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Hey Christians, Perhaps You Should Take This As A Message From God

You should take this as a message from God… Speaking of the election… not this post… Perhaps you should take the results of the election and the once again over whelming win by Obama as a message from God. And not just his win, but the wins for gay marriage, and the defeat of anti-abortion measures in Republican states, the loss by people who said really dumb and insulting things about rape… perhaps God is sending a message that most Christians are voting for the wrong party…

Prior to the election I saw lots of messages from Christians that people pray so that Romney would win. Now that he soundly lost, there are messages that we can only pray… But if God is in control of all things as Christians suppose, perhaps God is sending a message to Christians to stop voting for Republicans, who oppose the teachings of Jesus and move on to those who are more in line with His teachings. If God exists, then so does the devil and perhaps the greatest trick he ever pulled was convincing Christians to vote against the teachings of Jesus by voting Republican and make them think they are doing God’s will. I am not alone in being an Atheist (in part) because of Christians voting for Republicans, by sticking so hard to the Republican agenda you are hurting the image of Christianity… after all if God was real, he’d be sending messages to Christians…

A small aside. There is a story that is oft told of how a flood came to a town and a man was drowning in the waters. A boat came and asked if he wanted help, the man said “No thank you, God will rescue me” and the boat moved on. Continue reading Hey Christians, Perhaps You Should Take This As A Message From God

Why Occupy Wall Street is Right

Like many political posts, this is more or less not finished and may be revised as I go along.
There is a popular fallacy in the mass media, and therefore the public at large, regarding the Occupy Wall Street protesters and the movement in general. It is the idea that the protesters are being hypocritical by using products from large corporations. However this simply is not true. The problem isn’t the products, or even necessarily the corporations themselves. The problem isn’t Wall Street itself, that is, the problem isn’t investing. The problem is the undue influence Wall Street has on government, the media and public policy.
Continue reading Why Occupy Wall Street is Right

Rachel Maddow Hits the Nail on the Head About Health Care Reform Here

Rachel Maddow breaks it down simply. These Mobs are not debates with the Town Hall people about Health Care Reform, but mobs of people trying to shut things down. There are other reports about who is funding these mobs, and who is funding the busing of people in to create mobs at these functions which I may post later. We do need a real debate, not hot headed people trying to shut things down that they don’t understand. It is like those idiots who keep pushing for Intelligent Design to be taught in school, have no understanding of the real science, and how we got to where we are today in the science of cosmology, abiogensis and evolution (which they further confuse those three separate things into one). These people in these mobs aren’t educated on the truth of universal health care. They believe the horror stories that come from the systems while turning a blind eye to the many more horror stories coming out of our own system.
Anyhow, check out the video.

Visit msnbc.com for Breaking News, World News, and News about the Economy

What is amusing is that what is being proposed in Washington isn’t a single payer system like Canada at all.
I do think that things are being rushed through without creating a whole new system that will work for everyone properly. Funny how those on the right are fighting against health care reform when they say they are the compassionate ones, they are the ones with Christ on their side. I say Christ hangs His head in shame over the way these conservatives are treating those that need affordable health care in this country, the country that claims to be the most Christian, but the only one not to provide affordable health care to every citizen, the only one not to guarantee vacation time, and a number of other areas that those who say they are compassionate, have no compassion for.
Are systems like they have in Candada, the UK, New Zealand and the rest of the world perfect? No. Are they better than what we have now? Undoubtedly. There is a great article at Science Blogs about Are patients in Universal Health Care Countries Less Satisfied? that I suggest people read.

Obama Attacks Bush While Announcing a Bush Like Program, Liberal Media Attacks Him

In a case of the pot calling the kettle black, Obama, standing in front of the Constitution of the United States, rightfully attacked Bush for his policies regrading detainees. Bush and Cheney and all the others should be prosecuted for war crimes. No doubt they overstep the rule of law, no doubt they tortured, or at least ordered the torture of detainees. Unfortunately, Obama hasn’t had the courage to order a full commission into those war crimes. During this speech, in front of the Constitution, Obama laid out a new plan. A plan that includes putting people in jail because they might commit a crime. It is, as the video below points out, something out of Minority Report (good movie by the way).
Here is Rachel Maddow, one of the more liberal reporters out there, on the most liberal media outlet out there, attacking Obama for it:

Of course this is what separates the liberal media from the conservative media. Hanity, Rush, Beck, O’Reilly and their ilk would just as well such Bush’ and Chaney’s dicks before admitting that they were wrong on Iraq and torture. Continue reading Obama Attacks Bush While Announcing a Bush Like Program, Liberal Media Attacks Him

National Day of Prayer

The other day was the National Day of Prayer, and those on the far right violated the commandment of judge not, and bashed Obama’s faith because he didn’t make a big deal out of it… of course the fact that nobody prior to W made a big deal out of it didn’t bother them. As we can see by the purposeful disinformation given to members of the church about cosmology/ambiogenesis/evolution, one can count on the far right to bear false witness.
The National Day of Prayer sort of… okay no sort of about it… violates the separation between church and state. Of course the far right say that was about keeping government out of the affairs of the church, and while that is partially true, they are wrong to suggest that it wasn’t about keeping the church out of government affairs. If one reads the letters to and from Jefferson about it, it was clear the Founding Fathers intended to keep the church out of the state.
Modern day Christians seem to forget the Pilgrims. The Pilgrims came to the Americas to escape, now pay attention, the Christian ran government and the actions of the Church itself. Modern day Christians recall the Pilgrims came for religious freedom, but forget that the ones who persecuting and repressing them were Christians. Heck, it wasn’t too long ago that people were being burned at the stake for being the wrong kind of Christian. A church in power of the state is a dangerous thing, and this is why the Founding Fathers erected the wall of separation between church and state.
Of course all the commentators had to bear false witness and make the claim that the US was founded on Christian principles. Which is odd, since the idea of a republic is Pagan, the idea of Democracy is Pagan and our system of laws is based on English Common Law, which was around long before Christians were in Europe… yes when it was Pagan. So it seems we were founded on principals of the Druids and those worshiping the Greek Pantheon. Most of the Founding Fathers were Deist, not Theist.

Revisiting my Earlier Obama Post

I noted earlier a much reported rumor of Obama’s Drug Czar choice. Well, he either has changed his mind or it was indeed a rumor, or the guy was considered along with others and his name was the one that slipped out. It has now been confirmed by several sources that Obama has picked Seattle Police Chief Gil Kerlikowske to be his Drug Czar. Seattle voters passed a law to make marijuana enforcement police’s lowest priority, and while Kerlikowske was initially skeptical, the policy has worked out well. Washington is one of the many states to have compassion laws, and Kerlikowske didn’t try to undermine those laws. Advocates of compassion laws are cautiously optimistic that if he is approved by the Senate that he’ll keep going with Obama’s campaign promise of letting actual medical science prevail and stop wasting billions of federal dollars on raids of compassion clubs, grow ops and the like in states where it has been legalized.

Obama’s First Broken Promise

The rumor mill is spun up, and it says that Obama’s choice for Drug Czar will be Republican Congressman James Ramstad. Ramstad, a former alcoholic, has voted against medical marijuana laws and needle exchange programs. He opposes eliminating the raciest sentence discrepancy between crack and powder cocaine, then again most drug laws were originally racially motivated, with some help from industries that would profit from making them illegal.
On the campaign trail, Obama promised that he would stop Federal raids of legal medical marijuana grow-ops, shops and the like in states that have made it legal. Unfortunately this may be his first broken promise. With a hard line drug czar at one spot, an Attorney General that believes in tougher drug laws, specifically marijuana laws, a White House Chief of Staff that thinks we should silence doctors on the truth of medical marijuana, and a vice-president that believes in mandatory minimums, it looks like Obama will not deliver change on the medical marijuana front, despite all the scientific evidence to support it, and the fact it would save the tax payers billions of dollars a year.
Of course it wasn’t for such a promise that I voted for him. If that was my primary concern, I would have stuck to the Libertarian Party choice. Still it is disappointing to hear that he is may break this promise. Hopefully this rumor, though going on for a couple months now, will not be true and he’ll make a real change on this policy and stop wasting billions of tax dollars and resources so that they can better be spent on fighting real crime. Continue reading Obama’s First Broken Promise

Your Tax Dollars Wasted

In 2007, the US Government, despite the fact that Ethanol is the wost alternative energy source, spent $3 Billion on Ethanol. Solar, wind and Geothermal, which could prove to be our Nation’s salvation to so many problems one doesn’t know where to begin to list them all, received just $750 million while biodiesel, got $180 billion. This demonstrates the power of the oil and farming lobbies, both whom benefit from Ethanol. Sure solar, wind and geothermal could create millions if not billions of jobs, remove the need for foreign oil and move us to carbon neutral status (perhaps even carbon positive…or negative depending on which way you want to term a move to the better), and could be used to power homes on a mass scale, not just primarily for transportation; and sure biodiesel, unlike ethanol, could be made without sacrificing food and/or feed crop, and without food/feed crop space and uses far less oil to produce than ethanol, but why let these facts gets in the way of a politician pocketing some money. Why should the government do what it can to help the environment or the people of the US get high paying jobs when they can take the money for themselves and run?
Unfortunately, Obama’s initial stimulus plan doesn’t include an infrastructure upgrade which would create far more jobs and have a long lasting positive step on the economy, but hopefully after they get past this rushed version they’ll work on improving the nation’s infrastructure to support a move to solar, wind and geothermal… there is no reason we couldn’t get nearly every ounce of our energy needs from the three.
hat tip: Who wins federal dollars race? Ethanol does, by a long shot. An older story I meant to comment on a long time ago…
I suggest seeing King Corn just to see how important corn is to the farming industry and how they manage to get corn into everything… everything, despite it isn’t really that healthy for you.

Congratulations Obama

Congratulations to Obama. I’ll admit, I voted for Obama over Barr, partly because I feared a McCain win, but mostly because, regardless if you believe in in policies or not, he does inspire people to action, and I think that is what is needed at the moment. People need to get involved with their country again. Would it have been nicer to have Barr? Yes, but I’ll gladly take Obama over McCain continuing the Bush legacy.
I’ll cover more about the election perhaps after work tomorrow (well, I guess technically today from my clock). Some measures around the country went well, up to one ounce of marijuana was decriminalized in one state, medical marijuana passed another state, it looks like voters in Colorado voted against defining life from the moment of fertilization (as pro life as I am, an amendment to that end causes problems). Meanwhile some other measures are not looking so good, California’s Proposition 8 looks like it might pass, meaning a ban on same sex marriage (I’ve waxed on about legislating morality enough, I’ll skip it for now). At least California passed Prop 2, which forces farmers to give their animals room enough to turn around (egg laying hens, veal caffs and pregnant sows), so perhaps California does have some heart… then again it looks like they’ll say no to Prop 5, which would have provided treatment programs for non-violent drug offenders over incarceration (which results in huge savings, you can treat tons of people for the cost of sending one person to jail).
Anyhow, I’ll see how things are tomorrow. Right now it’s 1:30 am and I have to be at work at 9, so I am off to bed.

Idiot Republicans

[Edited 28 October to add about rich cheating on their taxes more, and to remove a few commas and apostrophe s’s, which for some reason I did on nearly every occasion where it should have been just an s.]
We’re back online and I am finally able to post political stuff.
I saw Ruben Navarrette Jr’s Commentary: Liberals let loose on Palin and Joe the Plumber and it just amazes me how much an idiot the Republicans are being… and I am finding it harder and harder to believe that I used to be a devout Republican myself.
At one point Naverrette says, ” I also thought the Democratic Party was supposed to go to bat for the little guy, the everyday Joe the Plumber.
Tell that to Joe Wurzelbacher, the Ohio resident who got his 15 minutes — and 40 lashes — because he dared question Obama about his tax plan.”
First off, Joe the Plumber would have been a non-story if it wasn’t for McCain bringing him up at the debate. The media wouldn’t be hounding him and finding all kinds of things about him if McCain didn’t make an issue of Joe himself. So his so called 40 lashes, the media camping out on his door step isn’t Obama’s fault as McCain and Naverrette would have you believe, but McCain’s fault… and he didn’t dare ask Obama, he asked, and Obama answered at length. Next, if we went by Joe’s original claim, he wasn’t any “everyday Joe the Plumber.” Very few people, even plumbers, make $250,000 a year. People who think that those making $250,000 are everyday people are living in a world that doesn’t represent the true state of affairs in the US. No wonder why they think the fundamentals of the economy are strong. Continue reading Idiot Republicans

Damn them All to Hell, FISA Ammendments Pass

There were a few who voted against it strongly, Clinton, surprisingly among them, Ron Paul would have had he been able to be there (they added it to the calendar at the last minute and he had another appointment), Kucinich did also. Unfortunately, Obama did vote for it, and I may reconsider my vote for him just on this issue alone. Unfortunately I don’t feel I can vote for Bob Barr (Libertarian candidate) since he has conveniently flipped his positions before joining the Libertarian party to be more in line with them (he was one of the leaders of the Drug War, voted for the Iraq war, one of the leaders of the Defense of Marriage Act, voted for the Patriot Act… all of which he has come out publicly apologized for of came out against, too little too late I say, and I haven’t heard anything about him taking back his position to have the Pentagon bar the practice of Wicca in the military, and after all religious freedom is one of the main things that caused people to come here for and why the Constitution protects it).
What is important to note is that FISA itself worked fine, and WASN’T going to expire. The only thing this was for, essentially was to provide retroactive protection for the telcos (which technically violates the Constitution and I am sure we’ll see it challenged on that grounds very soon), and to expand the reasons they can now wiretap you without a warrant. Among the reasons they can wiretap you without a warrant is if they suspect you are trading files on the Internet.
I am just appalled at how many people still believe the Bush administration’s lies… Meanwhile I read a headline that Obama is trying to overcome the image that some Christians have that he matches the Bible’s description of the Anti-Christ, which is beyond odd since Bush matches it exactly. Bush is the one pushing to force people to be implanted with RFIDs, which Christians say is the Mark of the Beast.

Department of She’s Plum Lost Her Mind

I saw a comment from the Clinton camp the other day that if Obama doesn’t sweep all four states on the 4th by a large margin, than he in fact lost. Odd spin on the facts since prior to her statement, I was under the impression that Texas and Ohio were guaranteed wins for her, and the only question was how much her winning margin would be. Now Obama has closed the gap in Texas, and is close to a tie in Ohio, and how she’s saying that he has to win by a large margin to actually win. It sounds to me like even if he wins most of the states, she’ll stick in and continue to divide their party short of him doing it in such a large margin that he wins all the delegates he needs that day.

Went to Obama Rally Saturday

Sara and I went to the Obama rally Saturday. The doors were scheduled to open at 4 pm and the event was scheduled to start at 5:30 pm. At 12:30 Sara called to see when they thought we should be there, they said the line was already around the block so we head out and got there a bit before 1:30. While the line was around the corner of the building, it wasn’t around the block and we were fairly happy with our place in line. Then the long wait…
The doors opened a bit before 4:00 as we were in the building at 4:00, so perhaps they started letting people in about 3:30, I was getting Sara and I drink when the line first started moving, and by the time I got back Sara was more than half way to the door. No food or drinks in the building so we had to trash them, Sara wasn’t happy about that.
Then we had to stand, but our spot wasn’t far from where he would be at all. I guess we should be glad we didn’t wait to go to Akron. Eventually the hall was packed with people standing uncomfortably close to each other.
5:30 came and went, and outside of the University of Akron Steel Drum Band, who performed from about 4:15 to 5:00, there was nothing going on. Around 6:30, or perhaps a bit before, we got the first couple speakers, but the crowed didn’t care. Finally, about 7:00, after another long break, the last speaker came up, and introduced… Obama’s staff. They went on for a while about volunteering and that, they were not nearly as booed as the poor lady ahead of them. Finally a glimpse in the doorway of Obama, the lady next to us seemed nearly ready to faint from that point until nearly the end.
Then Obama himself came to the stage and the crowed goes wild. He gave one of his standard, but inspiring and moving speeches, both Sara and I would choke up a few times. He then shook a few hands and went to the back. They took books and stuff from people in the front to have him sign and we hung out for a while. Eventually we left and made our way to pick up Ari who was staying with my mom and family.
A good enjoyable time, but it was tiring standing for 7 or 8 hours. Now if Ron Paul comes to Canton on a weekend that I can make it…
Edit: Obama’s site says there were 5,000 people there, so even if they did the exagiration that event organizers sometimes do, we can say it was 3,000 at the very least.
A video of him speeking in Akron. The crowd shots, at least the ones showing pans of the crowed (I don’t know about the tight shots) are not from Arkon (the TV stand isn’t where it should be and the architecture is wrong to name a few clues), but you sometimes have to fill in crowd shots. (By way of example, the church I used to go to would sometimes have to use crowd shots from other services or other times during that service than when the crowd shot was actually taken, to fill in for out of focus shots, or other issues, of the pastor.) I know the speech itself, and the shots of Obama himself are from Akron as he is using a wired mic, and he had mic problems at the start.

Onto Texas and Ohio

Ron Paul did respectably well Tuesday, however, due to the asinine way the Republican’s assign the winner take all delegates, his delegate count didn’t go up. I really don’t understand why anyone votes for McCain. Even Republican’s hate Bush, and McCain is basically another Bush, perhaps even worse. My shit could win the general election against McCain. I could see the election now, “I have the choice between a piece of shit and McCain. Easy! The piece of shit.” The news reports would be all about how a piece of shit beat McCain by a landslide… Lucky for us there is a chance it won’t be a piece of shit running against McCain (though that depends on who the Democrats pick of the two).
Meanwhile, voters in Wisconsin and Hawaii were smart enough to vote for Obama over Clinton. Obama is also doing better in Texas with him ahead even on some polls I have seen, but most report a statistical dead heat. For some god forsaken reason, Clinton still has a fairly strong lead in Ohio, but there is nearly two weeks until the primaries, so hopefully things will change and the gap narrows. They are still predicting it will come to the superdelegates, all in a party who for the general election believes that the popular vote is all that should matter, but for the primaries they think is worthless.

I Think it is Telling

I think it is telling when the “better educated” people, as the media polls call them, favor Obama and the “less educated” people prefer Clinton. That should speak volumes as to whom the Democrats should elect. Obviously the “educated” people know who is the better choice.
If we get Obama vs McCain, I will vote for Obama, if it is McCain vs Clinton I think about moving out of the country but in the meantime vote 3rd party. If it is Obama vs Huckabee… well, that is likely not to happen, I’ll decide in the booth between 3rd party and Obama, unless of course that 3rd party choice is Ron Paul where Ron Paul is the clear choice…
Here is my current run down:
Ron Paul
Anybody but Clinton or McCain
The Libertarian choice if it isn’t Ron Paul…
I think that keeps care of everyone. 🙂
As far as moving out of the country, it would likely be Vancouver, though I would really prefer New Zealand, and of course I already covered the city choices there in other posts.
Meanwhile, what the flip is up with Washington state stopping their counts and declaring McCain the winner before they were done counting? The vote count was close enough, with enough votes left uncounted that the whole thing stinks. If I were a Washington voter, I would be highly pissed. Did the vote counters look at the uncounted ballots and see that Huckabee or Paul were going to win and decided to leave them uncounted? It is one thing for a network to declare a winner before the counts are done and the polls are closed (unlike 2000 where they declared a winner long before even the East coast polls were closed), but is another thing for the officials to declare a winner before they are done counting and then stop counting.
Anyhow, I officially support Obama, after Ron Paul.

Wanting Their Cake and Eat it Too

I find it amusing that the Democrats, at least the big state ones, pushed to change the Federal elections from Electoral College to a pure Popular Vote, and yet for their primaries, they have Superdelegates to avoid having to end up with the popular vote, or as they say to balance it out. As I write this CNN is reporting that Clinton has 1,148 delegates, and Obama has 1,121, giving her a 27 delegate lead. However, if we look at the break down, it is Clinton with 924 delegates given to her by the people, Obama meanwhile has 986, meaning that Obama has a 62 delegate lead based on the popular vote, which they seemed to think was all that should count when Gore lost the electoral vote. Obama is expected to when the Patomic this Tuesday, taking VA, DC and MD. The next big contest after that is Ohio and Texas, both of which currently favor Clinton for some God forsaken reason, especially Ohio where Clinton holds a 2 to 1 lead over the far superior Obama. (Texas is showing Clinton with 48% and Obama with 38% last I saw, and given her lead with the Spanish community, this is to be expected, we’ll see how the final results end up.)
Anyhow, if the Democrats value the popular vote so much, then why don’t they dump the Superdelegates?

Hillary is a Douche

Hillary has been complaining, and I have seen her supporters echoing her, that Obama doesn’t support Universal Health Care. Umm… notice to the idiots who parrot her, yes he does. His plan is Universal Health Care. His plan, offers health care to everyone who wants it, and mandates coverage for children. Everyone can be covered, that my friends is Universal Health Care! Hillary’s plan on the other hand isn’t Universal Health Care, it is Mandatory Health Care because she thinks you are too dumb to make a decision regarding your own health care. Under her health plan you have to be covered, if you want to or not, meaning if your employer offers a better plan now, they will probably stop under her plan, even if their plan is much better because health care costs represent one of the largest costs of being an employer, and if the employee has to have coverage from the government anyhow, then why pay the extra costs when you don’t have to? Under Hillary’s plan we end up with less choice, and worse service from our health care providers. Under Hillary’s plan, you have to see a doctor every year under penalty of law. I haven’t seen a doctor in nearly 10 years, and I see no reason the government should force me to see one every year.
Something to keep in mind is Hillary gets lots of money from Pharmaceuticals, who stand to make big under any socialized plan, and their margins are already twice the margins that oil companies get. So we begin to see why she has part of her plan mandatory doctor visits. Your doctor says you need prescription X, you pay a small fee, the government covers the rest, and suddenly millions of more people are taking prescription X making the pharmaceutical companies even happier. Suddenly, not only are their margins twice that of oil as they are today, their actual profits go up due to increased volume.
Obama, undoubtedly also gets money from the big drug companies, but not as much. His plan is true Universal Health Care. Many employers may continue to offer better health care plans under Obama’s plan, since coverage becomes a choice, they will want to compete with Employer B down the street who offers none and leaves it to the government plan alone, meaning they get the better employees. Obama trusts American’s are smart enough to make an informed decision about their health care coverage. I am sure that if his plan was adopted, most every American who doesn’t have coverage now, would elect coverage. Some people who have coverage will undoubtedly switch depending on the cost/benefit of staying with their employer sponsored health care provider, or going with Obama’s Universal Health Care. For example, with my current employer, the plan they sponsor is probably better than the Universal Health Care that Obama would offer (or Hillary’s Mandatory Health Care would demand), so in that case I am best served by staying with that plan, but my prior employer’s plan was fairly bad, and both Obama’s and Hillary’s would be better, save for the fact that Hillary demand I see a doctor every year.
In short, Obama is offering true Universal Health Care. Don’t believe Hillary’s lies. All she offers is Mandatory Health Care because she thinks you are too stupid to make your own health care choices and she’s in bed with the drug companies.