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To Those, Especially Liberals, Who Are Voting Trump Because They Think He Will Upset the Status Quo

I am confused by anyone who is even semi-liberal, or progressive, who is even considering Trump over Clinton. Don’t get me wrong, I think Clinton comes with a huge number of issues, the email scandal among others, but to even consider Trump because they think he’ll upset the status quo is misguided.

Many seem to say, we can do it again in four years, and that most of his extreme policy proposals will be moderated by congress. However, that ignores several key issues.

Firstly, there is the Supreme Court. This is why many on the right will vote for him not matter what he says, what he stands for, or what he does. The next candidate will likely appoint three candidates to the Supreme Court. They will replace a conservative justice and two of the three liberal justices. If Trump wins, and the Senate remains in Republican hands, which is virtually guaranteed if he wins, he gets to appoint three very conservative justices to the Supreme Court. Odds are that they’ll then go after older conservative justices like Thomas and try to get them to step down so they can have lots of young, very conservative justices on the Supreme Court for a very long time, remember there is no term limit. This will set back women’s rights, worker rights, minority rights, voter rights and more. Most importantly for those thinking Trump will upset the status quo, this far right Supreme Court will just further affirm cases like Citizens United which will put more and more power in the powerful elite and away from the individuals of this nation. This can’t be stressed enough. A vote for Trump is a vote to secure the status quo even more, because of the far lasting changes he and the Republican Congress will push through to the Supreme Court.

Let’s also look at the danger of the great number of increased lone wolf attacks that groups like ISIS and Al-Qaeda will be able to claim responsibility for, without having to do the actual recruitment work on. A Trump presidency is radicalized Jihadist groups wet dream. His stated policies, even if not fully implemented, his desire to wage war and kill them and their children (he directly said he’ll kill their families, which means he’s targeting their children), to violate international laws and bring back torture far worse than water boarding, his desire to restrict travel, will make self radicalization far more likely. They have publicly stated they want us to war against them, because it pushes the “us vs them” narrative. Many Muslims already feel they are the most persecuted religion in the world. This persecution just proves to many that it is the one true faith, because the enemy (read the Devil) is working so hard to put the faith down. This results in self radicalization, and people will fight for the cause because they see the world turning against their faith, by people like Trump equating the whole faith to the actions of very few… they dissociate their involvement with those very few, but make mistake, the number of self radicalized people will greatly increase due to a Trump Presidency… of course Republicans want this greatly increased attacks on American Citizens as it increases American’s call for war and destruction, which the party (which oddly calls itself pro-life, while being pro death penalty, pro stand your ground and murder somebody for trying to steal your TV, and very very pro war) loves. Republican war profiteering will go into overdrive because of the increase in self radicalization… which means even more of the status quo.

Finally, let’s keep in mind that while Congress might moderate some of Trump’s most radical policies, there is no Congress between him and the button. He’s stated he might not protect our NATO allies if they are attacked if they haven’t paid. He’s stated he’d order our troops to shoot and kill people for making gestures at US forces (in regards to Iranian ships running around US military ships and making gestures at the US forces while doing so)… something that could start a war… and most scary of all, has publicly stated he would not rule out the use of nuclear weapons (as an offensive weapon) be it against a nation in the Middle East or Europe. He reportedly even asked his military advisers “if we have them, why don’t we use them”? Keep in mind how often he blows his top and says outrageous things… he’ll be like the Philippine President, Rodrigo Dutert, or North Korea’s Kim Jong-un, but of a major power. The fact he doesn’t seem to understand the concept of Mutually Assured Destruction should scare anyone, even conservatives (unless they are voting for him just to bring about the end of the world). It doesn’t matter if we launch against somebody who doesn’t have the ability to launch back, the moment one missile flies, they all fly, and that ends the world.

I could go on and on about a large number of other issues, but anyone who is even mildly liberal or progressive can not even think about voting for Trump. You want to wait four years to undue something, undue Clinton in four years. The damage that Trump will do is too vast, and will give the status quo even more power than Clinton will.

My Simple Plan to Raise Minimum Wage

Time for a rare political post on this blog… As of 920 AM EST 25 November 2014 this is more or less a quick rough draft… I have to get to work.

I’ve got a Minimum Wage Increase Plan that I think could get easy bipartisan support.

In the US, the Federal Minimum Wage is $7.25/hr for non-tipped employees (last raised in 2009), and only $2.13 (last raised in 2001) an hour for tipped employees. ┬áHad the Federal Minimum Wage kept pace with inflation, it would be $10.90/hr. Recent efforts to raise it would have had it raised to $10.10/hr (over two years), something that was opposed by 100% of the Republicans. I couldn’t find reliable numbers on where the tipped employee wages would be if it kept pace with inflation. ┬áThe US has one of the smallest minimum wages in the first world developed economies.

One typical argument against raising the minimum wage is that most people make above minimum anyhow. Of course when they talk about that, they are referring to the Federal Minimum Wage. Several states have minimum wages above the Federal Wage, and the people making that state’s minimums aren’t being counted when people argue that lots of people make above the minimum wage. Also, we have to keep in mind where minimum would be if it kept pace with inflation, and if you count all the people making less than that, then there is a huge percentage of Americans making below where it would be.

Another typical argument against raising the minimum wage is that places would have to raise prices. That’s a pure lie. Continue reading My Simple Plan to Raise Minimum Wage

Hey Christians, Perhaps You Should Take This As A Message From God

You should take this as a message from God… Speaking of the election… not this post… Perhaps you should take the results of the election and the once again over whelming win by Obama as a message from God. And not just his win, but the wins for gay marriage, and the defeat of anti-abortion measures in Republican states, the loss by people who said really dumb and insulting things about rape… perhaps God is sending a message that most Christians are voting for the wrong party…

Prior to the election I saw lots of messages from Christians that people pray so that Romney would win. Now that he soundly lost, there are messages that we can only pray… But if God is in control of all things as Christians suppose, perhaps God is sending a message to Christians to stop voting for Republicans, who oppose the teachings of Jesus and move on to those who are more in line with His teachings. If God exists, then so does the devil and perhaps the greatest trick he ever pulled was convincing Christians to vote against the teachings of Jesus by voting Republican and make them think they are doing God’s will. I am not alone in being an Atheist (in part) because of Christians voting for Republicans, by sticking so hard to the Republican agenda you are hurting the image of Christianity… after all if God was real, he’d be sending messages to Christians…

A small aside. There is a story that is oft told of how a flood came to a town and a man was drowning in the waters. A boat came and asked if he wanted help, the man said “No thank you, God will rescue me” and the boat moved on. Continue reading Hey Christians, Perhaps You Should Take This As A Message From God

Fox Forgets Luke 6:41-42

It’s crazy the way Fox News was all about how unpatriotic it was to use the word “War” when talking about the War on Women and today runs with a big bold print headline “Obama Flip Flops, Declares War on Marriage”. Ummm… no he didn’t, he defended equality and the free will god gave them. The bigots in North Carolina and 30 or so other states are the one who have declared war on the gays. No matter how the right spins it, it is an anti-gay stance, not a pro-marriage stance, otherwise polygamy would be allowed back since that was far more traditional eons ago, though fell out of favor by common era times. The Republicans did declare war on woman’s rights Continue reading Fox Forgets Luke 6:41-42

Newt… and Christians

Apparently, Newt “Lets Return to the days of child labor” Gingrich is no longer running for President of the United States, but Emperor, since he plans on ignoring any Supreme Court ruling he disagrees with and therefor ignore the Constitution and the balance of power between the 3 branches.

It’s the fact that people like Newt can be a front runner that I could never be a Christian again. Almost all evangelical Christians are Republican. The people who take the most literal interpretation of the Bible vote for a party that runs 100% contrary to the teachings of Jesus. Continue reading Newt… and Christians

Fox News Viewers Answer Wrong on More World Affairs Issues than All Others

Fox News viewers know less about world affairs than viewers of other news broadcasts… not really shocking news, which is probably why they brought in a comedian to discuss it. He correctly notes the question is if Fox news is making them less informed or if just dumb people are attracted to Fox news. I would guess a combo of the two.

To be fair, while Fox did the worst in the study, if one looks at the actual study, all people who get their news from the major TV news sources did bad compared to people who listen to NPR or read major national newspapers. Heck people watching The Daily Show were more informed than people who watch the networks or the news outlets… of course again, it isn’t that the Daily Show gives more accurate information, it is their viewers tend to be better informed already. So their is a spin on this broadcast to be sure… the survey didn’t include Current TV as a news source, so one can’t say for sure how they would do, but Current tends to draw people who likely listen to NPR and get most of their news from the Internet.
In short you can’t infer that Fox itself is the reason for the viewers to be misinformed. While we know Fox lies and misleads the most of all the major news sources, I think it becomes more a question of what sort of people tend to be attracted to which sort of news sources that is more likely to be the reason for some doing better than others. And that is something the study itself doesn’t really get into.
I personally tend to rely on Internet news outlets like The Real News Network, Democracy Now!, the Internet in general… of course that is in large part due to not having TV…

On the Lies from Fox and the Tea Party About How Regulation Caused the Financial Meltdown

A nice simple explanation on how it wasn’t regulation or the government that caused the world wide financial meltdown but was in fact the banks, as any idiot with half a brain could tell… of course your typical Fox viewer disconnects any rational thought and lets the media and their church think for them, because the church says critical thought is bad, it leads to people leaving God, and so rational/critical thought is abandoned and faith extends beyond just God, but to whatever the church says and whatever Fox and those who purport to support the church’s views, because faith requires blind acceptance. I look at my time being a right wing, free market, Ayn Randian, time with shame. The really crazy thing, was when I was in that faze, I would get angry at the progressives and the poor who typically supported them, thinking that if they would just educate themselves they would see the truth of it all and embrace the free market and see that greed was good for all. Then I did get educated, I followed the sources to credible ones, and found that the entire movement was built on lies, on misepresenting what others had said, and keeping people thinking they were smarter than the progressives, to live an illusion.

Why Occupy Wall Street is Right

Like many political posts, this is more or less not finished and may be revised as I go along.
There is a popular fallacy in the mass media, and therefore the public at large, regarding the Occupy Wall Street protesters and the movement in general. It is the idea that the protesters are being hypocritical by using products from large corporations. However this simply is not true. The problem isn’t the products, or even necessarily the corporations themselves. The problem isn’t Wall Street itself, that is, the problem isn’t investing. The problem is the undue influence Wall Street has on government, the media and public policy.
Continue reading Why Occupy Wall Street is Right

US Credit Rating Goes Down After All

All that political theater to avoid the downgrade and we got downgraded anyhow. The CPC’s Peoples Budget plan probably could have saved us from this had the President and the rest of Congress been willing to support it as it got us into a balanced budget by 2021… or had Congress been willing to actually raise income…

The sad thing is the impact this will have on the world economy, which will be very negative. Wall Street is to blame for the economic collapse and now their demands to their Republican allies (and the Democrat’s cowardliness) that Congress doesn’t raise taxes on the upper 1% will cause another negative rumble. This of course won’t stop the power Wall Street has over Congress, because greed in the end has more power than compassion, history and logic put together which all point the opposite direction.

Why I’ll Never Vote Republican Again… And the Democrats Are on Shaky Ground Too

The US has abandoned any sense of a Republic it may have once had and become a plutocracy, serving the upper 1 to 2%. We need a drastic change, and the Republicans don’t even pretend to serve the people and make an open show of caring only for the super rich. Still, thanks to Fox News and the refusal of your average Republican voter to do any self thought (due in large part they are trained to take things on faith, to accept what they are told and read and that critical thought is a bad and evil thing), the viewers think the Republicans are acting in the best interest of the US. However this isn’t the full reason why I’ll never vote Republican again. Continue reading Why I’ll Never Vote Republican Again… And the Democrats Are on Shaky Ground Too

435 Isn’t Enough

Fun point. We have had 435 Representatives in the house since 1911 (with a 4 year exception when it went to 437). Our Founding Fathers wanted it locked in at 50k to 60k per Representative, we now have an average of 800k (source I am fact checking them now, however even if those particular facts aren’t true, their idea of more Representatives is a good one). NOTE: All that follows is a work in progress…I may modify it as I go along and further refine my ideas.
If we limited to the 50k our Founding Fathers originally wanted the size difference between districts would be less than 5%. There would be 6,000 members of the House and would far better represent their local populace. We could, if cost was a huge concern, limit it to one member for each 100k, this still results in 3,000 (or nearly anything up to say one rep for each 300k… no more than 500k).

With modern technology there is no need to have every member of the House in the building in DC… as a matter of fact, from a security point it is better, and there is nothing in the Constitution that would stop us from using modern technology to do it. And by leaving them in their home districts we could cut the expense of having them all in Washington. For direct representation in DC, if we wanted to continue to house 435 people in the the Capital itself, then each state’s legislative body and governor would decide who went to DC. Who went wouldn’t matter since being in the Capital itself doesn’t increase their voting power. If they wanted they could rotate so all of them get a chance, but to reduce costs perhaps best to leave it set. I would also suggest a pay cut to help with the expense of so many Reps, especially since most will be in their home district. At the very least a big cut to the size and costs of their staff and other expenses.

This does increase the difficulty of getting things done, since now you have far more people to sell on a plan, but in the end we end up with less pork, less ear marks and a government that is forced to be more focused on actual governance and more bills would become far simpler in order to get them passed.
Such a plan would greatly reduce Gerrymandering. It could be reduced further by devising a GIS based program to draw district lines without regard to politics… as a matter of fact, this should be done even if we stay with the 435 number we have now. That alone would improve representation.

We also need to remove the first past the post voting method in the US for all federal offices… I would say for state level offices as well. There are two primary alternatives, the Alternative Vote and the Single Transfer Vote. I would say for the House, use the Alternative Vote, for the Senate and President use STV. On the election form they are more or less the same, it is how they are counted that changes. Continue reading 435 Isn’t Enough

It’s the End of Democracy

Olbermann’s tendency for hyperbole is actually drastically understated here. In a few years this country will not belong to us, it will belong to the wealthy corporations who will literally rape and pillage the American citizens, and won’t care (corp owners never care) about the death of democracy, the environment or anything else. Time to get the fuck out of the US.

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The one and only hope is an Amendment to the Constitution:

Visit for more details.

You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.

Both sides of the political spectrum keeps using words in ways to scare their base from the other side. This became most noticeable recently at the 9/12 tax party and at the ever so scary Value Voters Summit (where Carrie Prejean had the nerve to say” the level of intolerance is unbelievable”, this from a lady who is herself intolerant of those she opposes, and in fact keeps spreading the lie she was fired for said intolerance despite the fact she was fired for not making her public appearances as required by her contract).
At the tax party there were lots of signs and posters accusing Obama of being a Nazi and a Fascist, something pushed by conservative radio/TV hosts. The same thing with Communism and Socialism. All of which are so ridiculous that one has to conclude that the hosts, who probably know better, are using as a scare tactic to scare a gullible group of people into a fury that shouldn’t be. Both terms are misused and overused. Continue reading You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.

Another Example of How Messed up Our Health Care System is

Just another quick example of how messed up our health care system is. Bush started negotiations with New Zealand…
Now New Zealand, like every other first world “westernized” country has universal health care. Every New Zealand citizen is covered. Also included in that coverage is prescriptions. The government of New Zealand negotiates with the drug companies to get a cheap price on prescriptions. A fair chunk of this price is paid by the government, the citizen then pays a small percentage of that. Basically it is like a prescription plan we may have here, but cheaper, and subsidized by the government instead of an insurance company. If you want to eliminate wait times and other stuff that comes with the universal system, you can buy supplemental private insurance from for profit companies, as I noted before that would be about $80 NZD a month ($55 USD).
Anyhow, one of the main issues the administration had was that the government of New Zealand was subsidizing prescriptions for their citizens and negotiating such cheap rates. They wanted them to not to negotiate such low prices so that American pharmaceutical companies could make more profit. It was Bush’s view then that it is better to see New Zealand citizens suffer and pay more to protect US profits. And I think this helps point out one of the many problems we have here. The fact that too many people care about profits and not enough about sick people.

A Good Health Care Reform Video

The music on this one is a bit irritating, but the video message is great:

This video is obviously pro-reform. It is odd to see the people who want to keep the system going as it is. As if they want to protect the insane profits that the insurance companies make over the ill health of people, for those who have it. Odd how people like Glen Beck says we have the best health care system in the world, but just a year ago was talking about how all they care about is profit and they don’t care about people and it needs fixed, of course he was just released from a major hospital at that point. It’s crazy how so called “Compassionate” people don’t care that an insurance giant can deny a teenager a liver transplant, and many other fatal decisions every day, letting people die because it is better for their bottom line calling a government board a “death panel” yet that same board making a for profit decision isn’t a death panel.
Socialism isn’t Communism. They are vastly different beasts. The people complaining about socialized medicine don’t complain about other socialized stuff such as the police services, fire fighters, the military and the like. Could you imagine the disaster if the police department worked like our medical system does today?
Is socialized medicine perfect? No. Heck, that’s not what is really being proposed. What is being proposed changes nothing for most people save drastically lower costs and insure the many people who don’t have insurance now. Does it mean a bigger tax on the wealthy? Yes. However, in the end it may lower our health care percentage of our GDP, which right now is one of the highest in the world, despite being no where near the healthiest. The main focus of the bill, beyond the public option is to force insurance companies to cover pre-existing conditions and not charge more for them, and this is a good thing, since people like Sara can’t get covered for the thing that most threatens her life because it is pre-existing.

Rachel Maddow Hits the Nail on the Head About Health Care Reform Here

Rachel Maddow breaks it down simply. These Mobs are not debates with the Town Hall people about Health Care Reform, but mobs of people trying to shut things down. There are other reports about who is funding these mobs, and who is funding the busing of people in to create mobs at these functions which I may post later. We do need a real debate, not hot headed people trying to shut things down that they don’t understand. It is like those idiots who keep pushing for Intelligent Design to be taught in school, have no understanding of the real science, and how we got to where we are today in the science of cosmology, abiogensis and evolution (which they further confuse those three separate things into one). These people in these mobs aren’t educated on the truth of universal health care. They believe the horror stories that come from the systems while turning a blind eye to the many more horror stories coming out of our own system.
Anyhow, check out the video.

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What is amusing is that what is being proposed in Washington isn’t a single payer system like Canada at all.
I do think that things are being rushed through without creating a whole new system that will work for everyone properly. Funny how those on the right are fighting against health care reform when they say they are the compassionate ones, they are the ones with Christ on their side. I say Christ hangs His head in shame over the way these conservatives are treating those that need affordable health care in this country, the country that claims to be the most Christian, but the only one not to provide affordable health care to every citizen, the only one not to guarantee vacation time, and a number of other areas that those who say they are compassionate, have no compassion for.
Are systems like they have in Candada, the UK, New Zealand and the rest of the world perfect? No. Are they better than what we have now? Undoubtedly. There is a great article at Science Blogs about Are patients in Universal Health Care Countries Less Satisfied? that I suggest people read.