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Initial Left 4 Dead Impressions

I got to play an offline, single player version of Left 4 Dead the other day, and I have to say I am impressed. It is without a doubt the most wanted game. However, I have decided it isn’t above my want for Neon Genesis Evangelion: Platinum Collection. This is no fault of the game, but I think the long term repeated viewability of Neon Genesis outweighs the long term replayability of the game. The main point of the game is the online feature, which gives the game a long shelf-life, but even so, years from now I would still be watching Neon Genesis, but probably have moved on to other games. Then again I have been playing Counter Strike off and on for years (most off, which is kind of the point).
Still, I have to think that the Game of the Year will be between Left 4 Dead and Fallout 3 Continue reading Initial Left 4 Dead Impressions