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Board Gaming in the Canton/Akron Area

I’ve been able to explore some of the stores in the greater Canton/Akron, Ohio area (CAK as our airport is called), and I’ve formed a few thoughts. My primary interest is board games, Netrunner and LCGs if I ever could play them, followed by roll playing (never get to play those either, but hey…), and then on from there. I list Canton first as I’m closer to Canton than Akron. I live between Alliance and Hartville, and work in Akron (and sadly this new job takes me out of the gaming arena for the moment due to the schedule).

I’ll cover stores first. Clubs and Meetups next, then a couple misc links that aren’t really local related but community board game related…
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Went to Obama Rally Saturday

Sara and I went to the Obama rally Saturday. The doors were scheduled to open at 4 pm and the event was scheduled to start at 5:30 pm. At 12:30 Sara called to see when they thought we should be there, they said the line was already around the block so we head out and got there a bit before 1:30. While the line was around the corner of the building, it wasn’t around the block and we were fairly happy with our place in line. Then the long wait…
The doors opened a bit before 4:00 as we were in the building at 4:00, so perhaps they started letting people in about 3:30, I was getting Sara and I drink when the line first started moving, and by the time I got back Sara was more than half way to the door. No food or drinks in the building so we had to trash them, Sara wasn’t happy about that.
Then we had to stand, but our spot wasn’t far from where he would be at all. I guess we should be glad we didn’t wait to go to Akron. Eventually the hall was packed with people standing uncomfortably close to each other.
5:30 came and went, and outside of the University of Akron Steel Drum Band, who performed from about 4:15 to 5:00, there was nothing going on. Around 6:30, or perhaps a bit before, we got the first couple speakers, but the crowed didn’t care. Finally, about 7:00, after another long break, the last speaker came up, and introduced… Obama’s staff. They went on for a while about volunteering and that, they were not nearly as booed as the poor lady ahead of them. Finally a glimpse in the doorway of Obama, the lady next to us seemed nearly ready to faint from that point until nearly the end.
Then Obama himself came to the stage and the crowed goes wild. He gave one of his standard, but inspiring and moving speeches, both Sara and I would choke up a few times. He then shook a few hands and went to the back. They took books and stuff from people in the front to have him sign and we hung out for a while. Eventually we left and made our way to pick up Ari who was staying with my mom and family.
A good enjoyable time, but it was tiring standing for 7 or 8 hours. Now if Ron Paul comes to Canton on a weekend that I can make it…
Edit: Obama’s site says there were 5,000 people there, so even if they did the exagiration that event organizers sometimes do, we can say it was 3,000 at the very least.
A video of him speeking in Akron. The crowd shots, at least the ones showing pans of the crowed (I don’t know about the tight shots) are not from Arkon (the TV stand isn’t where it should be and the architecture is wrong to name a few clues), but you sometimes have to fill in crowd shots. (By way of example, the church I used to go to would sometimes have to use crowd shots from other services or other times during that service than when the crowd shot was actually taken, to fill in for out of focus shots, or other issues, of the pastor.) I know the speech itself, and the shots of Obama himself are from Akron as he is using a wired mic, and he had mic problems at the start.