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Game Moments that Stick with You – Zaalbar kills Mission

Back on the old original XBox is where I played the predecessor to Star Wars: The Old Republic came out, the original Knights of the Old Republic. It was a great game that would help setup (or at least popularize with the non-comic Star Wars fans) a regular Star Wars era that is super popular to this day, and the era the new game takes place in. Your character could go down a light sided path or a dark sided path, and my character went down the dark sided path. You have a couple of companions through the game, Zaalbar, a Wookiee, and his best friend, Mission Vao, a young Twi’lek. They help you through many missions, but near the end of the game, you can force Zaalbar to kill Mission, which I did… got lots of dark side points for it as one would expect… and that moment would stick with me years later. I sometimes feel guilt over going that far overboard. And that is the hallmark of a great game, that moments from the game will stick with you years later, that you make an emotional connection to the game that deeply.