Team Covenant Shows A Full Demo of Star Wars: Imperial Assault

I don’t cover board games nearly as often as I would like to or should. But at GenCon this year, Fantasy Flight Games announced a new title that has me really excited. Star Wars: Imperial Assault. The game basically is Decent with a Star Wars license and a 1v1 skirmish mode option… I mean I was excited that Abyss was going to be on sale at GenCon (though I wasn’t going, so can’t secure myself a copy… though if anybody is in the area and wants to gift me a copy, cover order goes purple, green, blue, red, pink/orange), and I was excited to hear more about another must have game, Warhammer 40,000: Conquest a new LCG from FFG, which I hear sold out in a couple hours, and of course their Star Wars: Armada game (another must have), but Imperial Assault took me, and I think everyone, by surprise. Huge reveal. The fine folks over at Team Covenant have posted a nice full playthrough… Haven’t watched it fully yet, so excited about it I had to share it right away.

What I’m excited for are the vast number of fan created scenarios. I’m sure they’ll modify the Descent campaign creator tools to this…

They later follow that up with an Interview with FFG Senior Vice President Steve Horvath.

They talk about Imperial Assault for the first 10 minutes, then Armada. At 16:18 they get into Conquest (until 22:00), which until Imperial Assault was the big one from FFG that I wanted to hear about… Of course I haven’t kept up with Netrunner, which makes me sad.