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I Hated Gym Class

Like many geeky non athletic type people, I hated gym. Add social awkwardness, thanks Aspergers, thanks, being shy to go with that lack of athletic ability and the schoolyard pick really diminishes one’s self esteem. I hated dodge ball the most, but that is another topic for another day.

Today I am going to raise my suggestion for an alternative to gym at the high school level, or at least somebody do a good video series (more on that later). I think it is important to keep gym part of the daily routine in primary/elementary school and middle school, more on those later, but in high school where you should only need 2 years worth to graduate, I think it is time to add alternatives beyond the regular gym that everyone can take. You can take 2 years of regular gym, or 3 years of the coming suggested alternate classes, or split it, 1 year of regular gym and 2 of the alternates, so there is a bonus to taking regular gym in that it takes less time.
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When Sports Commentators Don’t Know the Game They are Commenting on

Got to love… “The pitch! And that happened. Apparently it was an S according to the board…” and many other great moments:
To be fair, the English commentator is doing a direct translation of the Japanese commentator… of course with how popular Baseball is there, I have to wonder how the Japanese commentator got his job. It appears that it was a singer/comedian, named John Mayer making fun of a Japanese broadcast, not doing a direct translation. The whole thing would be like me trying to do commentating for a Cricket match or something.