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My Election Preditions For Now

It is still early in the primary season, but I’ll lay out my official election predictions, as they stand right now.
On the Democrat side, which is an easier one to predict, I’ll lay best odds on an Obama/Edwards ticket with an eventual win as the Republican’s will not put up somebody who can beat any Democrat, even Hillary would beat anybody the Republican’s are likely to put up (read as Ron Paul is the only Republican who stands a chance to beat the Democrats). Obama/Edwards will be seen as the “change” ticket, even though they are evil CFR members, the public at large doesn’t care and America will go to Hell as a result. America will no longer be the best place to live, just on the top tier with several others that are just as bad, or close enough that it doesn’t matter. I’ll give a small outside chance to it being either Clinton/Edwards or Edwards/Clinton. Clinton is leading in Michigan, but that is because Obama and Edwards are not on the ticket due to Michigan violating rules by moving its primary ahead of Super Tuesday (Feb 5th). This may lead to party backlash against Clinton. Unfortunately, the only decent non-evil Democrat, Kucinich, won’t get much, but may be given a spot to speak at the Convention.
The Republican side becomes far more difficult to predict. It depends on how things play out in the big states like Florida, California and New York which is where Giuliani is putting most of his efforts at works out. See the Republican’s have a winner take all in lots of states for the primary, so it works out like a direct popular vote, the winner only needs to take those three to win the whole thing (this is the advantage of the electoral college, it makes states like Ohio matter, under a direct popular vote, even Cleveland is too small to care about… but that is another post that I have gone over before and will likely cover again as the real election draws near). If Giuliani can’t win enough votes in the big states, it will probably be McCain, who for some ungodly reason is having a come back… of course I rather have McCain, as horrifyingly evil as he is than Giuliani, who is a billion times worse. The vice-president candidate I’ll give odds to Huckabee, who despite his many evils, is seen as the choice of Evangelicals. I’ve already talked about how Evangelicals are trying to continue to fuck over the country with choosing Huckabee, but as he is seen as the Evangelical choice, I am laying odds on him being given the second spot on the ticket with the second choice being Romney who has a chance of appealing to Evangelicals but not to the same degree, but still far more then either Giuliani or McCain. Huckabee is also the third most anti-war candidate after Ron Paul and Kucinich, which would make the ticket more appealing to some of the anti-war people, especially on the Republican side, and there is a big gap until you hit the next Democrat candidate on the anti-war stance and a huge gap from them to the rest of the Republicans on the war issue.
Ron Paul… Well I expect him to drop out after Super Tuesday unless things go drastically well. This makes me sad as he is the only non-evil Republican. I hope he’ll take the Libertarian parties invitation and seek their nomination (they can’t just toss him in as their candidate, he has to ask for it, then he has to be chosen at the convention). If he doesn’t look to their nomination, I don’t expect him to be invited to the Convention, despite his huge popularity, due to his stance on several key issues. If he does go for and wins the Libertarian nomination, they will get enough votes to be put on the debates next election cycle and be on the ballot all over without all the problems they now face trying to get ballot access, this alone is reason enough for him to go for it, to give a third party an actual voice next election cycle.
Anyhow, in the end the country gets fucked. We get no change, just more taxes and bigger government and a faster slide to the North American Union. Unless of course we put Ron Paul or Kucinich in office… of course with Kucinich we still get more taxes and bigger government, but at least he would stall the move to the North American Union.

RE: Open Letter to Allen Wastler, Managing Editor, CNBC.com

Manystorm over at Daily Paul has put up an Open Letter to Allen Wastler, Managing Editor, CNBC.com, which responds to Wastler’s An Open Letter to the Ron Paul Faithful telling why he took the poll down that had Ron Paul winning the post debate poll. Manystorm says everything much better then I could have. Wastler talks about how Paul pulls low numbers in the “legit” polls (his quote marks), Manystorm points out, properly, that Paul is often not even a choice. I was reading something from Kucinich a supporter how they said Kucinich after the poller gave them the top few choices, when he said Kucinich they said that wasn’t an option and he had to pick one of the top choices, we can be sure the same is happening in the case of Dr. Paul. Manystorm points out Lew Rockwell’s article Ron Paul and Opinion Polling, which goes over many good points about polls. I would also point to Penn & Teller’s excellent Bullshit episode on Numbers from their 4th season. Polls are not about accuracy, they are about reflecting a narrow set of choices, to manipulate those who don’t understand how polls work. Of course somebody like Wastler undoubtedly knows that the “legit” polls are lies already, and his open letter to the Paul faithful is probably to further confuse those who don’t know how the “legit” polls work, and not actually to the Paul faithful.
I wonder what the mainstream media will do when Ron Paul gets far better then 3% at the primaries. How are they going to explain it to the brainwashed hordes?