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Rachel Maddow Hits the Nail on the Head About Health Care Reform Here

Rachel Maddow breaks it down simply. These Mobs are not debates with the Town Hall people about Health Care Reform, but mobs of people trying to shut things down. There are other reports about who is funding these mobs, and who is funding the busing of people in to create mobs at these functions which I may post later. We do need a real debate, not hot headed people trying to shut things down that they don’t understand. It is like those idiots who keep pushing for Intelligent Design to be taught in school, have no understanding of the real science, and how we got to where we are today in the science of cosmology, abiogensis and evolution (which they further confuse those three separate things into one). These people in these mobs aren’t educated on the truth of universal health care. They believe the horror stories that come from the systems while turning a blind eye to the many more horror stories coming out of our own system.
Anyhow, check out the video.

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What is amusing is that what is being proposed in Washington isn’t a single payer system like Canada at all.
I do think that things are being rushed through without creating a whole new system that will work for everyone properly. Funny how those on the right are fighting against health care reform when they say they are the compassionate ones, they are the ones with Christ on their side. I say Christ hangs His head in shame over the way these conservatives are treating those that need affordable health care in this country, the country that claims to be the most Christian, but the only one not to provide affordable health care to every citizen, the only one not to guarantee vacation time, and a number of other areas that those who say they are compassionate, have no compassion for.
Are systems like they have in Candada, the UK, New Zealand and the rest of the world perfect? No. Are they better than what we have now? Undoubtedly. There is a great article at Science Blogs about Are patients in Universal Health Care Countries Less Satisfied? that I suggest people read.

On Moving

Okay, so we have a 5 year plan to move out of the US.
We have a few main points of looking at so far…
Wellington, New Zealand. I would prefer somewhere along the Kapiti Coast if I could get a job there as well since it is so far from Wellington’s CBD, but still part of the Wellington Region.
Vancouver, Canada. Not sure where specifically to look at here. I was thinking North Vancouver, but that really depends on the job location.
To that list I keep thinking of adding Melbourne, Australia. Continue reading On Moving

You Know the Economy is Bad When

I saw a report that illegal Mexican immigrants are returning to Mexico in record numbers (story). A part of it is the fear over the tougher stance of illegal immigration, but the biggest part is America’s softening economy. Of course apparently lots of Mexican’s resent them returning since they are afraid that it will drive wages down and burden the social services. I can see the Neo-Cons now… “It’s not a failed Economic Policy, it is sound immigration policy.”

Crossing the Border? Be Advised, You are Guilty of Copyright Violation and Your iPod, Laptop, etc will be Destroyed

Canada is cracking down on copyright violations. If you have content the border guards so much as suspect of content on your iPod, laptop, cell phone, etc violating copyright, they can destroy it. The Yahoo! news story that reports this, seems to indicate that the whole iPod or Laptop itself will be destroyed, not just the suspected content.
There is no mention that guards will be given any special training to decide what is illegal or legal content.
All the real security concerns we may have about border crossings, and they are worried about searching people’s iPods and the like for copyright violations. This is more asinine than the drug war where we worry about putting somebody smoking an herb that God commands in the Bible to be used in jail than murderers rapists and thieves. It’s like the police said, “Why worry about spending manpower on stopping murderers and rapists, or keeping them in jail when we can put a non-violent drug user in jail.” So now Canada’s border patrol is like, “Why worry about terrorists or other threats to national security, we need to worry about copyright violators.”
The US and most of Europe are in on this deal as well.
On the good news side, it seems an upcoming G8 summit will shelve the idea for now.