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Ron Paul Currently in Third, Still Being Ignored

Ron Paul so far in the New Hampshire primaries is second. Two hamlets voted last night, McCain received 10 votes, Mike Huckabee 5, Ron Paul 4, Romney 3 and Rudy Giuliani 1. Of course the big news is that Obama crushed everyone on the Dem side with 16 votes, Clinton 3, John Edwards 3 and Bill Richardson 1. Still, the main stream media seems to focus on McCain, Hucakbee, Romney and of course Giuliani, the last two of which Ron Paul beat. They even talk about Thompson, who didn’t get any votes. I think they still don’t take Ron Paul seriously. I personally expect a 3rd place finish in the state overall, taking most of the independent voters who go Republican.
Meanwhile, Ron Paul got a positive mention on the Howard Stern show. Not an endorsement, but a positive mention. If he suggested to his viewers that they should vote for him in the primaries, I may forgive him for past wrongs. Still not the kind of thing I would listen to, but it would reverse my anger at him. 😉

More Ron Paul Stuff and The Myth of a Christian Nation

There is a great article by Chuck Baldwin, founding pastor of Crossroad Baptist Church in Pensacola, Florida, titled: We Desperately Need The “Confessing Church” where he makes a very good comparison between the Christian Churches in Nazi Germany that supported Hitler, and the Christian Church today that supports Bush and the Neo-Cons (read all the Republican candidates except Ron Paul). This is a must read. The book he talks about is: Hitler’s Cross.
Another pastor, Gregory Boyd takes on The Myth of a Christian Nation: How the Quest for Political Power Is Destroying the Church in the videos below the break.
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CNN’s Jeffrey Toobin Lies About the NAU, CFR, & Trilateral Commission

Not only does CNN’s Jeffrey Toobin lie about the existince of the North American Union, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission and the NAFTA Super Highway, none of the other 5 people on the screen with him correct him, though some of them clearly know better.
Here is a great video about the move to the North American Union, the CFR and a number of other great evils. Using the words of the very organizations and our own governments about their plans to make the North American Union, to make the NAFTA Super Highway and all that stuff…
Need more? Here are some links directly to some documents about it all, and all from our own government, not some outside group like the CFR which is even more obvious about the plans to dissolve America and form a North American Union (and all the candidates outside of Ron Paul and Kucinich are CFR members and/or major supporters) :
Department of Transportation
White House

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New Hampshire Debate

There was another GOP debate on Fox last night. Initial reports are that the moderators were attempting to skew the questions and format against Ron Paul. However, Ron Paul rose to the occasion, and won the text messaging poll afterwards. Fox tried to downplay the results saying that they were messed with, despite the fact it was impossible to vote twice, meaning every vote that Ron Paul got came from different phones. It also appearers that a great many of the advertisers were banks, who would naturally oppose Ron Paul. No doubt it was rude of Guiliani to laugh on mic every time Ron Paul spoke, and feed the lie about Iran to hold up the upcoming war with Iran. If the vast majority of American’s knew the truth of the war, the pending war with Iran, and all that jazz… then again, I think that most people prefer to be ignorant of the truth… they want to believe the lie, they want to believe what the mass media and the government tells them, owning up to the truth would mean taking responsibility and taking action, and the government, the education system and media have spent years conditioning people against taking responsibility, to accept the status quo. They get people focused on small issue rather then the bigger issues which if solved would resolve the smaller issues.

Ron Paul Places Third in Texas Straw Poll

I saw over at Daily Paul that Ron Paul placed 3rd in the Texas Straw Poll.
Seeing how the party did their best to keep him from being able to get any votes at all, this is a truly amazing victory.
Third place puts him well ahead of Giuliani and Romney, the media’s favorites. Duncan Hunter finished first, with fast rising Fred Thompson in second and Dr. Paul pulling in close behind Thompson, then there is a huge gap to get to 4th place with Huckabee and down from there.
Reports are that the convention was overtly Christian Far Right Wing and very Pro-War (how those two are together is a bit of a mystery since none of these wars involve anything for which the Bible says that a nation should defend or protect, meaning it falls under the killing without cause, aka, murder a violation of one of the ten commandments, but whatever). Seeing that Ron Paul is a very strong anti-war candidate (he and Kucinich are the only two true anti-war candidates in either party), for him to get such a strong result at a very pro-war rally, which again, tried to keep delegates who might vote for him out, is amazing. Had they opened the poll up more like most other states, I have little doubt he would have won hands down…

16.7% Ron Paul (217 votes)
41.1% Duncan Hunter (534 votes)
20.5% Fred Thompson (266 votes)
6.4% Mike Huckabee (83 votes)
6% Rudy Giuliani (78 votes)
4.7% Mitt Romney (61 votes)
.46% Sam Brownback (6 votes)
.62% John McCain (8 votes)
.46% Tom Tancredo (6 votes)
2.2% Ray McKinney (28 votes)
.23% Hugh Cort (3 votes)
.77% John Cox (10 votes)

Did My First Ron Paul Meetup

I did my first Ron Paul Meetup today. I helped with setting up the Ron Paul booth at the Stark County fair. The main people seemed to mostly have things under control so my main contribution was holding the ladder steady at one point. However it was good meeting a few other Ron Paul supporters. Unfortunately I can’t help out at the booth itself this week, but perhaps Ari and I will swing into the fair some point this week and check it out. This upcoming Monday will be yet another Ron Paul Meetup, this one with another Meetup in the area.

Media Ignoring Rest of Straw Polls

Lew Rockwell notes that while the media had 4,800 articles about the Iowa straw poll which Romney bought his way to victory, there have been only 162 combined reports on all 5 polls in which Ron Paul won, only Fred Thompson has won more.
Taking things into more perspective, Ron Paul has placed in the top 3 in 16 polls, matched by Romney and nearly matched by Thompson. The media’s darling Giuliani has placed in the top 3 a total of 5 times, never in first himself, but 5 total times which Ron Paul placed first. Expect the media to ignore this trend since if Giuliani doesn’t get the nomination, they will push Romney or Thompson down our throat.
I’ll laugh when Ron Paul places very strongly at an actual primary, and the media will be at a loss to explain to the people how somebody they have been trying to make American’s forget about could do so well.

Ron Paul Overwhelmingly wins Alabama and New Hampshire

While the media gladly reported the surface story of the Iowa straw poll, though none of them really mentioned Dr. Paul’s 5th place finish, one network going so far as to mention 1 to 4 and then jump to 6th… None of them seem to be covering the Alabama or New Hampshire Straw Polls. In New Hampshire Ron Paul got 73% of the votes, in Alabama Paul won with 216 votes to second place finisher Romney with 14 votes. (Daily Paul)
Such strong wins really does call into question what happened in Iowa. While the Ron Paul campaign has stated they are happy with everything, a small number of his supporters are questioning the results. The Iowa straw poll was run by one of Romney’s (who won you will recall, thanks perhaps in large part to him buying everyone’s tickets and busing them in) people. Further there seems to be about 12,000 votes missing and while some of those 12,000 probably didn’t actually show up, the number of people who showed up and the actual number of votes counted fell way short. Why would somebody have a $35 ticket to vote and not vote? How is somebody involved with one of the candidates allowed to run the poll? Two of the 60 machines malfunctioned, one of which had 500 votes (you can do the math yourself and find how many missing votes there are from the other machines if 500 is the average…apparently the other must have had 1000 since they re-fed 1500 votes through the two, yet somehow we are to believe the actual average across all 60 is 238…) (Infowars) I don’t know where I stand on the Iowa thing, but it is great to see such strong numbers out of Alabama and New Hampshire, now if only the media would actually do their job and report the news… oh, wait, that’s right they are controlled by people who don’t want to see Paul win.

Ron Paul Places 5th in Iowa Straw Poll! Paul at RonStock and more

The Ron Paul R[evol]ution is going full swing!
Ron Paul placed 5th in the Iowa Straw Poll with 9.1% of the vote (source who got it from this one)
11th–John Cox 41 votes
10th–John McCain 101 votes
9th Duncan Hunter 174 votes
8th Rudy Giuliani 183 votes
7th Fred Thompson 203 votes
6th Tommy Thompson 1039 votes
5th Ron Paul 1305 votes
4th Tom Tancredo 1961 votes
3rd Sam Brownback 2192 votes
2nd Mike Huckabee 2587 votes
1st Mitt Romney 4516 votes
Now let us stop a moment and consider how important this is. The media has been ignoring Ron Paul for the most part saying he is nothing more then a fringe Internet candidate who gets 2% of the national polls. Also, in order to vote in the Iowa Straw Poll, a registered Iowa voter had to drive to Ames, then has to have a ticket that cost’s $35. On top of this, unlike many of the other top finishers<cough>Romney, Brownback</cough>, Paul didn’t buy tons of tickets for his supporters and didn’t provide a bus for his supporters to get to Ames (everyone who enters is required to buy 800 and I would guess they did give those out… notice Giuliani didn’t even get that many, then again he didn’t work the Iowa Straw Poll). A strong finish for a “second tier” candidates does mean more media attention, and one would hope the media can’t ignore Dr. Paul’s fairly strong finish, though I doubt the media will mention Romney’s buying of tickets for his supporters (though in fairness, the New York Times did cover that point before the Poll). All in all, I think that Ron Paul and his supporters have to be very happy with the results… as a matter of fact, here is their official statement:

On behalf of Dr. Ron Paul and his wife Carol, and the Ron Paul 2008 campaign staff, I thank our supporters and volunteers in Iowa and throughout the country for the strong showing in the Iowa straw poll. We are pleased and encouraged by the results.
We have the three ingredients for success:
1. The message: freedom, peace and prosperity.
2. The man: Ron Paul.
3. You.
Our campaign has begun.
Kent SnyderChairman, Ron Paul 2008

By the way, prayers and best wishes to Ron Paul’s wife who apparently was admitted to the hospital the morning of the poll.

Ron Paul at RonStock:
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If You Google Ron Paul

Google invited Ron Paul to their main campus where he received a big reception. Of course given Ron Paul’s popularity with the Internet crowd and the younger voters, this isn’t surprising.
Amoung Paul’s best quotes, “I want to be President, not because I want to run your lives. I don’t want to be President to run your economy. And I don’t want to be President to run the world. I want to be President to restore liberty. I want a government that protects your privacy and exposes government secrecy. It’s the reverse of what we’re getting, and this idea is spreading like wildfire and they love it…” and it goes on, but you’ll have to watch the video to get more. He speaks on how he doesn’t see gay rights, minority rights, etc. he sees all of them falling under individual rights which he firmly believes in.
The song is a bit much, but a small price to pay to see the video.

Ron Paul Interviewed by George Stephanopolous

Here is the video of Ron Paul interviewed by George Stephanopolous, Paul’s first real exposure on mainstream media, and with him topping McCain in fund raising, it may be just the start. I think the personal liberty message, the anti-war, non-intervention policy, and small government message is resonating with more and more people as they learn about him.

Ron Paul in Third Place for Fundraising and Ahead of McCain

Ron Paul’s campaign has more money on hand than McCain, and is now third in fund raising. It will be harder and harder for the major media outlets to ignore him much longer. His Iowa rally had more people, who were more excited then the rally that he was kept out of due to it being organized by a McCain supporter. He’ll be on ABC’S This Week with a 15 minute interview with George Stephanopoulos, which should be very good exposure.
Meanwhile, Sen. Pete Domenici withdrew his support for the War in Iraq, joining Ron Paul, who was one of the few to be against it from the very beginning. Sens. Richard Lugar, R-Ind., and George Voinovich, R-Ohio, are now pushing to reduce to cut our presence… all of the sudden Ron Paul who was accused of being unpatriotic due to him not supporting the war (despite 70% of the US population being on his side on this issue) is now being joined by many others in his own party.

Um? What?

American Chronicle had, until they pulled it for violating it’s editorial policy, an op-ed that attacked Ron Paul and his supporters, who he said were “incorrigible haters of America and . . . congenital bangers of whatever America represents.”
I was under the impression that us Ron Paul supporters were among the people who most love what America and it’s constitution represent… being the only candidate who believe in the Constitution having something to do with that. On the very highly recommended show, Penn & Teller Bullshit, they covered what the op-ed author may have been talking about in their Mt Rushmore episode. In it they talk how people make it seem that if you don’t support everything our government does, then you are not patriotic, and hate America and whatever it represents. This must be the thinking of the author since there could be no other explanation. However, it is exactly this kind of thinking, questioning the government that our founding fathers would consider the most patriotic to what they intended this country to be by this point in time in our history (and even then). Blindly following everything the government says, believing everything they say, and agreeing with everything it does isn’t patriotism, it’s being a dunce. What if Gore had gotten in way back when and gas was now over $12 a gallon do to the taxes he was promising to put on it (I can’t even imagine the price of an airplane ticket if normal auto gas was that much, and plane fuel that much more)? The effect, due to not being able to drive, millions loose their job and end up on government programs, though some of those may be able to get a bus to where they need to go, many live outside where buses go and they have to stay on it. Kerry comes along next and he follows his promise to pay women to abort their children, and then give billions to the drug companies (who today make twice what oil companies do… oddly nobody complains and wants to through more money at them while punishing oil companies… I don’t get it, but then I am not on the left) along with these aborted children so they can do research they could afford to do themselves and still be more profitable than most other companies. Would the writer of the op-ed piece say that those of us who don’t support those moves are unpatriotic? If his logic is that most Ron Paul supporters are unpatriotic because they don’t support the war in Iraq, many don’t support the Federal Reserve or IRS (at least when it comes to the personal income tax, which could be gotten rid of without getting rid of any government services… so long as you got rid of the Federal Reserve first), some support ending the war on drugs and the like. Since that describes a noticeable percentage of Ron Paul supporters (some, if not most may not support all those issues, but between all his issues they still feel he is the best choice of the two parties), the op-ed author seems to feel they are unpatriotic. Yet, I am sure if the above scenario was true, where Gore and Kerry won, he would be talking about how bad some parts of the government was himself, making him by his own thought process, unpatriotic, yet he would then claim that it would be unpatriotic not to be heard.
A little clip from that episode, which I felt was one of their better ones. Watch it until the end, you may think you see how the trick they do is done, and want to stop, but it is their words… well Penn’s words since Teller doesn’t speak, that is important, plus the trick ends up being really cool.

The Federal Reserve and Inflation

I just briefly mentioned inflation the other day in my Rethinking Ethanol post, and today I saw an article titled Confiscation Through Inflation, which I highly recommend everyone read…heck require everyone to read.
Here is a related clip from Aaron Russo’s From Freedom to Fascism (which despite it’s title relates more to the Federal Reserve and the IRS, both of which Ron Paul wants to get rid of…and a reminder, not one government service would be interrupted if you got rid of the individual income tax, watch the full movie to learn more).
America is being robbed blind by not only a corrupt Presidential Administration that feels it is above the law, including it’s own Presidential Orders, but by the Federal Reserve and the world banks that are the true forces behind everything. It may sound like paranoia, but the more real research you do, the deeper you see the rabbit hole really is.
Unrelated, but another must watch video to go along with the must watch movie above is Terrorstorm – A History of Government Sponsored Terrorism.

Why Anti-War Dems Need to Vote for Ron Paul in the Primaries

Why should a Democrat vote for Ron Paul in the primaries? So that the war issue is largely taken off the table and the debates can be focused on other issues. If the Republicans get anybody else in, then the only thing that will be debated for the most part is the war, and none of the other issues pressing this country. By raising Ron Paul’s numbers in the primaries, the media and the Republican party could no longer ignore him. Now, most of the front running Dems don’t support as fast as a withdraw from Iraq as Ron Paul does, so there may be some debate on the speed of the withdraw, but outside of that, the debates would focus on domestic issues to a large degree.
Some states would require a registered Democrat to switch parties if they want to vote for Ron Paul, others do not. Either way, party affiliation in that regards doesn’t matter in any other election, only primaries. As a Democrat switching to get Ron Paul nominated in the primary, you can switch back in time for the general election, or just let it ride and vote Democrat anyhow. The idea is to get the media and the GOP to stop ignoring Ron Paul and push to get him the party’s nomination to go against whomever the Dems put up.