And Another Thing – Yet More Guild Wars 2 Thoughts

I thought of a few more things to add to A Few Hours In – Guild Wars 2 Thoughts and A Few More Hours in Guild Wars 2. These are fairly minor and I probably could have edited the last post, but as I’ve been doing new posts each time anyhow… yes, yet more thoughts on the Guild Wars 2 Beta Event from this weekend.

+ Login Screen. Very well done, but needs the escape key to exit as well. The option to save password is a nice bonus as having to type it each time on my home machine is a pain. I never got why WoW and SWTOR made you do that. It wouldn’t be wise perhaps to mark it on a laptop where someone else might get access to it, but your desktop should be safe to save the password into the client.

– Asura portals. It wasn’t easy to tell where they went. WoW had this problem with their dirigibles as well, not even the NPCs at the end would tell you where one was going. The NPCs need to say which portal goes to where. If I spend a long time in Lion’s Arch I might forget which portal goes back to my area, or perhaps I just want to travel to another city and I am using Lion’s Arch as a gateway, I need to know which portal to run to. Beyond the NPC at the end telling me which gate, there should be a better visual clue. If you get close enough now it will say where it goes, but I want to tell from the bottom of the ramp.

– Patch Client. Should, like WoW, allow to play after certain point. On the plus side the initial download and client install went very well. However, the manually copying to initial client to a folder will have to be fixed before launch as too many people may be put off by that… and whatever issues they have with putting it in the Program Files (x86) in Vista and Windows 7 need fixed as that would be the normal default.

– Cinematic. They are fine, but I see the point that others have made that the characters are largely just standing there talking to each other and there needs to be more interaction with one another. Not a huge negative, but at least on the more emotional moments it would take you out of the game.

! Crafting and Gathering. They both need a better explanation in game to get people going, after that it should rock from what I’ve seen of how it works (the first post links to a video detailing it).

! Voice acting. I found it good. It isn’t SWTOR, but then that game highly depends on the voice acting, but GW2 does well with what I heard so far.

! Tutorials. I can see where people are coming from. There perhaps needs to be an option when creating a character, especially the first toon, to be asked what level of tutorials you want/need. This will be based on experience with MMOs and GW2 in particular since it works so different than other MMOs. Perhaps if you need lots of tutorials you’ll be put into a special area where you learn some basics of the game then it sends you on to the normal intro cinematic and the story quest… or better yet, rather than waste time modifying the game, simply add a tutorial section to the website and suggest people check it out… you’ll still have lots of people QQ over not understanding as they skip the option to head out of game to read stuff and watch a few videos. But a tutorial section on the website might still cut down on the QQ a bit.

I thought I was done last time with thoughts on this weekend’s beta event, but turns out I wasn’t. So no grantee I won’t post more thoughts later, but I think I’ll move onto other things to talk about in regards to the game next time.

EDIT: I thought perhaps I should point out I never really played Guild Wars 1. I got in it for less time than I did the beta, so I have no real Guild wars experience to come from.

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