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My First Overwatch Video

Well, I managed to get some video footage that I was able to cut a video from. My personal account still isn’t flagged yet… cough… hint… Blizzard… cough.. so this is probably the only video I’ll be able to do until such time.

It’s mostly an introduction to the game, some thoughts and opinions on a few controversial subjects in the community.  No real new information for those who’ve been following the game.

I also tried to convert my script to closed captions for the first time…

The Overwatch Salt

A very vocal portion of the Overwatch fan base is all upset how the only people Blizzard let in is a few Twitch streamers and YouTubers, and left everyone else out. They are salty about it. But when one takes a moment to really think it through, there is no reason for all the salt. The salt drives more crazy than the lack of access.

This happens with every Blizzard beta

In a few months when it is no longer super high on Twitch’s rankings, people will start crying how the sky is falling on the Overwatch hype train, and amazingly enough nobody they know is in… I’ve covered before how this happened with The Sky is Falling on the Heroes of the Storm Hype Train, and I can already tell that in a few months we’ll be in the same spot with Overwatch. It had the same hype, and the same salt and accusations that were unfairly leveled at Blizzard that we see happening all over again.

The content creator’s are the only ones in fallacy

This is the most often cited problem. The one that causes the most salt.

Yes. Blizzard did flag some Streamers and YouTubers. Perhaps or even likely a few hundred. That doesn’t mean they are the only ones let in. I’d wager that the number of content creators let in is probably a 10% of the total people let in. Even if it’s as much as 20%, it’s a small percentage overall. There is no NDA, so yes, they are going to push for Streamers and the like first to help get free advertising for the game.  Continue reading The Overwatch Salt

Blizzard Reveals Their New Franchise – A New Game I Want In ASAP

At this years BlizzCon, Blizzard, dropped their big news of the year. A new game that I’ll be begging to get into. They revealed a new franchise, Overwatch, a team based multiplayer first person shooter along the lines of Valve’s Team Fortress 2 (TF2).

It enters a sub-genre of the FPS world that’s seen a bit of growth of late. Continue reading Blizzard Reveals Their New Franchise – A New Game I Want In ASAP

Hearthstone Expansion Curse of Naxxramas Announced at PAX East 2014

So one of the cool pieces of news to come out of PAX East this year is that Blizzard’s digital collectible card game, Hearthstone, is having an exciting new expansion coming “soon”, and said expansion, Curse of the Naxxramas will include a single player campaign. One of the things that most appealed to me about the Hex TCG, is that there are plans for a PvE mode. I think there’s lots of room to grow in that field. Fantasy Flight has shown how it can be done with some of their LCGs, like Lord of the Rings.

I am a terrible Hearthstone player, so I can’t comment on the new cards much.

The new expansion will be across all platforms, including iPad. I changed my store to the Canadian store in order to get Hearthstone on my iPad early (last I heard the worldwide release is a week or two as of 11 April). As I understand it, again, I haven’t had time to get full details yet as I just recently got home and my smart phone isn’t that good to keep up with all the news, there are 5 dungeons or so, and the first is free, the other 4 will be accessible with in game gold or real world money.

I really should play the game on stream one of these days… just to see how bad somebody can be at the game. Lol.

EDIT: Just how bad am I? I got in the Closed Beta on 21 October 2013, and I still haven’t beat the practice modes… of course that may be exaggerating a bit since I haven’t really played as much as I should/could.

Sadly I don’t see Battle.Net Balance Cards in Amazon to link them here…

Sylvanas Windrunner Coming to Heroes of the Storm?! Squeee!

Sadly this was too much to hope for, she’s coming but not in the announced four. Details after the initial article.

Blizzard recently released the image saved as a featured image to this article to highlight some of what to expect at PAX East come 11-13 April 2014. The highlight for me was Sylvanas Windrunner being featured on the image… She’s one of my favorite WoW characters and the one I most hoped to see in the game. The picture notes they will reveal 4 new heroes at the convention, while showing Sylvanas Windrunner and what appears to be a Diablo 3 Barbarian with Nova from Starcraft II who’s already in the game. One would hope Blizzard isn’t yanking our chain here and actually putting her (Sylvanas Windrunner) in the game.

As I noted with my article about how some say the hype is falling on Heroes of the Storm, I’m expecting some other big news from PAX beyond hero reveals. It would be nice if we see or hear about more maps, but the news I’m really expecting to hit is an idea on when closed beta will start… not that I’ll probably make it in the closed beta either, but at least it would be that much closer to reality.

Check out the full details of Blizzard’s PAX East 2014 Preview for Heroes of the Storm… or at least what they’re talking about so far at the link there.

EDIT 11 April 2014

She’s coming, but despite being on that image, she’s not in the four characters announced. We are getting a Murlock which sounds interesting. A Murlock has to be the most difficult thing to balance for the game. Blizzard has posted a nice recap of PAX East: Day 1. As of this edit (about 7:40 am Easter Daylight Time) I haven’t watched the panel, but getting ready to do so now.

Read on for the chance to buy things from Amazon, otherwise that’s it for this one. Continue reading Sylvanas Windrunner Coming to Heroes of the Storm?! Squeee!

Heroes of the Storm PAX Pack 2014 Giveaway

Heroes Contest Pic Want to win lots of cool Heroes of the Storm gear? Like a signed Heroes poster, a Heroes T-Shirt, a Heroes Lanyard, A Blizzard Fuko Pop! toy. They will be giving 25 of these sweet prize pacs. All you have to to is follow this link here: http://splur.gy/r/kNDqX/r/2KMty6dNYSW.

It is one of those contests where you like the official page on Facebook, follow them on Twitter and all those sort of things to earn points.

Need to catch up to date on my Heroes coverage? Continue reading Heroes of the Storm PAX Pack 2014 Giveaway

Keeping Up With Heroes of the Storm

My open letter to Blizzard about Heroes of the Storm done, it is perhaps time to tell my regular readers and casual people stopping by, exactly what is Heroes of the Storm (Heroes) and places to keep up to date with all the news as this game develops. (I’m just making this a quick post right now, but I’ll update it as I go along.)

Okay, first Heroes of the Storm is a new video game coming from Blizzard, the company that made World of Warcraft, Starcraft, Hearthstone and a few others. It is a multiplayer game in that you play with others against a team of other players. It is typically thought of as a MOBA, though Blizzard calls it more of a multiplayer hero brawler. The game pulls its hero selection from various heroes/villains in the various Blizzard universes. On 13 March 2014, the game entered Technical Alpha, and unlike most games in early alpha/beta there is no NDA (non-disclosure agreement, which prevents the participants from talking about the game they are playing, for example while in the Wildstar beta I couldn’t discuss the game)… The best way to understand is to watch some Heroes of the Storm games on Twitch.

Reddit is a great source for information, and the Heroes of the Storm sub-reddit is no exception. Lots of great information there and generally distills it quickly for you.

There is an Official YouTube Channel.

HeroeNexus is a Curse related site relating to the game and a good general news site for it.

Heroes Gamer is a news site dedicated to Heroes of the Storm.

Stormable is another fan news site dedicated to Heroes of the Storm.

EDIT: Some of the key things I like about Heroes over other MOBAs.
No last hitting. Other MOBAs have started doing that as well.
No Item shop. You don’t need to learn what items to buy in a million and one different situations. Some really hate that, but I think it’s great.
Leveling is across the team, not just player. So a good player can help the whole team while a bad player doesn’t overly drag the team down with feeding.

EDIT 2: Apparently HotS refers to Heart of the Swarm in Blizzard speak, so the proper abbreviation for Heroes of the Storm is just Heroes, so I changed the abbreviations.

Dear Blizzard, Please Get Me Into Heroes of the Storm

Update. As of 25 November 2014, I’m in!! Now to get into Overwatch.

My dearest Blizzard,

How are you my old friend? I know I’m not the oldest of your customers, I came into World of Warcraft after Wrath of the Litch King and commited to the game until a few months after Cataclysm. I just recently got Mists of Pandaria after a long wait and jumped in for another month or so of gaming… I’ve still got my old Warcraft 3 here. I got into the Hearthstone closed beta a couple months before you stopped sending invites and opening it to everyone. I got Diablo III at or near launch (possibly even pre-ordered it, can’t recall now, but I’ll likely pick up the expansion as well). My 10 year old son, loves Starcraft and I’ll be picking that up Starcraft II for him (trying to decide if I should make his own account for that so he can play at his house, or if I should just put it on my account so he plays here). I’m not the most overt Blizzard fanatic, but I’m a reliable fan and customer.

You recently put out Heroes of the Storm, a MOBA (or at least MOBA like Hero Brawler) into Technical Alpha that I’d very much like to feature on this webpage, my YouTube channel, and on occasions even on my Twitch channel or my Hitbox channel. I know at first glance that I may seem too small time to really give my account access, but I’d argue that many of those you’ve granted access to, especially via the random invites, are much smaller.

Beyond providing promotion for your game and company, I can provide valuable feedback for the development team. I’ve noted before my noted past in gaming, where I’ve helped some other developers with games, and look forward to providing your dev team with valuable feedback. That post doesn’t go into details about tests that I was on NDA on either. I always strive to provide fast and accurate information to the devs when I get into alphas and betas in order to make the game the best the devs can make it. Continue reading Dear Blizzard, Please Get Me Into Heroes of the Storm

Dear Blizzard, Why I Should Have a Cataclysm Beta Key

My Dearest Blizzard, I hope this letter finds you well. This is a busy time for you. Tonight at midnight you release Starcraft II to the world (my son is a huge fan of Starcraft I)… and then starting this week hopefully, some of the fan sites will be giving out Beta keys for the World of Warcraft expansion, Cataclysm of which I of course want to be a part of. My favorite WoW podcast, The Instance, is giving one a day away for 25 days, WoWJuJu is giving some away, Ace3 is giving WoW addon authors a chance to get a key (I am alpha testing an addon that uses Ace3, but not an active developer myself). So I know you have lots going on. But I gotta ask for a favor if I may. I would like to have a key or two myself please.
Continue reading Dear Blizzard, Why I Should Have a Cataclysm Beta Key

Justifying the Expense of WoW

Short of being rich, we all have to budget our money. Money has to be set aside for housing, utilities, automobile expenses (unless you are in a city and take a bus, in which case you still need to budget for the bus), clothing, personal care and of course food. Those of us with kids have to budget for diapers and all other child related expenses. Some people have profession related expenses. There is also a small budget for entertainment. That entertainment budget comes at the end as all the others are a bit more necessary. It can include books, going to the movies, DVDs/Blu-rays, TV, video games, renting movies/shows/games, board games, and a whole host of other stuff. For most of us, that entertainment budget is tight, for some of us it is very tight.
Blizzard‘s World of Warcraft isn’t free to play. You have to buy the game. As I write this, the World of Warcraft Battle Chest which includes the game, the first expansion and two strategy guides is $29.99, which is a steal since the game itself is $19.75, the expansion itself is $29.82 and the guides another $19 each. Then you will probably want the expansions (as I noted, the Battle Chest includes the first one for a few cent over the expansion itself), the second one, Wrath of the Lich King is another $29.99. They have a third expansion coming out called Cataclysm (available for pre-order for $39.99.
After you buy the game, install it, download all the patches (this is something that for us took overnight), setup an account and then you get to play the game for 30 days… after that you have a monthly fee. Continue reading Justifying the Expense of WoW

Next Round of Cataclysm Beta Invites Going Out Soon

WwW.com is reporting that next round of Cataclysm beta invites are going out soon with the usual warning not to click any links in any email you get, to log into your Battle.net account and check for your self. Most of the emails that are phishing, install keyloggers, trojans, and the like look like official invites.
Here is Blizzard’s official take:
[bluepost]We hope to distribute additional invites to the World of Warcraft: Cataclysm beta sometime this week, possibly as soon as late Tuesday or Wednesday. This is only an estimate, though, so the schedule may change and, as a result, invites could be distributed earlier or later than anticipated. Either way, we’ll work to keep you as updated as possible. :)[/bluepost]
For those who might be behind on the news… Blizzard is getting ready to release their next expansion for World of Warcraft: Cataclysm. Right now they are doing what is known as Beta testing, where they invite a select group of people to test their software. In this case the goal is to test the new client with a vast number of different computer systems so that they can work out any issues with it before they release the game, and to test the new races, class/race combos, talent systems, dungeons, quests, etc. While in beta, lots of things can be flaky or just not work. For example, last I heard the Worgen female wasn’t available for people to roll yet as they are still working out issues there.
Blizzard, if you are there. Please… pretty please… with sugar on top. Of course the email to this account isn’t what the email is for the account, so I guess that makes it a bit harder to say, oh sure, lets toss one to that blogger… 🙂
Continue reading Next Round of Cataclysm Beta Invites Going Out Soon