Initial Reaction to Guild Wars 2 – BWE2

It is just a day into the Beta Weekend Event 2 for Guild Wars 2. So far so good. Some (if not most/all) people who pre-ordered from the US Amazon store have gotten in. This created a stir, since everyone else had to pay the full $50 to pre-purchase the game to get in (pre-orders cost a $5 deposit). I personally don’t care. If the people cancel, Amazon bites the bullet on those orders since I am sure they have to pay whatever price they pay for each key they give out. It wasn’t what ArenaNet (the developers) wanted, but at the same time they want to keep Amazon happy. I understand people being upset, I mean we paid $50, the pre-order people paid $5 or so, and we can’t cancel, they can, but personally it doesn’t matter to me, I am enjoying the hell out of the game and wouldn’t want to cancel.

Anyhow, on to the initial reactions to the Beta Weekend Event 2 so far. I won’t go over the stuff I covered in my coverage of Guild Wars 2 so far… well, I might, but I’ll try not to do it too much. 🙂

I did get in to some WvW Friday night. Huge Maps! Very Huge. As in it makes it very difficult to navigate and find where to go huge. You have to spend eons walking from place to place. I am sure I am missing something in that regards. Anyhow, once I got to the action, it was fun. I’ll need to do it some more to really get into it.

Professions. I still like my Mesmer best. I just started an Engineer, which I am enjoying so far, but she’s a fairly low level so I don’t know long term yet. I had a Necromancer, but deleted them for the moment, it was an okay class/profession, but I wanted to try other things. Same basically goes for my Elementalist which I may roll again some day. Right now with only 5 slots, I wanted to hold one or two for my young son who’s too young yet to have his own account but can play well enough to have a character at the very least. I haven’t tried any of the others yet.

At the moment I am on the Ferguson’s Crossing server, a medium density server, which according to GUILD WARS 2: Unofficial Server Communities list, isn’t home to any of the really big GuildWars 2 communities like Gamebreaker, reddit… both on Darkhaven along with several others and is Full… so no transferring to that one. Yak’s Bend might be home to the Yogcast, GameTrailers and the GW2 Guru, but I think I’ll just stay on the server I am on…

I am sure I’ll be Guild Wars 2 post crazy this weekend…

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