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Overachieving in ArcheAge

I’ve mentioned a few times how one of the things I am most excited about in ArcheAge is the fact that you can overachieve a quest. Say a quest giver wants you to kill Carnivorous Bees that are harassing his sheep, and would also like you to get the wool off 5 of those sheep. Most MMOs would let you kill as many of those bees as you want and collect as much sheep wool for that farmer as you want, but your reward won’t change even if you go above and beyond the call of duty, but ArcheAge allows you to collect extra XP (I believe it is up to 50% extra XP depending on the quest and the XP available). I don’t know if you get extra gold/silver on some quests or not, but on the two quests I checked so far, I didn’t get extra money, but I did earn a bit of extra XP.

Here’s a video I made earlier today about overachieving in ArcheAge.

The screenshot in the Featured Image was made in game using the in game screenshot feature (accessed by pressing CTRL-F12) and turning on Depth of Field adjustments and Bokeh effects.

Guild Wars 2 Dynamic Events

One of the key features of Guild Wars 2 is the dynamic event system.

Before going on, perhaps it would be helpful to see how most games and MMOs in particular work, for my non-game playing friends/family/visitors. Those familiar with the basics of quests can skip ahead. While walking around you may see a NPC (Non Playable Character) have an icon over their head letting you know they want you to do a quest (do something) for them. You talk to them and they will let you know what they want. More and more this tends to be voice acted rather than having a long text box to read, but either way you are normally given a chance to accept the quest or not. Normally if you don’t pick it up then you can at a later time. If you pick up the quest and fail completing it, you can normally abandon the quest and pick it back up again. After finishing the quest you will turn the quest back into the quest giver or somebody else, which could be across the game map.

Generally there will be several quest givers in a given area, these are called quest hubs. Continue reading Guild Wars 2 Dynamic Events