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I went climbing today at the local Y. I had a really good time, though I am in a bit of pain now. My muscles are not used to being used. They were impressed that I did so well for never having really climbed, and being a desk jockey. So it would seem I have a degree of natural aptitude for it, just need to learn the techniques, and get my balance to work with me and not against me as much on some of the harder transitions. I did a small celling (where I had to grab some handholds on a ceiling before being able to move back to the vertical) but didn’t get to far up the vertical past that.
I have to get over the fear of falling since the mats are there for that and offer plenty of absorption.
Climbing shoes… hurt… Of course they say that is when it actually is the right shoe. It should be very snug and hurt just a bit. They had some old shoes on hand. I guess when people buy new ones, they bring their old ones in and they put them in a community bag for people like me to borrow when we are there.
This is a free climbing. No ropes, though eventually they do teach lead rope climbing after you are able to head up and around yourself. The walls are all of 18 feet, so it is probably between rock climbing and bouldering, but at my level is plenty challenging enough. I need to stop using so much arm strength and rely more on my legs.
More stretching too as became obvious…