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Sidd and laughter

Okay, time for a non-SWTOR related post… I haven’t updated things about Sidd and Ari for a while, so I’ll do a few updates.
Ari is in second grade and doing well. They are testing his IQ soon, so we’ll see if that comes out as well as expected… if he can keep on task long enough to do well on the test. His big obsessions at the moment are Minecraft and Terraria, both games on the computer… that is pretty much his life at the moment.
Here is Ari playing Minecraft

He still is a vegetarian… and that is about all I can think of to update on this site anyhow…

Sidd still doesn’t say any full words clearly yet at 2 1/2. A bit of a concern and one that will need addressed with his doctor soon. But he loves to laugh and be tickled… non-stop. He could do it for as long as you are willing to entertain him that way. Ari gets tired of it less than half a minute into being tickled, but Sidd eats it up. He’ll come up and ask to be tickled or “bite” which means to bite in a ticklish way. He is daring, climbing up the outside of the stairs and jumping to you when you barely have a hold of him… He loves Thomas the Tank Engine, trains, cars and trucks… he plays a great deal with his Hot Wheels… His laugh is just the funnest thing.

As for me… well, I hit over 100 geocaches found this year, and then just didn’t get out as much as I would like to geocache. I stopped playing WoW, though I did activate a free account that I drop in on once in a grand while since the pre-level 20 stuff is fun sometimes. My present obsession, as should be obvious, is Star Wars: The Old Republic… I am re-reading a few books and reading some new ones (I need to update the Now Reading thingy on the side…). Working 6 days a week at the moment… I need to see a doctor myself for Excessive Daytime Sleepiness it has been at a level of concern for a while, sadly I lost my insurance just a week or two before I was scheduled to see a doctor for a general physical where I was going to raise the concerns about it, so that is on hold for a bit.

Our Crumb Cake Recipe

I have fond memories of baking with my grandma Thomas. We made cinnamon jumbles, cookies, and this crumb cake. The recipe cards always say “Olive Crumb Cake”, but it is supposed to read “Olive’s Crumb Cake.” As I understand it, Olive was one of my grandmother’s friends, and this was her recipe.
The cake is nice, moist and spongy. The cake sort of crumbles, but it is the crumbs on the top that give it its name. It is a wonderful breakfast cake as well as a snack cake.
Ari and I made this the other day, and I thought I would share it.


  • 1 1/2 Cups Brown Sugar
  • 1/2 Cup Shortening (I recommend butter flavored stuff… I’ve used butter itself as well, but the recipe says Shortening so I’ll repeat what it says).
  • 2 Cups Flower
  • 1 Egg
  • 1 Cup Sour Milk (to make Sour Milk, pour 1 cup milk into a bowl, add 1 Tablespoon Vinegar and let stand for 5 minutes)
  • 1 teaspoon Cinnamon
  • 1 teaspoon Baking Soda

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Quick Update on Ari, Sidd and Me

It has been over a year since I last updated on Ari and/or Sidd. So let us get caught up.
Ari went to Kindergarten last year. He seemed to enjoy it. Made some school friends and some bus friends, and a few kids who pick on him… for whom he wishes were never born. He grown more and more head strong, which gets him into all sorts of trouble. He is still super bright, though he seems to have a bit of the ADHD and most likely Aspergers. He loves video games, making his own levels for games, and Lego Bionicles.
Sidd is now over a year old. Still refuses to walk or talk… he makes sounds and we have learned what some of them are, but he doesn’t really say “ma”, “da” or “ba”. He will say “Ummm” which can mean he wants food or his bottle. For a long time he wouldn’t sleep more than an hour or two at a time, which made getting any sleep really hard. He now sleeps through most of the night. He screams and cries loudly. He does little of that in moderation. Lol.
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Sidd and Ari Update

Okay, the main purpose of the blog is to keep family and friends up to date with what is happening with my family. To that end…
Ari is enjoying Kindergarten and his bus ride home. No real news to report there yet. They went on a field trip to see a ballet of Peter and the Wolf, which “was good but not too good.”
At the moment we have only one car, so Sara and the kids have to take me to work, then she and Sidd have to take Ari to school. Why only one car? The other day Sara calls and says that the truck feels funny, like it has a flat and the brakes weren’t felling right, but she pulled over and the tire didn’t look flat, and decided (against my instructions) to continue on. Later she calls broken down. A friend of hers came and got her and the kids and took them down to their place since that was where she was heading anyhow. We learned that the lug nuts must not have been tight enough and that they came loose (odd thing is, I thought I tightened them, and the truck drove fine for days afterwords). This resulted in one of the bolts getting sheared off. So now we have to replace the 5 bolts… not an easy task. The alternative is to replace the whole hub, but that costs a crap ton and since it only needs bolts, we’ll wait until we can get that fixed…
Meanwhile, Sidd is rolling over both directions really well. His rolls to his back are sometimes met by him bumping his head, but for the most part he does well. He sleeps on his side it seems. He is also starting to get some of the mechanics of crawling… well, scooting. He hasn’t figured out that if he got on his knees that he would be more mobile, but he does try to scoot to get stuff that is out of his reach.
Sidd’s colic is gone. For the most part he cries if hungry, wet, wants attention, is too bored or really tired. Otherwise he is a fairly happy kid. Still needs lots of attention.
The apartment is okay. We are nearly unpacked. The downstairs is cleared of all boxes. Sidd and Ari’s room still has boxes, but not much we can do about those as those hold toys and we can’t have them all over the floor as Ari’s toy box is already full. Lots of boxes in our closets, but nothing we can do there either as there is no room in this place for the stuff to be unpacked.
That should be the quick rundown of all that is going on here.

Presenting Siddharth Altair Thomas

Presenting Siddharth Altair Thomas, born March 26th, 2009.
If you want to see the set at Flickr, here is the Siddharth set.
He is named after Siddhārtha Gautama. So like his older brother Aristotle, he is named after a philosopher. His name is Sanskrit/Hindi meaning accomplished, he who has achieved his goals, or a few others of like nature depending on who is doing the translation. Altair is Arabic for flying eagle, and is also Greek (hey! another Greek name that starts with an A) for star, though we’ll probably use the Arabic meaning.
As we understand it, the version without an A at the end, which his namesake has, is Sanskrit, but when translated to Hindi (and I guess then into English) the A gets added.

Good Geocaching Day

Ari and I went geocaching Saturday (Sara decided to stay home and have some Sara time) and Ari played a bit in the park.
We still don’t have a GPS, so I still rely on Google Maps or Google Earth to locate things before I leave the house.
First we went for and got, The “Price” is Right! #2, GCWD82. This is a fun micro cache, where the stealth is more about timing and looking smooth. There was at least one more name from that day on the log.
Then we went for The “Price” is Right! #3, GCWD8C, but there were too many Muggles in the area to search too much, so Ari played for a while on the playground, looked at the ducks and geese, then we came back. Despite a bunch of Muggles were still at a picnic pavilion nearby, we managed to snag it. The log was too wet to sign.
I didn’t go for any of the others in Price Park.
Next we went and found Park Sandwich, GCXJ5Y. Not too hard, but required some forethought. We tried finding Rotary Rooter, GCVYCF, but without a good GPSr, this one will be really hard to find. Google Maps/Earth will only take you so far when it is deep in the woods of a park.
We also techinically tried to get BOOMERS LITE BRITE, GC13GNZ, but I didn’t mark it as an official attempt since I didn’t remember which pole it was at (it is a light pole cache). I looked at one, but didn’t look too closely (when I got home, turns out that was the one I should have checked better), then tried another pole but a Muggle was parked next to it as well and taking his sweat time. I waited for a while, but eventually had to go into the store. When Ari and I came back out, the dude was still there. So we putzed around some more, but the guy never left, so we didn’t get to try (which is just as well since it was the wrong pole anyhow).

Ari is Getting Glasses

Ari had an eye doctor appointment and it turns out he is far sighted.
The school was the first to catch that he might need glasses. The doctors did some testing, wasn’t sure, so they dilated his eyes, retested and confirmed that he is far sighted. He need glasses while at school, reading, doing art projects or any other up close detail work. If he’s just playing, he can go without them.

Ari’s Pillow

Ari made this pillow in school a while ago. He did all the sewing (they were impressed he spent the time to focus on it enough to complete the project, that isn’t too common at his age yet). He first sewed the designs, then he sewed the two sides together, stuffed it, and finished sewing it together. Clicking the photo will take you to the Flickr version…
Ari's Pillow
Ari's Pillow

Parent Teach Conference at Ari’s School

We had a parent/teacher conference at Ari’s pre-school the other day. The short of it is that Ari is brilliant, doing very well, fits the Montessori method, and is a delightful addition to the class.
He still needs work on going up and down stairs, mostly going up since going down takes longer anyhow. Specifically he needs to work on going up steps one foot at a time. As it is he brings both feet to the same step, then steps up to the next step. Now, this may be a part of his size since he is so small, so it isn’t a big concern.
The speech therapist talked to him informally. They don’t think his speech problems are anything to worry about and he’ll likely outgrow them, but they’ll watch to be sure.
He gets along well with the other kids and really enjoys watching the older students, like the Kindergarten kids, do their work.
He is really interested in the planets at the moment.
His concentration is greatly improving, and over the last few days he worked on sewing a pillow. We’ll try to get pictures of it and post them soon. I’ll post them to Flicr, and if I remember, I’ll update this post with a picture of it.
I am sure I am missing more, but it was a couple days ago and it’s early in the morning. I am sure Sara will remember more.

New Ari Pics

It may take a little while for the pictures to filter through Flickr’s RSS feeder, but new pictures of Ari should appear on the side real soon. Either way, you can click one of the pictures and it will take you to Flickr and the pictures anyhow. Sorry for the long delay.

Totally, Dude! and the Emergency Room

Ari has started saying Totally and Dude occasionally. “That was totally neat! Dude.” That sort of thing, though normally not together in the same sentence.
Meanwhile we got back from the Emergency Room late Friday morning. Ari turned out to have upper repertory infection and possible early pneumonia. I ended up calling off work at 2:30am from the emergency room as it was clear I wasn’t going to be out in time. Turned out, even had we gotten out in time for me to get some sleep before turning around for work, my car didn’t work anyhow, so we were stuck there even later. Anyhow, we called Ari off school Wednesday and Thursday (turns out Friday was off for a teacher work day) as he had a fever and was just wouldn’t eat or drink enough, what little he ate or drank he through up. So to avoid another possible bad thing where he spends days in the hospital, we took him in after I got off work Thursday.
(As an aside, the car died on the way to work, I had stopped at a local craft store and wouldn’t restart. I then had to walk for 15 or 20 minutes in the cold to get to work. Sara’s brother came and picked me up, took me to work and we eventually got the car to start. We had a problem with popping the hood on my car as the handle broke off long ago and every time I had to get into the hood more and more of the end came off, to the point there is little to grab a hold of now. I probably should just pull it out and let it hang and grab it when needed from under the car, but I may go to the junk yard and pick up an old one and replace the cable… Luckily the car started to take him to the hospital, but not to go home. So Sara’s parents came and picked us up, and gave us a jump to get home. When we got home, we hooked the jumper cables up to the battery and let it charge for 20 minutes or so, but no luck. Friday, my sister came to take me to AutoZone and to see Ari. I dropped off the battery for recharge and walked the 1/2 mile to the store to pick it up and hour later, still not fully charged so they put it back on and I walk the store for 30 more minutes, but still no luck. So I left it overnight… we’ll find out when I walk there Saturday how it went…)
Anyhow. Ari seems to be much better today then Wednesday or Thursday. Hopefully Saturday he’ll be much better. He doesn’t have school Monday so he has a little extra time to get better. Now as for what I’ll do for the missed work…