My New Thoughts on Guild Wars 2 Character Slots

In my previous posts about Guild Wars 2, I talked about the 5 character slots that were available during the Beta Weekend Event at the end of April. At the time I argued for more slots, I am pulling back on that. I think 5 is fine as a default. However, I think that those of us with Guild Wars (1) accounts should be given at least one character slot for having the main game and one for each expansion campaign we have linked to Guild Wars 2 prior to the game’s launch. It would be cheaper for a player to buy additional slots via the ArenaNet store, but this, along with the recently announced name reservation system, would be a nice bonus for Guild Wars players. Like the name reservation system, there could be a rule requiring you to have logged in since January 1st of this year (for the purpose of the character slot extensions, you get credit for the campaign expansions even if you didn’t play them so long as you logged into the main game or one of the expansions). If a player has all the expansions and unlocked the Hall of Monuments perhaps could gain one extra slot in addition to the ones I said, regardless if the characters are declared ancestors or not. This idea is especially important if they drop the character slot limit to 3 as with the original game, in which case they really need to give Guild Wars 1 players additional slots for the game and expansions as a reward.

One thought on “My New Thoughts on Guild Wars 2 Character Slots”

  1. Although that does make sense. I would have to disagree. In WOW you could vertualy have as meny charectors you wanted. So by duming it down to the point where you have 3 charector slots simply to make easy money and give players that have played the past guild wars game a undare advantage in terms of how meny charectors they will have. Although i agree that people that played the past guild wars game should be rewarded. I do not belive that it should be with charector slots. In fact if you could have infinate charectors in guild wars 2. It would beat the 10 max per realm in WOW, and although i highly dought that will happen. I belive that it would bring a lot more players in to the game. But this is highly unlikely as the makers of the game wants to make money very easily. Meaning that they would probably bring the max slots as low as possible. Simply so people would have to buy more from the online shop. But from what i can tell from the beta. I could say that you will get at least 7 charectors. Simply because thats the most i have seen a beta player have in a video. But this Number can and will change. I belive that a fare number would be 8 as there are 8 profeshions(class’s) and i belive that people desearve to be able to try them all. But hay in the end it really comes down to how much money the game makers want to make at the cost of a fans love.

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