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As of 29 April 2017, this is still a rough draft (original post 2014), but most of the stuff should be here.

I’ve setup Ari’s Amazon Wishlist so that Amazon can handle all the details… For links outside of Amazon below, unless you know me personally there is no way of handling that right now… That wishlist doesn’t include everything, like Steam gift cards.


Ari is a gamer, so he enjoys video games and board games. We tend to keep him away from the violent first person shooters.

  • The best bet for video games is a Steam gift card. You can get these in various amounts, $20, $50, $100. They can be found in the gift card section of most large retailers that sell a variety of gift cards. He’s less able to use a Game Stop or other retailer card.


Ari reads at a fairly high level for his age, well above the 9th grade level, where most American’s read at. Best bet is an Amazon gift card from the link above and he’ll hopefully get a book.


I’ll put this down near the bottom as the type of Lego sets wanted are generally a bit more expensive…

Other items

Other items to consider… He’s into science, engineering and the like, so science kits, books and the like. Of course he’s into video games, like Minecraft and the like. His computer and video game time is limited though.

He might be interested in some littleBits kits… I don’t think he’s ready for a Raspberry pi yet… that’s more advanced, though he’d probably figure it out quick enough as there are plenty of resources to learn both on the Internet and locally. The Canton Hacker and Maker Place has a fairly regular class on it.

An example of littleBits kits in use:

An Introduction to Hardware Hacking goes into some details about littleBits and the Raspeberry pi for those who want to learn more. Great thing is they would eventually be great for Sidd too, and Ari could perhaps help teach Sidd.
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