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ESO and WildStar

Okay, now that both are out of NDA, I can safely talk about Elder Scrolls Online (ESO) and WildStar. This is going to be a very short post, I might post a longer reflection at some later time, but these are the initial thoughts I’ve had on my head for a while and wanted to share, and now that I’ve decided to up the gaming content on this site, now seemed a good time to push this out.

Both are good games. Both are worth the $60 entry… however… based on the closed beta and open beta weekends with ESO, I’m not sold on the game for a subscription. It strikes me very much as a multi-player Skyrim, which in of itself isn’t bad. Continue reading ESO and WildStar

MMOBuff Contest Entry – Favorite Wildstar Path

So the folks over at MMOBuff, one of the channels I watch on Twitch and YouTube, are having a Twitter contest to see what are people’s favorite, WildStar Path is. Sadly Twitter has a 140 character limit which isn’t nearly enough to actually discuss such things.

MMOBuff, if you are reading this, skip this paragraph as I need to discuss the game very briefly with my normal readers… Continue reading MMOBuff Contest Entry – Favorite Wildstar Path