Sthel Thomas in the garden in Divinities Reach

Guild Wars 2 Beta Weekend Events Overstaying Their Welcome?

There is an interesting post over at the Guild Wars 2 Reddit expanding on an idea brought up on the recent Guildcast (June 20th edition, which I had started to watch but didn’t finish before posting this originally). The question is if all the Beta Weekend Events sort of diminish the game in some ways and if that goes into ArenaNet‘s release date plans for Guild Wars 2.

It is an interesting thought, and I have to agree a bit with the whole concept that they were bringing up. Don’t get me wrong, I love the game and want to get more time in it, and I’ll be playing on the June 27th Stress Test, but I’ll probably focus on WvW during the test and BWE3.

I am an altoholic. I love creating new characters and playing them through part or all of the starting area. It gets in the way of leveling my main, but it is fun. Still, I want to be able to save lots of it for the game and not get bored of leveling a character through an area during Beta Weekend Events, which does happen which is why I tend to rotate race/class as needed to have a new experience. Once the game launches, I’ll be probably remake Sthel (pictured) if I can figure out how to remake her well, and one or two new characters… I don’t want to have leveling Sthel again be a chore of, “not this quest again”.

Honestly I think the game is near ready. I think they need to optimize the GPU code and test that during BWE3 and otherwise announce a date already… there are vast conspiracies that have been laid to rest by ArenaNet itself about some jerseys seen on their walls which people generally take to be the announcement date… Anyhow, once they are sure the GPU code is working well enough, release, and give us a release date soon. I agree that too many of these beta weekend events just dim our desire to play on release.

BWE3 will probably be my last beta that I do much with if they do more weekends. I mean unless there is something I think really needs tested out, which is the point of TESTING after all, such as GPU optimization not making it into BWE3 and wanting to see it during another event, and even then I most certainly will stick to WvW and perhaps some sPvP which I haven’t tried at all yet… but I think the content and hype is already there.

EDIT: I might just play a race/profession that I am unlikely to play on release… then again I wasn’t sure about Engineer and it turned into my main choice from Mesmer…though it was still on the list. I might test Warrior, Guardian or Thief…

You need to get yourself Guild Wars 2 and meet me in game… or just enjoy yourself on your own time.