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Viral Video of the Moment

From the Department of Misunderstood Lyrics that You Didn’t Know Were Misunderstood comes a contestant hopeful on Bulgaria’s, Music Idol (think Pop Idol or American Idol in Bulgaria) singing Mariah Carey’s “Without You”, but she has a curious misunderstanding of the lyrics. Here is her tryout (complete with subtitles):
After that she was invited back to sing it again, where she seems to have gotten a better understanding of the lyrics, but still sings “Ken Lee” at the critical moment… and a few other fun moments:
Valentina Hasan, the singer above, came from the second season, but just because it is cool, here is the winner of the first season, Nevena, singing a traditional Bulgarian folk song, Izlel e delio haidutin:
FYI: The bagpipe is a Kaba Bagpipe, and the song itself, not Nevena’s rendtion, is on the Voyager 1 spacecraft.