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Stay up to Date with this Site

Stay up to date with this site.
Don’t have the time visit Brian A. Thomas .com on a daily basis to look for updates? Well, as I have mentioned on several occasions, use an RSS Reader.
To that end, I give you a listing of a few (all for Windows):
Firefox. You shouldn’t be using Microsoft’ Internet Explorer anyhow. When that offers an RSS feed, you should see the RSS icon in the address bar, click it and it should add a “Live Bookmark” to your bookmarks, and to the bar right below the address bar. Clicking on either will show a list of recent posts. It isn’t the easiest way to get an RSS feed, but since everyone should be using Firefox anyhow… If you don’t like Firefox for some reason there is Opera, another great web browser. Both will show sites designed with Web Standards the way they are supposed to be displayed, while IE won’t (at least the current “stable,” ha, versions, though they look to fix most of the standards issues with the next one).
Thunderbird. The free e-mail client from Mozilla, the people who gave us Firefox. It includes an RSS reader, so you can find out about updates here or at any site that uses RSS feeds when you check your mail. It does everything you would want if you currently use Outlook Express, and if you use Outlook itself, it still does a good comparative job unless you use some of the advanced features of Outlook. This is probably the best option, since as I noted it will give you your feeds while it checks your email.
RSS Bandit. A free RSS Reader for Windows.
Yahoo, Google and many other front pages have the ability to monitor RSS feeds.
FeedDemon, the best RSS reader out there, but it will cost you $30 or so… at least it was the best before Nick sold it to NewsGator, but I believe he is still involved with it, so it should still be great.
Also, remember new posts appear below STICKY posts.