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Now 33rd in Google for Nelson, New Zealand Blog Searches

EDIT: As I jumped from 33rd to 1st, this isn’t a Nelson, New Zealand Blog… at least yet. 🙂 So if you are searching Google or whatever, ignore this entry… hopefully you see this show up before you follow the link. Original post below:

I am presently the 33rd Google result of looking for: Nelson, New Zealand Blog. 🙂
I was actually looking for another blog I saw before and ran across mine… actually an entry from just yesterday.
I was amused… go about your normal business, there is nothing to see here.
Still trying to find that one to my entry on the Pros of Nelson, New Zealand

Context Links

If you see something with a double underline, that is a context link, and not a link I manually generated. Context links are generated by Amazon to help provide revenue to pay for the expense of running this site. I’ll see how well they work out to see if we keep the context links or not. If they prove to be too much, I’ll get rid of them.

Sorry About the Downtime

Sorry if you tried to access the site from last night to this morning. Last night the host had a server problem so it was down for a while then. This morning I am upgrading to the newest version of WordPress, the Tarski theme, and a few plugins. The main WordPress upgrade happened already, but the site may have a few things down for the next few hours off and on as I bring them back to the way I had them before but with the new version of everything.
EDIT: Everything should be done now.

Back Online

As you can see, I am back online. I think the total downtime was less than 30 minutes, mostly to wait for my FTP client to delete all the old files from the server and than upload all the new ones. I am not sure why the deleting of the files took so long.
Things that are not back. The Bible Verse plugin that finds a Bible verse in the post and generates a link automatically. This plugin doesn’t work with WordPress 2.1. Perhaps I’ll look at the plugin myself. I fixed one problem with it once before which was put into the plugin by the author. If, and that is a big if, I get around to it and fix it, I’ll post up the code.
Speaking of code, some old code blocks may not work properly, but most should be okay.
Things that are back. My Now Reading list is back, that seems to be about it… 🙂 That was gone for a long time. Either the upgrade to 2.1 or upgrading the sidebar widget plugin fixed a problem I had with it. There is an odd problem on a book’s individual library page, where the sidebar appears below the end of the book entry, but still in the sidebar.
There are some new features that I may show off soon as well.
EDIT: Internet Explorer seems to make the tag cloud on the side funky, it kind of pushes them together too much. However, it works fine with Firefox, which you should be using anyhow (unless you are using Opera, which is also okay… or Safari if you are a Mac OS X user, although I haven’t tested with those two… don’t have a Mac for the latter anyhow).

Comment Spam

While upgrading the site, I had to turn of Akismet for a few minutes, in that time 2 comment spams slipped through. In the short time it has been installed over all, it has caught 14,467 comment/trackback spams. I have to say, I am glad I am not doing the spam tracking myself, since it seems a ton come every day. I would hate to see how many comment/trackback spams a busier site than this one gets.

WordPress 2.0.5 302 Not Found Error

I recently upgraded to WordPress 2.0.5 but kept getting the following error:

302 Found
The document has moved here.

Additionally, a 500 Internal Server Error error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.

That is the error in Firefox, apparently the error in IE shows up as:

Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage

Most likely causes:
– You are not connected to the Internet.
– The website is encountering problems.
– There might be a typing error in the address.

If you get this error, please be sure to email me (link should be on the right in the menu somewhere) and let me know what you were doing when you got the error, things seem okay here.
For those having the same problem with their upgrade or install of 2.0.5 go on below the break.
Continue reading WordPress 2.0.5 302 Not Found Error

Theme Change

It might not look too differant, but the theme changed. I stopped using Canvas, a great plugin for WordPress and started using the Tarski theme directly. The newer version of Canvas requires PHP 5, which my ISP doesn’t have yet do to backwards compatibility issues with some older PHP scripts.
There are a few issues being worked out right now, so some things may not be like they were for a bit.

Test Your Reflexes Removed and Get IE 7

I had a link so you could test your reflexes in a JavaScript game. However, the game was causing Internet Explorer 7 (IE 7), which I just downloaded, from displaying the page properly.
I have to recommend IE 7. It is a vast improvement over older versions of Internet Explorer. I am not ready to say use it over Firefox yet since I have only used it a tiny bit, but so far so good. Even if you will stick with Firefox as the browser of choice (or Opera), I still suggest updating, as much of Microsoft’s stuff uses IE regardless of the default browser. There is already a vulnerability out there for it, but they should have it fixed quickly… However, it messes up the Acid 2 test (a test to see if a browser displays CSS properly) worse then anything I have seen so far. Sadly, even Firefox doesn’t pass this test, and it doesn’t look like they will fix it in version 2, which is a shame since Opera and Safari pass it. So, get IE 7, but keep Firefox (or Opera) as your default browser, at least for now.

Site Updated

I updated some things on the back end here, but that update caused a few things to break. Namely the Amazon Wishlist and Asides are broken. I have no idea when I’ll fix them. I’ll probably fix the Amazon Wishlist first, then go from there.

Title Case

I am trying to move to a constant Title Case here. Basically, all titles should have their first and last word capitalized, and capitalize all other words except a, an, the, at, by, for, in, of, on, to, up, and, as, but, it, or, and nor. I will not be fixing old articles to reflect this, and I may forget my own rules sometimes, but that is the style I will try to follow (and have been trying to follow for a while now). There are other title case rules out there, but this seems to be the one with the fewest arguments (although the Chicago Manual apparently says to capitalize if and as along with all the four or more letter conjunctions). (More info on title capitalization here.)

More on Tags

You will notice the tag cloud, just below the Flickr pictures in the sidebar. These replace the old categories that I used before. You will also notice that the more entries a tag has, the bigger it is. (Presently they are in order of number of posts, but they may move to alphabetical later on.)
Since few people visit this site regularly, most find it via Google searches and the like, it makes more sense to use a tag system than a traditional category/archive system that I was using. It all makes it easier for people to find what they want. I have kept archive (time) based navigation on, for those who want to use it, but tag browsing may be best for those just casually visiting.
I haven’t given up on categories all together, rather I have just added tags to the posts, and all categories are automatically turned into the tag of the same name.
For all of my tag handling needs I use Ultimate Tag Warrior. To make it work with Canvas, I used Stuart’s UTW Tag Cloud.

Tag Editing

I am adding the parent category to each sub-category. For example, Lost is under TV Shows, but most of the Lost posts are tagged Lost only, not TV Shows and Lost. I think I have fixed almost everything except Lost. So the tag cloud in the sidebar should be more reflective of everything here, except that…

Tags Coming

Selected posts from this point forward may include more tags (see below the post where it says tags). I am not 100% sure on that yet though as it does take a tad bit more work… Adding more tags would complicate the tag cloud in the sidebar so I may stick with the categories/tags that I have now.

Stay up to Date with this Site

Stay up to date with this site.
Don’t have the time visit Brian A. Thomas .com on a daily basis to look for updates? Well, as I have mentioned on several occasions, use an RSS Reader.
To that end, I give you a listing of a few (all for Windows):
Firefox. You shouldn’t be using Microsoft’ Internet Explorer anyhow. When that offers an RSS feed, you should see the RSS icon in the address bar, click it and it should add a “Live Bookmark” to your bookmarks, and to the bar right below the address bar. Clicking on either will show a list of recent posts. It isn’t the easiest way to get an RSS feed, but since everyone should be using Firefox anyhow… If you don’t like Firefox for some reason there is Opera, another great web browser. Both will show sites designed with Web Standards the way they are supposed to be displayed, while IE won’t (at least the current “stable,” ha, versions, though they look to fix most of the standards issues with the next one).
Thunderbird. The free e-mail client from Mozilla, the people who gave us Firefox. It includes an RSS reader, so you can find out about updates here or at any site that uses RSS feeds when you check your mail. It does everything you would want if you currently use Outlook Express, and if you use Outlook itself, it still does a good comparative job unless you use some of the advanced features of Outlook. This is probably the best option, since as I noted it will give you your feeds while it checks your email.
RSS Bandit. A free RSS Reader for Windows.
Yahoo, Google and many other front pages have the ability to monitor RSS feeds.
FeedDemon, the best RSS reader out there, but it will cost you $30 or so… at least it was the best before Nick sold it to NewsGator, but I believe he is still involved with it, so it should still be great.
Also, remember new posts appear below STICKY posts.

New Theme, New Plugin, More Kick A**!

I am trying out a new plugin for WordPress called Canvas. This may change things more drastically than the introduction of widgets for the sidebar. I can’t even begin to say how cool the potential for this is. After people have time to convert their themes to be Canvas compatible, I would guess that Canvas will be rolled into the WordPress release itself. Wow.
Meanwhile, while this is under development, some pages may not work properly.