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My Noted Past in Gaming

Most of my life I have just been a geek blogging, or posting in official and fan forums for games, tv shows and the like, but I have on at least two occasions made a notable impact on the gaming world… well impact may be a bit of a stretch, but still was at least a footnote…

The first footnote, involves Shogo: Mobile Armor Division where I got thanked for solving an issue in their official FAQ (they have shut the official site down, but it is still on the Wayback Machine where that link leads to).

The second footnote involves the fact I ran a fansite for a game called Mortyr. Despite the fact I had no artistic talent and near zero coding skills, it became the semi-official fan site for the game and I got thanked in the game’s manual. I was in touch with the developers, and they gave me stuff to give away, which I did, and shipped at my own expense. The Wayback Machine doesn’t have Mortyr.net though so no linking to that oldie. I kept the site going for a short while after the game came out, but real life, and the fact the game didn’t do well in the market (it got panned more than needed, it was okay, and made some cool advances in the genre while is hindsight was a bit stale in many others)… plus the site was expensive to run so I let it expire.

I’ve been on at least two small closed betas which I count as being actually in a real beta. I’ve been in a few other “closed” betas that were near public betas that I don’t count, and of course any public beta that I hear about that I think I might be interested in. I don’t know if I had much of any impact in even the small closed betas there… so it is that Shogo and Mortyr are my two minor footnotes in gaming history for me. They might not be much, but how many ordinary non-game market people can say that at least two different game developers have publicly thanked them for their contributions in official material?

EDIT: Most recently, I tested Small World 2 for the iPad, and I’m in the credits of the game.

I also recently (May 2015) got in the press preview for Rebel Galaxy. See Getting an Early Look at Rebel Galaxy.

Edit February 2016: I was among the lucky people invited to stream Gigantic while it was still under NDA. As this edit is written, I have a few Gigantic VOD’s on my Twitch Channel¬†(highlight 1, 2, 3 and 4¬†just in case they get lost behind lots of other highlights), and a YouTube video that is pending my writing a script.

Dear Blizzard, Why I Should Have a Cataclysm Beta Key

My Dearest Blizzard, I hope this letter finds you well. This is a busy time for you. Tonight at midnight you release Starcraft II to the world (my son is a huge fan of Starcraft I)… and then starting this week hopefully, some of the fan sites will be giving out Beta keys for the World of Warcraft expansion, Cataclysm of which I of course want to be a part of. My favorite WoW podcast, The Instance, is giving one a day away for 25 days, WoWJuJu is giving some away, Ace3 is giving WoW addon authors a chance to get a key (I am alpha testing an addon that uses Ace3, but not an active developer myself). So I know you have lots going on. But I gotta ask for a favor if I may. I would like to have a key or two myself please.
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