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As of 17 September 2014 this is a very rough draft…

For most people, it will probably be easier to use Brian’s Gaming Wishlist on Amazon so Amazon can handle the details or my Steam Wishlist which should put the games into my Steam account (however you need a free Steam account to buy things). The issues come on the links that are outside of Amazon… since unless you know me personally there’s no real way to handle it yet… Some items, especially pre-orders, Amazon wouldn’t let me add to the wishlist even if it was listed… I’m sure there is a way of adding things to a cart and having them go to somebody who has a wishlist already though…

Most links will lead to an Amazon link (but not via my wishlist above, so again address info needs to be known), though if I can’t find the item on Amazon, then I’ll link to something else. If I already own a game and want expansions for it, I won’t link the game’s title to avoid confusion, but might make it bold…For Amazon ones, the above wishlist is probably the easiest way to get them, using this list as a guide to priority order.

Also note for a few expansions, I don’t have them on the main wishlist at all, use this list to add it to the cart already picked.

This list coves Board Games, Miniatures, RPGs and Video Games. While Board games may top my list, and be my larger desire, reality is that I don’t really have much of anyone to play with, so video games are perhaps the better choice…

Board Games

Okay, many board games have expansions, and the default Gaming Wishlist on Amazon, and my Wishlist on CoolStuffInc, don’t allow you to sort by expansion and explain if you have the base game or not yet… so that’s what this wishlist will be for. To help ease which are most wanted and give better notes than the others.


  • Pending…


  • Pending… I don’t really get a chance to play these much so it is a much harder list. If I had a local group I could play with more often…

Video Games

NOTE: For most of the non-XBox type games, that is, most PC games. Using my Steam Wishlist is probably the easiest way to get games to me that I want off Steam… the Amazon links are there more for… I don’t know… All PC games are generally preferred in Digital Download form.

Alien: Isolation came off this list as I won it off the Docgotgame channel! Wohoo!

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