At the Firing Range

I went to the firing range for the first time in something like seven years. Back then I took a firearms training class, and all we shot was a .22. This time out, I got a quick refresher and shot a Springfield XD 9mm. The XD is the gun I have been looking to buy, but wasn’t sure about the caliber, as it comes in 9mm, .40 and .45. I may rent a bigger one next time out, but I have to say that I thought the 9mm felt really comfortable. I didn’t do to bad according to them, and even I thought it wasn’t too bad considering how long it has been and the jump in caliber. Most of the shots were grouped just lower left of the center bullseye, touching it and extending a bit from it. I shot 100 rounds, and less then 20 were jerked and randomly placed (all low), most of the rest were in that lower left of center spot, or there abouts, some on the red bullseye itself.
Things I need to work on is grip, which tends to be too tight and my strong hand isn’t up quite high enough for ideal. I also lean back too far and need to work on leaning forward. I used an isosceles stance and may try Weaver Stance next time out to see if that helps, I think I used that with the .22 eons ago. Smoother trigger pull is also on the list of must improve aspects.
On the purchase side of things, a Springfield XD, probably a 9mm with personal defense rounds that will fragment when they hit plaster/drywall. A .22 for most of the practice to be done with as ammunition isn’t cheap, especially the rounds you would likely use in defense situations. Of course one must also do plenty of practice with their main weapon, and a good bit of that practice should be the rounds used for defense, but a .22 works well for casual practice. For the .22 I will probably go with the Beretta U22, which seems semi-affordable compared to most other .22’s. Of course a good gun case would be a must since Ari is here, even if the gun is kept unloaded, with a child around I think it should be kept safe, there are safes that open without having to be looked at to put the combination in.
I keep thinking competitive shooting would be a fun sport… that and perhaps some Krav Maga training… 😉 Sara and I saw an episode of Human Weapon that featured Krav Maga, and while I have leaned to Aikido as the martial art I may want to learn, Krav Maga does have a bit more appeal from the practical stand point.
Anyhow, I had a good time.