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Congrats to the All Blacks on Winning 2008 Tri Nations Cup

Big congratulations to the All Blacks for winning the Tri Nations Cup against the Wallabies 28 to 24 in Brisbane Australia.
I don’t follow Rugby enough to know if the All Blacks made the right choice by going with Graham Henry as head coach again over the Wallabies coach Robbie Deans. At the time it looked like the public was in favor of Robbie Deans, but I don’t know how they are reacting in New Zealand now that Henry pulled off the Tri-Nations… of course the real test will be if the All Blacks can win the Rugby World Cup when it happens next in 2011…(In 2007, they didn’t even make it to the final 4.)

Just as I Thought They Need a Movie About Rugby

I just saw a trailer for yet another ping pong movie, and then one for soccer, and I started thinking, I have seen movies based on lots of sports: all the aforementioned, golf, football, basketball, a few others, but never one for rugby. Oddly, the very next trailer I clicked at random on Apple’s Trailer site was for Forever Strong, staring Sean Faris, Gary Cole and Sean Astin. (Despite the All Black Haka style intro we see at the start of the trailer, shown below, the movie takes place in the USA.)

Watch the better quality trailer at the official site linked above.

New Zealand Anthem and the All Black Haka

Since I am in a New Zealand mood here is the New Zealand national anthem (prior to an All Blacks game):

The lyrics (the first part is in Maori…):

E Ihoa Atua,
O nga Iwi Matoura,
Ata whaka rongona;
Me aroha noa.
Kia hua ko te pai;
Kia tau to atawhai;
Manaakitia mai

God of nations! at Thy feet
In the bonds of love we meet,
Hear our voices, we entreat,
God defend our Free Land.
Guard Pacific’s triple star,
From the shafts of strife and war,
Make her praises heard afar,
God defend New Zealand…

There are more lyrics, but that is the part traditionally sung at sporting events.

The All Blacks do the new Haka:
As I understand it, it’s not just to intimidate your opponent, but to welcome them to the battle.
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