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Why Occupy Wall Street is Right

Like many political posts, this is more or less not finished and may be revised as I go along.
There is a popular fallacy in the mass media, and therefore the public at large, regarding the Occupy Wall Street protesters and the movement in general. It is the idea that the protesters are being hypocritical by using products from large corporations. However this simply is not true. The problem isn’t the products, or even necessarily the corporations themselves. The problem isn’t Wall Street itself, that is, the problem isn’t investing. The problem is the undue influence Wall Street has on government, the media and public policy.
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Damn them All to Hell, FISA Ammendments Pass

There were a few who voted against it strongly, Clinton, surprisingly among them, Ron Paul would have had he been able to be there (they added it to the calendar at the last minute and he had another appointment), Kucinich did also. Unfortunately, Obama did vote for it, and I may reconsider my vote for him just on this issue alone. Unfortunately I don’t feel I can vote for Bob Barr (Libertarian candidate) since he has conveniently flipped his positions before joining the Libertarian party to be more in line with them (he was one of the leaders of the Drug War, voted for the Iraq war, one of the leaders of the Defense of Marriage Act, voted for the Patriot Act… all of which he has come out publicly apologized for of came out against, too little too late I say, and I haven’t heard anything about him taking back his position to have the Pentagon bar the practice of Wicca in the military, and after all religious freedom is one of the main things that caused people to come here for and why the Constitution protects it).
What is important to note is that FISA itself worked fine, and WASN’T going to expire. The only thing this was for, essentially was to provide retroactive protection for the telcos (which technically violates the Constitution and I am sure we’ll see it challenged on that grounds very soon), and to expand the reasons they can now wiretap you without a warrant. Among the reasons they can wiretap you without a warrant is if they suspect you are trading files on the Internet.
I am just appalled at how many people still believe the Bush administration’s lies… Meanwhile I read a headline that Obama is trying to overcome the image that some Christians have that he matches the Bible’s description of the Anti-Christ, which is beyond odd since Bush matches it exactly. Bush is the one pushing to force people to be implanted with RFIDs, which Christians say is the Mark of the Beast.

Interesting Video on Jury Nullification

There is one essential right you have as a member of a jury that the judge will likely not instruct you on, as a matter of fact, he will likely be upset it comes up. The jury can acquit a defendant if they feel the instructions given to it by the judge were wrong, or most prominently promoted by defenders of freedom, if the jury feels the law itself is unjust. This doesn’t overturn the law, unless a large series of juries return the same result. This is called jury nullification. Largely however, it deals with bad instructions to the jury from the judge than the jury judging the law itself.
This video is presented in part by a much younger Ron Paul…

That is part one of three. More parts:
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Texas and Ohio Voters are Idiots and Paul Still in the Race

Clinton won both Ohio and Texas. To be fair, she was expected to win both by a large margin, and her margin in Texas wasn’t much and the caucus isn’t counted far enough yet to see how delegates are distributed. None of the news organizations seem to agree on exactly how the counts are distributed, but even after the sad results of Texas and Ohio, Obama still has a sizable delegate lead.
Meanwhile, the mainstream media is ignoring that Ron Paul is still in the race and that McCain doesn’t have the race locked up as he doesn’t have the required number of pledged delegates. Ohio apparently is all unpledged. However, I truly think it is time for Ron Paul to move to the Libertarian party for his Presidential bid now that he won his Congressional seat back, and McCain is as good as the nominee. While he probably wouldn’t win the election on the Libertarian ticket, he would get them enough votes that they would be in the debates 4 years from now and there is a slim chance they may include Paul in the debates that way, though they probably wouldn’t.
If Clinton wins the nomination… well it is time to start looking more seriously at Vancouver or Nelson. Vancouver is closer, and Sara seems excited about it and Toronto. She isn’t sold on Nelson for some reason, perhaps due to it being so far, though it is in the foothills of the Southern Alps, has 4 seasons, is far sunnier than most places here save the South… Not that we can afford to move to either one for a long time anyhow. 🙁

Onto Texas and Ohio

Ron Paul did respectably well Tuesday, however, due to the asinine way the Republican’s assign the winner take all delegates, his delegate count didn’t go up. I really don’t understand why anyone votes for McCain. Even Republican’s hate Bush, and McCain is basically another Bush, perhaps even worse. My shit could win the general election against McCain. I could see the election now, “I have the choice between a piece of shit and McCain. Easy! The piece of shit.” The news reports would be all about how a piece of shit beat McCain by a landslide… Lucky for us there is a chance it won’t be a piece of shit running against McCain (though that depends on who the Democrats pick of the two).
Meanwhile, voters in Wisconsin and Hawaii were smart enough to vote for Obama over Clinton. Obama is also doing better in Texas with him ahead even on some polls I have seen, but most report a statistical dead heat. For some god forsaken reason, Clinton still has a fairly strong lead in Ohio, but there is nearly two weeks until the primaries, so hopefully things will change and the gap narrows. They are still predicting it will come to the superdelegates, all in a party who for the general election believes that the popular vote is all that should matter, but for the primaries they think is worthless.

I Think it is Telling

I think it is telling when the “better educated” people, as the media polls call them, favor Obama and the “less educated” people prefer Clinton. That should speak volumes as to whom the Democrats should elect. Obviously the “educated” people know who is the better choice.
If we get Obama vs McCain, I will vote for Obama, if it is McCain vs Clinton I think about moving out of the country but in the meantime vote 3rd party. If it is Obama vs Huckabee… well, that is likely not to happen, I’ll decide in the booth between 3rd party and Obama, unless of course that 3rd party choice is Ron Paul where Ron Paul is the clear choice…
Here is my current run down:
Ron Paul
Anybody but Clinton or McCain
The Libertarian choice if it isn’t Ron Paul…
I think that keeps care of everyone. 🙂
As far as moving out of the country, it would likely be Vancouver, though I would really prefer New Zealand, and of course I already covered the city choices there in other posts.
Meanwhile, what the flip is up with Washington state stopping their counts and declaring McCain the winner before they were done counting? The vote count was close enough, with enough votes left uncounted that the whole thing stinks. If I were a Washington voter, I would be highly pissed. Did the vote counters look at the uncounted ballots and see that Huckabee or Paul were going to win and decided to leave them uncounted? It is one thing for a network to declare a winner before the counts are done and the polls are closed (unlike 2000 where they declared a winner long before even the East coast polls were closed), but is another thing for the officials to declare a winner before they are done counting and then stop counting.
Anyhow, I officially support Obama, after Ron Paul.

Ron Paul, Second in Nevada

Ron Paul came in a strong second in Nevada and beat Giuliani in South Carolina… though Paul beating Giuliani is nothing new, the only time he hasn’t was in New Hampshire. Nevada and South Carolina proves a certain point about the Ron Paul base. Despite the fact he gets lower scores in polls, his real world results are much better then the polls predict. For example, in South Carolina, Ron Paul was polling at 1%, well behind Giuliani’s 4% and even Keyes’ 2%. The polls are flawed not only as a result of what they ask, but perhaps more importantly whom they ask.
Thompson is expected to drop out, and likely will endorse McCain, which if that results in a McCain win in Florida (who already leads), will be an effective end to Giuliani’s run, especially if Giuliani falls past second there after all the time and money he has spent on Florida.
On the Democrat side, Clinton won Nevada (their South Carolina primary isn’t until later), but Obama gets more delegates from there, making his delegate lead stronger.

Department of No Shit Sherlock

I saw a report that said that Antidepressants may not be as effective as popularly thought. Worse, the studies that prove certain drugs are ineffective are very seldom published in medical journals and literature. This is above and beyond the known side effects of antidepressants, such as them actually increasing the suicide rate among teens, despite which, if the school tests your kid and thinks they are depressed and it is confirmed by a psychologist, they will need to be on antidepressants in order to continue going to high school… and that little law came courtesy of the Bush administration who isn’t nearly as in bed with the drug companies as the Democrats are, especially Clinton, and remember the drug companies make twice the profit as the oil companies for which he is deeply in bed with… of course one typically doesn’t go to war to secure drugs. I’ve talked about the secret testing of teens in school before so I won’t cover it more now, outside of reminding everyone the only candidate who has tried to make laws requiring notified informed consent to test the kids at school with no negatives if they refuse consent it Ron Paul.
Anyhow, I am typically of the opinion that drugs seldom work as well as advertised and in general probably have more negatives then positives. This isn’t to say that we should avoid them. I take acetaminophen or Aspirin if I get a bad enough headache that I think it warrants some. Doctors, medicine and drugs can be good, but we tend to overdo it and over-prescribe. Natural remedies tend to be ignored as they result in less profit for the drug companies. This is perhaps the number one reason that marijuana is still illegal, its effectiveness to cost ratio is too good compared to the pharmaceuticals that have been used for years to replace it. (The other reason being that the drug war costs tons of money which means lots of taxes need to be collected for law enforcement and the military, ending the drug war as it is fought now and moving to treatment would result in billions being saved, and despite all the posturing by politicians, saving money isn’t what they are about.)
This study won’t matter in the end. The public will soon forget; they will be enticed into taking drugs they don’t really need by ads on TV.

Paul Places Fourth in Michigan

Ron Paul placed fourth in Michigan far beating out Giuliani and Thompson, of course Giuliani continues to focus on Florida. Romney’s win doesn’t count for too much since the Republican’s cut Michigan’s delegates in half for moving the primary too early.
Meanwhile on the Democrat side, Clinton won, though she and Kucinich were about the only ones on the ballot as Obama and Edwards dropped their name from the ballot. Her win means nothing however since Michigan gets no Delegates in the national convention because their primary was held too early.
Up next: Nevada and South Carolina this Saturday. It seems the Republican’s are focusing in on South Carolina while the Democrats are concerned about Nevada and it’s labor unions… Actually, South Carolina isn’t on that date for the Dems anyhow… For the Dems South Carloina and Nevada come without penalty. Nevada is a Caucus state, so it is non-binding for the Republicans, so it goes without penalty, South Carolina is also cut in half of it’s normal. Then Florida on the 29th, which both parties cut it’s delegate’s in half. Feb 1st gives us Main’s caucus on the Republican side. Then Super Tuesday, the 5th at which point most campaigns may end their runs if they don’t do well. A few others come up, then the last one that probably matters is March 4th when Texas and Ohio have their primaries, after that it is a bunch of small states again.
Since the Republican’s are idiots, it is a winner take all situation in most states so the winner of the state overall gets all the delegates, regardless of how each district voted. The Democrat’s who run it closer to a general election in that the winner of each district gets the delegates of that district. Ideally this is how primaries and general elections should be done. The winner of each congressional district gets the delegate/electoral college vote for that district, with the two additional delegates/electoral college votes being for the winner of the state overall. In the case of primaries, when penalizing a state it looses two additional, and then each of the other delegate’s votes count for only 1/2 a vote. The big problem with primaries is how to separate them well enough to get a good representation and not cost too much at the same time. Ideally it should be Idaho, then New Hampshire then perhaps a two or three other states, one of them being Florida, California, New York in rotation, then Super Tuesday, which needs cut down from being as big as it is this year, but would cover the other two super big states, and in general should represent a very good cross section of the United States. Then on with other primaries.

My Election Preditions For Now

It is still early in the primary season, but I’ll lay out my official election predictions, as they stand right now.
On the Democrat side, which is an easier one to predict, I’ll lay best odds on an Obama/Edwards ticket with an eventual win as the Republican’s will not put up somebody who can beat any Democrat, even Hillary would beat anybody the Republican’s are likely to put up (read as Ron Paul is the only Republican who stands a chance to beat the Democrats). Obama/Edwards will be seen as the “change” ticket, even though they are evil CFR members, the public at large doesn’t care and America will go to Hell as a result. America will no longer be the best place to live, just on the top tier with several others that are just as bad, or close enough that it doesn’t matter. I’ll give a small outside chance to it being either Clinton/Edwards or Edwards/Clinton. Clinton is leading in Michigan, but that is because Obama and Edwards are not on the ticket due to Michigan violating rules by moving its primary ahead of Super Tuesday (Feb 5th). This may lead to party backlash against Clinton. Unfortunately, the only decent non-evil Democrat, Kucinich, won’t get much, but may be given a spot to speak at the Convention.
The Republican side becomes far more difficult to predict. It depends on how things play out in the big states like Florida, California and New York which is where Giuliani is putting most of his efforts at works out. See the Republican’s have a winner take all in lots of states for the primary, so it works out like a direct popular vote, the winner only needs to take those three to win the whole thing (this is the advantage of the electoral college, it makes states like Ohio matter, under a direct popular vote, even Cleveland is too small to care about… but that is another post that I have gone over before and will likely cover again as the real election draws near). If Giuliani can’t win enough votes in the big states, it will probably be McCain, who for some ungodly reason is having a come back… of course I rather have McCain, as horrifyingly evil as he is than Giuliani, who is a billion times worse. The vice-president candidate I’ll give odds to Huckabee, who despite his many evils, is seen as the choice of Evangelicals. I’ve already talked about how Evangelicals are trying to continue to fuck over the country with choosing Huckabee, but as he is seen as the Evangelical choice, I am laying odds on him being given the second spot on the ticket with the second choice being Romney who has a chance of appealing to Evangelicals but not to the same degree, but still far more then either Giuliani or McCain. Huckabee is also the third most anti-war candidate after Ron Paul and Kucinich, which would make the ticket more appealing to some of the anti-war people, especially on the Republican side, and there is a big gap until you hit the next Democrat candidate on the anti-war stance and a huge gap from them to the rest of the Republicans on the war issue.
Ron Paul… Well I expect him to drop out after Super Tuesday unless things go drastically well. This makes me sad as he is the only non-evil Republican. I hope he’ll take the Libertarian parties invitation and seek their nomination (they can’t just toss him in as their candidate, he has to ask for it, then he has to be chosen at the convention). If he doesn’t look to their nomination, I don’t expect him to be invited to the Convention, despite his huge popularity, due to his stance on several key issues. If he does go for and wins the Libertarian nomination, they will get enough votes to be put on the debates next election cycle and be on the ballot all over without all the problems they now face trying to get ballot access, this alone is reason enough for him to go for it, to give a third party an actual voice next election cycle.
Anyhow, in the end the country gets fucked. We get no change, just more taxes and bigger government and a faster slide to the North American Union. Unless of course we put Ron Paul or Kucinich in office… of course with Kucinich we still get more taxes and bigger government, but at least he would stall the move to the North American Union.

Ron Paul Currently in Third, Still Being Ignored

Ron Paul so far in the New Hampshire primaries is second. Two hamlets voted last night, McCain received 10 votes, Mike Huckabee 5, Ron Paul 4, Romney 3 and Rudy Giuliani 1. Of course the big news is that Obama crushed everyone on the Dem side with 16 votes, Clinton 3, John Edwards 3 and Bill Richardson 1. Still, the main stream media seems to focus on McCain, Hucakbee, Romney and of course Giuliani, the last two of which Ron Paul beat. They even talk about Thompson, who didn’t get any votes. I think they still don’t take Ron Paul seriously. I personally expect a 3rd place finish in the state overall, taking most of the independent voters who go Republican.
Meanwhile, Ron Paul got a positive mention on the Howard Stern show. Not an endorsement, but a positive mention. If he suggested to his viewers that they should vote for him in the primaries, I may forgive him for past wrongs. Still not the kind of thing I would listen to, but it would reverse my anger at him. 😉

More Ron Paul Stuff and The Myth of a Christian Nation

There is a great article by Chuck Baldwin, founding pastor of Crossroad Baptist Church in Pensacola, Florida, titled: We Desperately Need The “Confessing Church” where he makes a very good comparison between the Christian Churches in Nazi Germany that supported Hitler, and the Christian Church today that supports Bush and the Neo-Cons (read all the Republican candidates except Ron Paul). This is a must read. The book he talks about is: Hitler’s Cross.
Another pastor, Gregory Boyd takes on The Myth of a Christian Nation: How the Quest for Political Power Is Destroying the Church in the videos below the break.
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CNN’s Jeffrey Toobin Lies About the NAU, CFR, & Trilateral Commission

Not only does CNN’s Jeffrey Toobin lie about the existince of the North American Union, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission and the NAFTA Super Highway, none of the other 5 people on the screen with him correct him, though some of them clearly know better.
Here is a great video about the move to the North American Union, the CFR and a number of other great evils. Using the words of the very organizations and our own governments about their plans to make the North American Union, to make the NAFTA Super Highway and all that stuff…
Need more? Here are some links directly to some documents about it all, and all from our own government, not some outside group like the CFR which is even more obvious about the plans to dissolve America and form a North American Union (and all the candidates outside of Ron Paul and Kucinich are CFR members and/or major supporters) :
Department of Transportation
White House

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More Media Lies, Government Raids Liberty Dollar

The government sent in the Secret Service and the FBI to raid the headquaters of the people who made Liberty Dollars. They also made coins with Ron Paul’s image on them, though Ron Paul had nothing to do with them and they never asked Ron Paul for permission. The media is playing up the Ron Paul angel and keeps claiming that the coins and money was illegal, and leaves lots of details of the raid out of the picture to bias people against the group that made the coins.
They keep claiming that the coins are illegal, which is the government’s claim. They are not illegal. The rocks in my driveway are perfectly legal currency if the person selling me the goods wants to take them as payment for goods or service. They are not “legal tender” in the sense that you have to accept it as payment the way Federal Reserve Notes (paper money) are, but if I choose to accept the Liberty Dollar in any of its forms as payment for goods and services, then that is perfectly legal.
Regardless of what the government and the media may lie about, I can accept anything at my own business as payment for goods and services. Basically, in its current form, the Liberty Dollar was a barter at an agreed value. What’s next raiding McDonalds for paying homeless people with a meal in exchange for doing some cleaning?
Now, spending the money at an unsuspecting business would be an illegal act itself, since if they are not willing to accept it in exchange for goods or service then they are limiting customers only to Federal Reserve Notes, government issued coins, credit cards, checks and the like. However, this doesn’t make the coin itself illegal. A Canadian quarter by the same measure is illegal, and we don’t see the government raiding Canada. However, we get Canadian quarters here all the time, and it is passed on as payment all the time. The banks in the area, long before the Canadian Dollar was worth more then the US Dollar, would pass an occasional Canadian coin or two in rolls. People from the area never really get upset since it spends the same in all but vending machines, though I recall somebody from the South once who complained when she got a Canadian quarter and was on the verge of raising all kinds of Hell. The point is, retailers in this area will accept a Canadian coin or two, so long as the bulk of it is American. In the same way, if a retailer wants to accept the Liberty Dollar, then it is legal.
What is left out is the media reports is the scope of the raid. They took everything, not only the coins and paper money, but all their computers and backups. The group no longer has a way of knowing who ordered what, so tons of people are now out of their “regular” money, and are probably upped in the Federal Database… and you are already on the Federal database. It was revealed recently that the government has been watching all web traffic, not just traffic that may be linked to terrorism. That is, it reads every email that you have ever sent, it reads every instant message, it watches every web site you ever visit, regardless of who you are or whom you are communicating with. The government also took all the gold and other precious metals that were in the company’s vault.
Anyhow, this was an illegal raid on a perfectly legal business. We should be ashamed of our government… well, more ashamed then we already are.
In short, the Liberty Dollar, including the Ron Paul Dollar (again, Ron Paul had nothing to do with it, and never authorized them to make it), was a receipt for purchasing a quantity of precious metal that was stored in the company’s vault. Business then could chose to trade goods or services in exchange for that receipt, which due to its nature, was worth the amount of precious metal it was previously agreed to (unlike our current currency, which is backed by debt).

Some Great Ron Paul Stuff Including Ron Paul Wins New York

Some great stuff I saw over at the Daily Paul.
CNN talking about Ron Paul’s amazing amount of money earned, and they talk about how Paul got 4695 mentions on TV News outlets compared to McCains’ 95,005 from August 2006 to August 2007.
Ron Paul on MSNBCs Tucker Carlson show talking about the money bomb as well (Tucker is big Ron Paul supporter, supported him the last time he ran):

There is a bit on Ron Paul and why he seems to do so poorly on the polls. Basically the problem is whom the pollsters consider likely Republican voters, those who were crazy enough to vote for Bush last election, no Libertarians, independents or 3rd party supporters which makes up a huge chunk of his base, not to mention lots of his supporters may not have land line phones to be reached.

The first New York Straw Poll was held, and Ron Paul won against Giuliani. Giuliani’s own city, and Ron Paul bests him.

Ron Paul – 26 votes
Rudy Giuliani – 21 votes
Mitt Romney – 6 votes
John McCain – 4 botes
Mike Huckabee – 2 votes
Duncan Hunter – 1 vote
Tom Tancredo – 0 votes

Of course the question becomes why so few people in New York bothered with this Straw Poll when small state and city polls do so much better. Regardless, Ron Paul won out, in New York City of all places. Also, this seems to have been the Young Republicans, which would be more Ron Paul’s audience. However, straw polls probably are a better indicator of actual voting than the phone polls that the media quotes all the time since you actually have to go to them and take action, sometimes pay… Okay, somebody may try to point out the Ron Paul lost in Texas, but Texas did everything they could to stop Ron Paul supporters from being able to vote, directly baring some of them at the door, and he still placed third, had they Texas GOP not taken those actions Ron Paul would have won overwhelmingly.
Fox News and the others who keep accusing Ron Paul supporters of being just a small group of spammers is going to have a hard time explaining how he does so well in the primaries.

Even the Self Admitted Far Left Like Ron Paul

Thanks to Ron Paul introducing the American Freedom Agenda Act (PDF file), even people who admit they are far on the left are rethinking Ron Paul. He’s probably not going to enforce Ron Paul, but it’s a start.
Everyone needs to make sure they get their Representative and Senators on board with this bill now. It restores Habeas Corpus and repeals the Military Commissions Act of 2006 among a few other things.