Present State of My Digital Card Game Playing

I’ve spoken before of the Digital LCGs, TCGs and the like that I’m wanting to play. A small update on some of those.

I am still not in the Hearthstone beta. Can’t comment too much on it outside of what I’ve seen. For the moment I’m digging Infinity Wars and Card Hunter until I can get in.

I actually got in the Infinity Wars beta after all. Very good game. However I’m stuck on one of the early missions (Warpath Campaign 2 for anyone interested in helping… if I’m still stuck when help comes). Here I am playing the game (the screen cap may say Offline Now, because I likely am offline from Twitch at the moment, but it was recorded there and rather than export it to YouTube I’ll leave it there for now, anyhow the video should work.):

Watch live video from JonathanStrangeBT on TwitchTV

Hex: Shards of Fate still looks interesting, but my interest in Infinity Wars and some others has risen above it.

I haven’t played SolForge since my original post.

I just discovered Card Hunter. This is an amazing little game that is perhaps best served by a video. I’ll present a year old trailer for now:

A full post about this game may be coming soon.

There is also Scrolls, from Mojang, the people behind Minecraft, but that costs money to play, and I just don’t know if it is worth the cash at the moment…

The short of it is, Card Hunter and Infinity Wars is trumping all for me at the moment… Both may get their own posts here… Hearthstone probably would have too, but I’m doubting I’ll get in before it goes open…