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The Search for New Content

So I’m trying to figure out what sort of content I want to push via my @YouTube channel, as well as my @Twitch channel… and to an extent here until Overwatch comes out (see below with my open letter to Blizzard hoping to get in the first wave) and that content push starts.

Let’s back up. My loose New Years plan was to start pushing more content this year (2015).

The idea is to push at least 30 videos to my YouTube channel at www.youtube.com/brianathomas during the year, and to try and not go over 2 weeks between videos.  So far I’ve been more or less on target (EDIT: By mid year that was no longer true, I fell way off, especially coverage of Heroes of the Storm). Sometimes a few days more, sometimes pushing a couple videos in a week. This year has seen 6 videos (2 more that were published late December that I sort of count to the 30 goal, but I’ll skip counting those for the moment since while being 27 and 28 December, they are technically from 2014, though they are under the newer format). So far so good, for the most part. Continue reading The Search for New Content

Blizzard Reveals Their New Franchise – A New Game I Want In ASAP

At this years BlizzCon, Blizzard, dropped their big news of the year. A new game that I’ll be begging to get into. They revealed a new franchise, Overwatch, a team based multiplayer first person shooter along the lines of Valve’s Team Fortress 2 (TF2).

It enters a sub-genre of the FPS world that’s seen a bit of growth of late. Continue reading Blizzard Reveals Their New Franchise – A New Game I Want In ASAP

Hearthstone Expansion Curse of Naxxramas Announced at PAX East 2014

So one of the cool pieces of news to come out of PAX East this year is that Blizzard’s digital collectible card game, Hearthstone, is having an exciting new expansion coming “soon”, and said expansion, Curse of the Naxxramas will include a single player campaign. One of the things that most appealed to me about the Hex TCG, is that there are plans for a PvE mode. I think there’s lots of room to grow in that field. Fantasy Flight has shown how it can be done with some of their LCGs, like Lord of the Rings.

I am a terrible Hearthstone player, so I can’t comment on the new cards much.

The new expansion will be across all platforms, including iPad. I changed my store to the Canadian store in order to get Hearthstone on my iPad early (last I heard the worldwide release is a week or two as of 11 April). As I understand it, again, I haven’t had time to get full details yet as I just recently got home and my smart phone isn’t that good to keep up with all the news, there are 5 dungeons or so, and the first is free, the other 4 will be accessible with in game gold or real world money.

I really should play the game on stream one of these days… just to see how bad somebody can be at the game. Lol.

EDIT: Just how bad am I? I got in the Closed Beta on 21 October 2013, and I still haven’t beat the practice modes… of course that may be exaggerating a bit since I haven’t really played as much as I should/could.

Sadly I don’t see Battle.Net Balance Cards in Amazon to link them here…

The Sky is Falling on the Heroes of the Storm Hype Train

The sky is falling on the Heroes of the Storm hype train… or so one would think reading the Heroes subreddit or even the official forums.

The basic argument is that the subreddit has little discussion compared to a couple weeks ago, the game has fallen off Twitch’s games list from the top 5 or so down to the top 70 or so… therefor the hype must be dying and people are losing interest in the game. The conclusion then is that the game is possibly doomed to failure if Blizzard doesn’t do something soon. Of course they say that as if the game showed up on their account tomorrow they wouldn’t play it to death.

Here’s the thing. The game is very early alpha. Yes, it is perhaps more stable and feature complete then many games that are in beta, but it is still early and Blizzard really isn’t trying to hype the game a lot yet. The same doom and gloom predictions came in the Hearthstone subreddit when Hearthstone was in early beta. They were saying how the ability to sell Hearthstone keys and Blizzard’s way of handing out keys was going to doom the game. As if a subreddit and Twitch community represent the whole of gaming. Continue reading The Sky is Falling on the Heroes of the Storm Hype Train

Present State of My Digital Card Game Playing

I’ve spoken before of the Digital LCGs, TCGs and the like that I’m wanting to play. A small update on some of those.

I am still not in the Hearthstone beta. Can’t comment too much on it outside of what I’ve seen. For the moment I’m digging Infinity Wars and Card Hunter until I can get in.

I actually got in the Infinity Wars beta after all. Very good game. However I’m stuck on one of the early missions (Warpath Campaign 2 for anyone interested in helping… if I’m still stuck when help comes). Here I am playing the game (the screen cap may say Offline Now, because I likely am offline from Twitch at the moment, but it was recorded there and rather than export it to YouTube I’ll leave it there for now, anyhow the video should work.):
Continue reading Present State of My Digital Card Game Playing