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Just as I Thought They Need a Movie About Rugby

I just saw a trailer for yet another ping pong movie, and then one for soccer, and I started thinking, I have seen movies based on lots of sports: all the aforementioned, golf, football, basketball, a few others, but never one for rugby. Oddly, the very next trailer I clicked at random on Apple’s Trailer site was for Forever Strong, staring Sean Faris, Gary Cole and Sean Astin. (Despite the All Black Haka style intro we see at the start of the trailer, shown below, the movie takes place in the USA.)

Watch the better quality trailer at the official site linked above.

The Chronicles of Narnia trailer online

The official Chronicles of Narnia- The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe teaser trailer is up. The trailer does bring to mind the Lord of the Rings movies from the moment you see the lady coming up on the horse drawn cart to some of the rest, of course this could be partly because it was filmed in New Zealand like Lord of the Rings and the special effects was handled by Weta, who did Lord of the Rings… and perhaps because it is a fantasy like movie like Lord of the Rings.
AOL’s Research & Learn page about the movie, needs to research and learn a bit more about the books themselves it would seem. It says The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe is the first book. From a Chronological point of view, it is the second book in The Chronicles of Narnia, though I do believe it was the first one published.