However, I feel I need to expand on a few further thoughts.
We always hear to be more Christ like. What would Jesus do, and all those kind of things. Not once do we see Christ, His Apostles or Disciples working to make laws legislating morality. What did they do? They did signs, miracles and wonders, then they preached the good news. They didn’t concern themselves with the laws and forcing people to be like them, they simply set the example. We need to get back to doing things the way Christ would have us do them, which wasn’t by force. We never saw Him bind anyone and force them to live a “Godly” life. We didn’t see Him or His followers go to the government and ask them to legislate morality. (Yes, I know, the Bible doesn’t mention all the other planets, DNA or any number of other things that exist, but the Bible is a spiritual book dealing with spiritual issues, and legislating morality would fall under that rule, so if God wanted it done, He would have made sure it was mentioned by Paul or somebody in the New Testament.)
Christ didn’t condom the prostitute but defended her, telling those without sin to cast the first stone. Yet the CCV feels they should be the ones casting stones, or at least having the law do it for them so they can pretend their hands are clean. A note to the CCV and others like them, God doesn’t care if you are the one who casts it, or ask somebody else to cast it for you, in God’s eye it is the same thing, and trying to legislate morality is casting stones.

The Advantage of Algae as a Fuel Source

I talked not too long ago about how I was rethinking Ethanol, due to the fact that we are using too much food crop land to grow it, causing food prices to rise and a host of other problems with Ethanol from corn and/or soy (more soil erosion among them). I advocated biodiesel, since it can be made from a host of other products easier, notably hemp, which could easily replace cotton since it lasts longer and is softer than cotton and uses far less pesticides (nearly none, compared to cotton’s use of nearly 50% of all the pesticides in the US), it also makes a great paper that doesn’t require harvesting trees and can’t be smoked (it is the fear of people using it like marijuana that the government doesn’t allow US farmers to grow it, among the few that can’t in the world). I still suggest replacing large amounts of cotton crops with hemp, but there is a way of growing a crop for biodiesel (and apparently ethanol as well) without having to use food/feed stock crop land.
Algae can be grown in areas that would be hostile to food/feed stock crops or grazing grass lands. Further they absorb a bunch of CO2 and can use waste water (read sewage) producing fertilizer as a bi-product. The total amount of land needed to replace all our fuel requirements (if everything was converted from gas to biodiesel, not a realistic goal to be sure but just as an example of a vast total need measurement) using algae as a source for the bio-diesel would still be very small amount of land, even when spread across the US (the fewer the spots, the less land required, but it is best to spread it around)… about 9.5 million acres (using the one spot model) to 28.5 million acres (spread across the US), compared that to soy, which would require 3 billion (yes, that one was with a “b”) acres and 1 billion acres using canola.
I have seen suggestions of using some algae farms as scrubbers, to reduce NOX and CO2 emissions by 86% and 40% respectively (the clean diesels that are coming out while still producing NOX and the like, due so at a low enough rate that there is still a net NOX reduction). Again, my goal isn’t so much as a greenhouse reduction, but if that is a by product, then all the better. My main goal is reducing dependence on foreign oil. All this with a move to biodiesel based plugin-hybrids would go a long way to achieving this goal… not that I expect many to move to plugin hybrids, but if mass transportation did, and a fair percentage of the people expected to by normal hybrids did, then we would still be far better off than we are today.
Algae can also produce hydrogen, which is still ages from being a truly viable energy source for a variety of reasons, but the potential is there once they get around all the issues with it.
Algae may be our saving grace. The government needs to stop it’s crazed funding of ethanol based on corn and soy, and farm subsidies for those crops, and move that money (if it must use it at all) for more research into algae which would give far better results.
Sources: Widescale Biodiesel Production from Algae, Biodiesel from Algae is Here! and Algaculture.

Dead Like Me Returning

The woman who played George, the main character in Dead Like Me, has stated on her MySpace that they are filming a Dead Like Me movie (direct to video). There is also a chance that the show itself may return.
The bad news. Mandy Patinkin is gone, since he has his own show. His character (the boss) will be replaced. Also gone is Laura Harris, who played Daisy (the former movie star), unfortunately they are not replacing her character for some ungodly reason, but recasting the character… I hate when they do that. Can’t wait for the movie and hopeful for the return of the series though.

Yet Another Harry Potter Prediction

Not so much a real prediction, but more of a possibility for a way that Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (Book 7) could end, although low on my list (I would say the Harry is/was a Squib before being made into an accidental Horcrux theory of mine has a better potability than this one.)
What if the Department of Mysteries, and the Unspeakables who who work there (Harry’s mom may have been among them) were guarding the secret to magic itself? What if the only real way to get rid of Voldemort is to get rid of magic? This certainly would make Joe’s idea true that it would be hard to write more for the series afterwards. It may go one further and remove magic from before everything started… of course that would leave bigger questions in that case, such as would people killed in the magical world then be alive since the magical world never existed? Because of that, I would say the more likely way to go is that magic would be removed from the world from that point forward. What that means for magical creatures is another issue.
Admittedly, this is probably a slim chance prediction, but I put it out there just in case I am right, I can say “See, I told you so!”

J.J. Abram’s New Movie Viral Marketing

J.J. Abram’s who is one of the key people in the show Lost (co-creator, producer and the like…) is the executive producer of a movie that is going by the code name Cloverfield. Which appears to be a movie about a monster attacking New York city. It may relate to the Kali Yuga, or Cthulhu… which if true wold be very cool. There is lots of talk about stars, the time being right, a mad prophet all of which is central to the Cthulhu mythology.
Anyhow, there is a cool game which proposes that somebody named Ethan Haas was Right where I had to cheat my way past the last two puzzles, and an Ethan Haas Was Wrong Blog. This is just the start of the viral marketing.
The trailer has been out there a few times, but gets yanked nearly as soon as it gets up, so good luck finding it. I saw one before it went down. The trailer was shot with camcorders, and the rumors are that the movie is as well, though I kind of hope not as it was cool enough when Blair Witch did it, but I am not sure it works for a whole monster movie. I am fine if they cut to a camcorder shot off and on, but if they do the whole movie with camcorders, they best do it well.
The movie comes out in January, and something happens this August, perhaps a better trailer or movie title.