The Museum Director’s Day – An Overwatch Fan Fiction

What follows is a bit of fan fic I wrote for Overwatch. It’s nothing overly great and was done way too quick (less than 1 1/2 hours counting editing)… but it is a stepping stone to something I have in mind for later. As of original posting the ending is far too rushed a bit to deus ex machina… And yeah, I inserted myself, but all other characters outside the official Overwatch universe ones are not based on anyone else (no inflated or busted egos out there).

I should perhaps note that I normally don’t write fan fic (heck, I haven’t really written much fiction on perhaps 30 years)… as may become obvious. Lol. Also there are a few lore errors here and there, which would likely not be in the main story.

The Museum Director’s Day

An Overwatch fan fic
By Brian A Thomas

“It’s been nearly a year since the events that initiated the museum renovation.” Brian paused, the audience at home was now watching clips of Reaper and Widowmaker’s attempt to steal the gauntlet. He was standing not far off from the gauntlet itself, he found himself wondering once again what would have happened had they succeeded. What if Winston hadn’t caught wind of the plan and asked Tracer to come and help? The battle outside the museum caused more damage than that inside, though it was the footage inside that everyone remembered.

Behind the camera and teleprompter Victoria shouted “And in 5” and counted down the rest off with her hand giving him a point as the light on the main camera turned on. Brian resumed, “Since then, the museum has replaced the glass with Hyper Betarium, developed by Winston himself, which he assures is far more bullet resistant than the previous glass.” Another pause as a clip shows Winston shoots a plane of glass, then promptly runs full speed into it offering a little chuckle and says “It’s also Winston resistant.” The new glass had been extensively tested and was widely being the default glass installed worldwide. Most of it had clear photovoltaic cells built-in to produce electricity, though the one’s protecting displays like the gauntlet didn’t, but did include extra security built in. Following the robbery attempt, much had been made how there was no alarms going off when Winston was knocked through the ceiling. To be fair, they never expected anything of that sort.

“Brian!” He looked up. Victoria nodded to the camera. He had missed his cue that they were coming back. He had found that he was drifting off more and more of late… and here he was again. “Sorry. With the new glass and new security measures in place, the museum re-opened to much fanfare. Once again the museum was full of visitors and doing ‘smash-up’ business.” Brian rolled his eyes, he’d have to have a word with whomever put the script together. “As we near the year anniversary, we take a moment to reflect back, and interview the key people that were here that day. With that we turn things over to Nova from OVN News. Nova.”

The camera turned off, and he turned to the stage area where Nova was sitting next to the two boys who became so well known, and Tracer. Winston was occupied, but would have a remote session from his lab on the Moon at some point during the interview. Brian’s work was done however. He took one final look at the stage. How the boys have aged over the course of a year, and not for the first time he wondered when one or both would join Overwatch now that it was reforming. Nova herself was a member in the early days, having left to care for her brothers and sisters when their mother fell ill and died. She took up being a broadcaster, covering the battles that Overwatch engaged in as an expert by OVN News. When the war ended, she hosted a monthly news magazine on OVN for a short time before retiring and having her own child. She came out of retirement for this and recently sounded like she may rejoin Overwatch as well.

Brian shook his head, clearing the cobwebs. Distractions. He left the area and returned to his office. His title of Museum Director was little more than a figurehead. He knew little to nothing of museum work. The museum was ran by a board, and he was just the public face. The museum had a proper Public Relations department, and Lovina was a more than capable, and certainly beautiful, representative for the museum. Sometimes though, they needed somebody who more official, more on top. He was allowed and encouraged to go to board meetings, but he seldom participated beyond just sitting there and listen. He had became director thanks mostly to a bit of nepotism, and the fact he himself was Overwatch obsessed. He gathered his items and left the building.

He set the course for home on his car and turned it over to the autopilot. He pulled out his gaming gear and logged into his Diablo account. He paused, should he continue his Druid or the Necromancer… or eat. “Vingilot, reroute. Insert Sthel’s Dinner.” The car acknowledged the addition to the route and he returned his attention to his game. One of the things the museum caught flack for was that apparently while all the commotion was going on, the security guard was busy playing a video game rather than engaging in the battle. Both he, Lovina, and indeed even Winston and Tracer defended him. There was little he could have done aside from call authorities, and the battle was over before they would have arrived anyhow.

He had little more decided to continue his Necromancer, which was still in the first Act, when the car stopped. He looked up from the screen to see Roadhog standing in the road, gun pointed at the car. Brian panicked. He looked around for Junkrat, but didn’t see him until his passenger door opened and Junkrat crawled in. “Hello museum director. My friend and I require your services.” The rear door opened and Roadhog got in. “Please tell your car to continue.” Junkrat held a gun to Brian’s head to press the threat. “Vingilot, continue” he said and the car resumed its course. Junkrat looked at the gaming rig, “Necormancers suck in end game content.” He tossed the rig back to Roadhog. “Now, my friend and I will succeed where Reaper and Widwomaker failed. You see, we’re not dumb enough to pull a straight frontal assault as those two.” Brian’s chair was kicked from behind to add emphasis to Roadhog’s “That’s right, not as dumb.” Junkrat resumed, “Our plan is simple. You take us to the museum. You open the case. You give us the gauntlet. In and out. Nobody gets hurt, most importantly YOU don’t get hurt.”

It seemed that all of that and the drive to Sthel’s Dinner happened in a flash. Brian memory of that was all a blur. What happened at the dinner, seared itself in his brain in slow motion though it all happened much faster than anything prior. Of course everyone has seen the vids of it. The car pulling into the lot. Roadhog getting out. Junkrat threatening Brian with the gun to get out (not caught on the vid, but in Brian’s memory) and Brian and Junkrat getting out at the same time. A shot rings out, and Junkrat goes flying back. Brian looks up to see D’Va standing over the dinner. A series of more shots and Roadhog goes back as McCree comes out of the door at the dinner. A hover ship swings out and Roadhog and Junkrat quickly scramble into harnesses as it pulls them away before D’Va and McCree could finish the two off once and for all.

The scene quickly turned into a media circus. News drones were first on the scene, soon with reporters and full crews. Brian eventually was able to eat and return home. Nova and D’Va both giving him an escort home and assuring him that Overwatch would be standing guard to insure that nothing else happened to him.

Finally alone, and ready to sleep. Brian thought one last thought before drifting off to dreamland, “Necromancer’s suck at end game content. Ha! Not when you got skills son.”

EDITOR’S Note: Indeed Brian’s Necro would clear most greater rifts as well as any other class… of course overall, they weren’t as good as say Druids, though I may be biased since I main a Druid.

Closing time

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Nova, the main character in the main story, is named for and inspired by Nova Satori. I haven’t yet figured out her abilities though.