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Finally in Hearthstone Beta, and Loving Faëria

Well, I’m finally in the Hearthstone beta, finally got the opt-in key (and no, I don’t have extras). I’ll give impressions later. Right now my card game of choice though is Faëria, which may be one of the best card games out there, and a huge shame it isn’t getting far more attention. That one for sure I’ll be giving more coverage to.

Digital Card games in order, off initial impressions of my likelyhood of playing a lot:
Faëria (great, deep game, very strategic and tactical)
Hearthstone (fairly casual)
Card Hunter (ahead of IW mostly due to the humor and casual fun)
Infinity Wars (deep, and complex, perhaps too complex for casual play, and I got Faëria for the deep end right now)
I’m considering Scrolls…
SolForge, Magic and the rest… Hex probably would go here as well, but all below those for the moment.

TLDR: Get Faëria… now…