Who I Root For in Team Sports

So I’m more a geeky gamer, and don’t watch too many sports, but I do enjoy Soccer (Football to the rest of the world, but being in the US got to go by terms here) and Hockey. A bit of further background, while I was born in Northern Ohio, I moved to Denver around 3 to 6, came back to Ohio, went back to Denver around 7th or 8th grade to 10th grade, and came back again to Ohio for 11th grade on… graduation was nearly 30 years ago. So that influences some of the choices on teams that I root for. Aside from American Football, I don’t really have any preferences for college teams unless otherwise noted. Now most of these are in order of what I’d watch them in.

My favorite of the main team sports.

  • MLS:
    Columbus Crew all the way. After that I don’t have any real choices in the East. For the West I am tied between Seattle Sounders, Portland Timbers and Colorado Rapids. I’d generally go any East team over the West team save for those.
  • Olympics:
    USA – Duh. Then the UK, because of course, then perhaps the CONCACAF teams, starting with Mexico and Canada more or less tied.
  • All others:
    I actually don’t have a horse in the Premier League, or other leagues, mostly as I don’t have a good way of watching them at all. I’d LOVE to though.
  • College:
    University of Akron. After that I don’t really have any preference.

A close second in team sports.

  • NHL:
    Columbus Blue Jackets all the way. After that I’d go Pittsburgh for reasons, though many Columbus fans would call that near treason. I don’t really have many others in the East to choose over the other. Generally would go Metropolitan over Atlantic, but really, so long as it is an exciting game, I’m good either team usually. After that I’d normally go an East team over any West team, save perhaps Colorado. Now in the West we get to my third overall choice, Colorado Avoidance, because of course Denver…Down the line in the West it goes Las Vegas (no real reason).
  • AHL:
    Cleveland Monsters all the way. After that I don’t really got any horses in the race.

Going out of the team sports for a bit, and I much prefer real boxing over MMA stuff.

Beach Volleyball
Okay, this is a bit of a cheat… Lol. And obviously only ladies beach volleyball.

American Football / Gridiron
My third favorite sport, though really don’t watch it, even if my favorite teams are playing… now if one of them gets the Superbowl, then I’d probably watch that.


  • I’m generally all AFC. Denver Broncos, then Cleveland Browns (worst uniforms in the NFL, and one of the worst in professional sports period). Now many in Cleveland see that as crazy, because The Drive. Now it used to be then any other AFL team, with Pittsburgh second to last, and Baltimore, who I put below all the NFC teams. That is to say I’d still prefer Pittsburgh to any NFC team, but Baltimore, thanks to taking Cleveland’s team, is last. For a variety of reasons, I’ve moved Pittsburgh up to third choice in the AFC. On the NFC I’d go Dallas, due to their legacy during my early years, then I don’t really have any choices.
  • College:
    Ohio State… after that I don’t really have any horses, but for reasons would probably have to move Michigan.

After those main sports, I’d probably go with Rugby (New Zealand All Blacks for my prime choice because my New Zealand obsession), and then Australian Rules Football (no real choices as I can’t watch those either). However, one doesn’t really get to watch those here in the US so we’ll skip them.

Why not put it on a spot since I put in Boxing.

WWE style wrestling
Okay, so it’s scripted, but it is still a good demonstration of athleticism, and was entertaining back when I used to watch it. I hear NXT is where it’s at now… Lucha Underground might be interesting too…

Auto Racing
Again, not really a team sport, but it would go here, so long as it isn’t NASCAR, but Indy Car and F1, motocross, drag racing and so on. NASCAR would probably drop to below NBA and above MLB…

Most any of the X-Games, mostly summer types then winter.

I put this here, though I don’t really root for any team, or player, still it’d go about here on the TV watching list. Ladies first, then men… okay, mostly just ladies.

Mostly summer, then winter. Like Table Tennis can be insane crazy…

Don’t really get a chance to watch it, but I do enjoy the clips. 9-ball billiards would be next.

I’m not a basketball fan, but it’s probably the next sport I’d watch if it was on the TV and there was nothing else to do or watch… I have zero interest in college basketball, especially March Madness, I’d probably go same as in American Football though.

  • NBA:
    Cleveland Cavaliers all the way. Then Denver Nuggets. Then Chicago due to their legacy. Golden State would probably be dead last.

My least favorite of the main US sports. It really just takes too long, too many commercial breaks, too long when it actually is on… 100% don’t care about college baseball. I still enjoy really well done plays though on highlight reels.

  • MLB:
    Cleveland Indians, then any American League team, then Colorado Rockies, then I don’t really care. I wouldn’t watch a game unless the Indians were in, and even then I’d just pause while channel surfing unless the score was really close near the end.

I don’t know enough about Cricket to know if it’d go here or above Baseball.

I don’t really watch it. I’ve played it, and would play it well before most others on this list…

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