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Apparently Reading the Constitution of the USA is Illegal Here Now

An interesting video of people being arrested, not given their meranda rights and not being what they are charged with beyond apparently reading the Constitution to people out loud, and when I say out loud, I am not talking about volume, just speaking the words of the Constitution of the United States of America in a public setting. This I am sure will be closely followed.
What the fuck is happening to this country? At one time the whole country was a free speech zone, now you have selected free speech zones and if you do free speech outside of those zones you are arrested. If you don’t have a permit to peacefully assemble, which incidentally is a right guaranteed by the First Amendment, you are arrested. People are being arrested for having impeach Bush shirts and being threatened by the city for having Ron Paul signs. The Constitution is being shit on by a bunch of asses who sore an oath to uphold it and protect it from threats foreign and domestic. The First Amendment is the first for a reason.
I am pissed, I am off to bed before I rant more…
EDIT: A short follow up is here, though I just more or less go off on those who say the police did right (and they did right in not telling third parties, but not to tell those arrested… which misses the point which is what I go on about… here I am about to go off again…)

Cool Music Video

…and no it’s not another Ron Paul music video… actually it isn’t the video that is cool so much as the song itself… although I am not the biggest hip-hop/rap fan in the world.

Music Videos of the Moment

From the new White Stripes album Icky Thump here is the titled single:
I think that the White Stripes are one of the few really good rock bands out there, and Meg White one of the hottest rock babes out there, if not the hottest. (Side note, both are apparently armature Taxidermist in their spare time.) Beck and Prince are also high on my list, while I may not be a big Beck fan, I do appreciate that he is one of the few originals out there. I also enjoy the Polyphonic Spree, who also put out a new album The Fragile Army (Bonus Dvd)
Since the Spree has a new album as well, here is the first video off it:
While I prefer the robes, the new look matches the album’s name. We missed their concert as we picking berries… big time bummer…

Good Commercial

Here is a well conceived commercial:
I was going to tag it with humor, but thought it wasn’t funny, so much as just well conceived and executed.

North American Union Currency Has a Name

Like most everyone, I have been asleep to what is going on behind closed doors in regards to the European Union styled North American Union. I just learned that they already have a name for the North American currency, the Amero. You can bet that the banking powers that be, that actually control our government (unless we get Ron Paul elected President and give him a congress that will work with him to end the Federal Reserve and the international bankers hold over us), are doing everything they can to keep this as secret as possible until it is too late for us as Americans to stop it. The public needs educated on the dangers of the Federal Reserve, which is no more a government body than Federal Express and has little if any reserves. Unfortunately those decrying the Fed are made by the media and others to sound like a conspiracy nut, which they are not.
Below the break are some videos about the dangers of the Fed including one that I would say is required viewing.
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Ron Paul Update

Ron Paul, America’s only hope for peace, prosperity and liberty in a Presidential candidate, is improving in the regular, non-Internet polls. Still well below Rudy Giuliani and John McCain, but gaining.
On May 3rd, he’ll be on a large televised debate from the Regan Library on MSNBC at 8 PM (ET). At that point, I should think he should start soaring in the polls as he finally gets the public exposure that he needs. The media machine which has been purposely snubbing him won’t be able to do much at that point. He will also be at the June 5th debate in New Hampshire, which will air on CNN. In between the two is a debate in South Carolina on May 15th to air on Fox. At the moment Ron Paul hasn’t been invited by Fox News. Odds are if he does well in the May 3rd debate, he’ll be invited however, and if he doesn’t you’ll see a large Internet backlash against Fox since Ron Paul is a large favorite on the Internet. The fact that a news channel such as Fox gets to be the one who decides who is a “serious candidate” and in, and who is not in the debate this early in the campaign is absurd. Of course their main criteria seems to be who paid the South Carolina ballot fee and scoring above 1% in polls, both of which it appears Ron Paul is doing.
Meanwhile, check out these videos of a Ron Paul interview done from a college dorm room…yes, the first Presidential candidate interview from a college dorm room. They are below the break with a another video.
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Some of Ari’s Favorite Music Videos

Ari’s favorite music video of late is Kate Bush singing Wuthering Heights. He does it with lots of her dance moves while he watches it and it can be quite funny…
He is also a fan of Ben Harper’s A Better Way, sometimes asking “I want the Better Way song.”

Wonderful and Amazing Video

May I present to you an amazing and wonderful little video titled “The Little Girl Giant,” which was part of The Sultan’s Elephant, a big show put on in London. It is basically a giant 3 or 4 story high marinate of a little girl who is awaken by a time traveling elephant.
The whole thing sort of reminded me of a scene in Being John Malkovich
Here is the Wikipedia article on The Sultan’s Elephant.

Good Video Series on Medical Marijuana

Check out this video series about Medical Marijuana. I marked it in politics though it shouldn’t be a political issue, but do to the US treatment of medical marijuana…
Part 1:
Medical Marijuana

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The rest of the series if below the break as to save space on the front page.
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