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Lost: The Man Behind the Curtain

Before I get to talking about this amazing episode, an update on what I was talking about earlier in regards to Lost having two more seasons. Turns out it is 3 short seasons, with a total episode order near that of 2 full seasons. 3 more seasons of 16 episodes each, with the final for the 2009/2010 season.
The Man Behind the Curtain was an amazing episode and moves Lost back up the list of best shows on TV, with this and Heroes, they are the best things currently airing new episodes. Lost is back in true form of late, and this may be one of the best yet.
Spoilers will be discussed, so I’ll put things below the break.
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Get Lost for Two More Seasons

It apparently will be announced soon that Lost will end after two more seasons. The producers have long said the story would take 5 to 7 seasons to tell in full. ABC and the producers have reached an agreement on how long to give the story to finish out, which apparently works out to 2 more seasons (the exact number of episodes and seasons is apparently “complex,” so perhaps they’ll call it a single season with lots of extra episodes compared to normal). This is a good development. If ABC has given the green light to finish the story properly and committed to two more seasons, this means the producers can pace out the mysteries having a known end date in sight.
I have to say, I have been very impressed with Lost ever since the return from the break. They have been answering some of the longer standing questions while opening new mysteries They have also shown that the people are talking to each other off camera, answering the long standing complaint that it didn’t seem the Losties talked to one another about what was going on. The explanation is that it would be even more irritating having to watch them talk about stuff the viewers already know. Exposition on stuff the audience knows would be worse than seeing them talk, letting us know they are talking about the stuff on the island off camera at least clears up the fact they are indeed talking.
EDIT: I just saw that the return date may be delayed to 2008. That is too long a break, don’t do it ABC. I don’t care if we get all the episodes left in one big set or not, don’t make us wait until 2008.

Meanwhile Heroes, long a very good show is coming on strong as one of the best shows on TV.
Battlestar Galactica continued to be one of the best shows on TV, though with the recent developments on Lost and Heroes, it might not be #1 anymore. It however won’t return until 2008. I am not sure who’s idea that was, but it looks like it will be the last season for it, which is why the order for episodes went to a full season instead of the half(ish) season that was originally ordered. 2008 is too long a break IMHO.

I have mixed feeling on the big break, big run nature of TV seasons of late. It is nice that we don’t have to have a ton of repeats during the whole season, but a long break from October or something to February makes for a long time to wait. However, it does break the season into two or three nice chunks which works out nice as well. I think it is probably better for the networks, since during the break of one show, they can show something else, allowing for a bigger show rotation schedule. Perhaps have one show start at the “normal” season time, break and return in February and again in May (or run from late February to mid May), then have another show air during the break each season. Some shows are already mid-season starters every year, mid-season is no longer the domain of just new shows to replace failed shows, but the time to return some shows. 24’s schedule is nice in that you get all the episodes week after week without a break, but I don’t think the networks are ready to make that big a move yet for every show, however, the changing nature of the way people watch TV might make it worthwhile for them. TiVo and the other DVRs, and online viewing have changed the traditional rating model, it is just a matter of the networks moving to that rating model from the old watch it live type ratings… even Nelson Ratings have made moves to account for time shifting of shows.
The way I want to do the shows I have in my head? Each episode would be 2 hours long and you get 12 episodes a year, so you still get a full season, but each episode then is sort of a movie and is made to pace accordingly. The read trick would be having stuff to fill the time slot during the other weeks. One solution could be to have four such shows in rotation, week one of the month show A is show, then week 2 show B and so on. During any extra days, some kind of filler stuff, behind the scenes or something. Actually my plan on a couple of them was to release at theaters first, and to get the theaters to go along, I give them a far bigger cut than they normally get from a theatrical movie. This theatrical cut would be longer than the TV cut, and obviously not have commercials. A couple or few weeks later, it goes to TV, at the end of the season the DVD comes out with a longer cut than the theater had on some episodes. Hopefully the theaters could charge their “bargain” price at all showings, even those during their more expensive times, to really help pull people in. Since they get a huge cut of the ticket (for most new movies, they may only get 10% of the ticket, with the rest going to the studio, a couple weeks later they may get 20% then 25% and so on, so the longer a movie lasts the better chance they have of making something off the ticket) they may be willing to price it at bargain prices for all showings. Perhaps cut them 90% of the ticket first week, and 100% the next. Perhaps, to make the theater experience worth while it can be done in Real D, Cameron’s Fusion 3D or one of the other major digital 3D formats. (The premium to see a movie in Digital 3D has to go if the theaters really want to make Digital 3D work.)

Natural Rights and Lost

From the Wikipedia article on Natural Rights:

Some thinkers like John Locke emphasized “property” as primary. Indeed, Locke’s influential defense of the right of revolution is represented in the Declaration of Independence, where Thomas Jefferson cited “life, liberty, and private property” in his initial drafts. For political reasons, the committee approving the Declaration later substituted “pursuit of happiness” for property. The Declaration of Independence also based natural or “unalienable rights” on human nature, arguing that it was “self-evident” that human beings by their very nature seek life, liberty, and happiness. This assumed, like Hobbes, Locke and Jean–Jacques Rousseau – also a major social contract thinker – the right of human beings to follow their nature as a natural right antedating and not bestowed by government.

Locke and Rousseau, two of the names of Lost characters who were named after the above mentioned Philosophers. Perhaps Lost is an exploration of natural rights? I am just too tired right now to think clearly and elaberate further, but something is clicking in the back of my mind, something along the lines of natural rights vs civil rights. Too many people think rights come from the government, rather then recognize that function of government is more to hinder rights then give them. Perhaps after some sleep it will make more sense and I can draw a larger picture of what is going on in the back of my head.

Lost Season 3

When Lost returns this fall, it will be in two big blocks. The fist block of 6, then the rest will start in February. Meaning we’ll get a big break between the two.
The producers are apparently looking at the first block of 6 as a mini-series.
I am not overly happy about how big a gap there is, but what can we do. At least it is better than the couple episodes, tons of repeats then more episodes, repeats, episodes, cycle of last year.
Spoilers may follow…
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Lost Season 2 DVD Set Update

In an earlier post I had problems linking to the proper Lost – The Complete Second SeasonDVD set. Well this has been fixed in that post. Here it is again so you don’t have to look for the old post (which I am too lazy and tired at the moment to link to myself). It comes out 3 October… which does seem awfully close to the start of the third season which I would guess will be October give or take a month (no official announcement yet).

Lost - The Complete Second Season DVD Set
Lost – The Complete Second Season

Lost S2E21 – ?

Yet another stunning episode of Lost.
Before we get to that.
Here is the book that Swayer was reading the other week:

Bad Twin
I have to wonder if any real clues are in it, or if it is mostly red herrings. I like that one of the reviews comments:

I bought this book because I had read about the author dying in a plane crash on a flight from Sydney to Los Angeles, his manuscript having just been delivered to a publisher who was now publishing the book.[stuff cut out] I have since learned this was all a promotional gimmick, the said author is actually a fictional character on the TV show Lost (which I have never see) [more stuff cut] Finding out that the real author did not die in a plane crash made me feel like I had been cheated. Amazon even states in it’s about the author info, the story of the author dying in a plan crash-it’s a lie! I guess people that watch the show know this is all part of the show, but I am sure many people like me are buying this book because we believe what is written in the about the author page. There is something not kosher about this!

I would think the big Lost logo on the cover would have been a clue… Lots of rumors that the book was written by Stephen King, but my guess is that it was actually written by one of the staff writers.
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More Lost S2E20 – Two for the Road

Back to the post, after learning a bunch of old Lost posts are gone…
Minor spoiler from the episode may be here. The shots of AL and Jack’s dad in the car are reversed so that it looks like the steering wheel is on the right hand side. It isn’t clear yet why they just didn’t get a real right hand drive car. This observation made by people in the TCF while looking at screenshots of the show saw the text on the airbag labels were backwards.
Spoilers (including some from outside the show) to follow
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Lost S2E20 – Two for the Road

Wow, what an episode…
It looks like I haven’t posted about Lost since S2E15 Maternity Leave. So let us recap from then on first before we get to this weeks amazing episode.
S2E16 – The Whole Truth. A good episode, not great. The ending was really cool with learning Henry isn’t Henry… I am almost sure I posted about this episode, but I can’t find it in the archives…
S2E17 – Lockdown. I know for a fact I posted about this one. What happened to those posts?! I remember posting pictures of the map on the door…
S2E18 – Dave. A Hurley episode where we learn Libby was in the hospital with Hurley as a patient, and Hurley’s imagenary friend Dave. Another one I know I posted about and is missing. What the heck…
S2E19 – SOS. Yet another one I remember posting about. This one told the back story of Rose and Bernard.

Rest of this post after I find out what happened here to my old posts…Well all those posts seem lost. Odd how it is only the Lost category that is well… lost… I am so fully ticked off..
I’ll post more later…

And We’re Not Even Done With Season Two Yet

With four episodes to go in this season of Lost (with the final episode being two hours long) the Season 2 box set is already on sale.

For some reason however, at this moment, while I can get to the page, I can’t get it to find it for the link . It’s ASIN number is B000FIMG68, so click the Amazon link to the side and put that number into the search box and it will take you there. I am guessing that is an updated version of Lost – The Complete Second Season which they probably made a long time ago. The B000FIMG68 version is called “Lost: The Complete Second Season – The Extended Experience” and includes far more details of the DVD. So far it says 7 discs, and the usual bunch of extras, including “Fire And Water: Anatomy of An Episode: Follows the creation of a “Lost” episode from script to finish.” (Fire and Water was the Charlie episode where he took Claire’s baby.)

EDIT: Here it is, it goes on sale 3 October.
Lost - The Complete Second Season DVD Set
Lost – The Complete Second Season

New Lost This Wednesday

Starting Wednesday 3 May 2006 we will get four new episodes of Lost in a row.
Next season they really need to step up the answers to quash those who didn’t like this season as much do to the lack of answers. I personally like them drawing them out, but the public doesn’t. I think we got a good idea to several answers though, so I don’t know what the complaints are about. Anyhow, a season four at this moment is in question if the ratings slide continues, given the cost of the show. I would think they would finish the third season at the very least, then if they cancel hopefully they will give them a two hour movie or better yet a mini-series to wrap the last stuff up. Of course ideally, they will finish all their planned seasons.
I also think next season they have to stop all the really big breaks, I think that hurt it this season. Nobody knew when new episodes were returning. Perhaps a 24 style all in a row style, it is important when you are moving a storyline the way they do with this show.

Massive spoilers to follow so don’t read on if you don’t want to have stuff ruined.

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Lost Easter Eggs

I was browsing and found a cool Lost site that has Lost Easter Eggs. For example they have screen a screen cap of the Egyptian Hieroglyphs from last episode, Kate’s dad and her picture, and a screen cap of the TV showing Saddam’s gassing of a village that has the numbers on it. For the last episode, they have a screen cap of Kate’s mom, who was the waitress at the restaurant that Swayer and his partner met at.