The future of this site, misc stuff… good night…

Okay, so Trackbacks have been added to the blog here. That link was the official explanation, an easier explanation is here or here (from the people who invented Trackback).
I still have yet to start work on removing the tables from the site and going with CSS positioning.
I am also thinking about changing web hosts so I get have MySQL access at the site, then I would probably move rom RadioUserland as our blogging software, to WordPress, which would save some money, and end up looking better and more professional to boot.
By the way, the PHPGedView version of my family tree will be back up soon. I hit some big bugs while upgrading to the new version… Yet another reason to have a new web host for MySQL… PHPGedView and MySQL are both Open Source software projects, which means you can see all the source code that it took to write the program, then enhance it for your own needs if you need to. I am not sure about WordPress at the moment, I think it is Open Source, but their page is down so I can’t double check. Open Source seems to be the wave of the future, at least to a degree.
Okay, I have been up for way too long. I need to sleep, so goodnight/day…

Sara wins, Ari rolls, and I program

Sara won, something, we are not sure what, on the Rollye James show, a national radio show. She had to answer what TV show theme song made it onto the Billboard Hot 40 chart at number one. There were four answers, and three were already down, she and another person called in at the same time with the answer, The Heights.
Ari is rolling over more, still not to the point where it seems to be on purpose yet. Sara’s tried a couple of times to give him rice cereal, but he hasn’t got that down yet, too much tongue. At his visit last week he weighed in at 15lbs 6oz and 25 inches long. It looks like his eye infection is over, and his tear duct may be open as well.
My first PHP program is here. I hope to learn PHP along with my C++ efforts. In regards to C++, I went back a couple of chapters to re-read a few things as it has been a while since I worked on it.

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