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What Those on the Right Seem to be Ignoring

Later today, more details about the torture the US did on detainees will be released. Those on the right are upset. They think that if the world knows what we did in detail it will threaten our national security. They believe that the release of any photos would do the same thing.
They are missing the point. If we never did those despicable things, there would never be anything to leak out and threaten our national security. We are, at least according to those on the right, the supposed moral leader of the world. Yet we committed immoral acts.
We are the most “Christian” nation in the world and yet we freely engaged in the torture of humans and think we are justified in doing so… the Nazis thought they were justified as well. That is not to say that the torture of those people is anything like the Holocaust. Obviously the murder of millions of people is far worse, but the point is that in both cases the people in power, felt justified in doing what they did.
We are the only industrialized nation not to provide affordable health care. The right can talk how nobody is denied health care all they want, but they again miss the point. Yes you can get health care, but can you afford it afterwords. Nobody is saying the poor can’t get the health care, they are saying people can’t afford to get it so they ignore it.
The US is the only advanced economy in the world that doesn’t guarantee workers get paid vacation time. New Zealand, Australia and much of Europe grantee workers at least 20 days, with some demanding 25 to 30 days, and those don’t count mandatory paid holidays. I get 5 days, and a couple holidays, and I am doing better than 1 in 4 Americans.
I could go on and on, and initially did, but I’ve touched on those subjects before, so I’ll leave them be for this post. How can we be upset the information is coming out? If we didn’t do it, we wouldn’t have anything to be ashamed of. If we didn’t do it, we wouldn’t have a threat to our national security. I think it would be better for our national security to let it all come out, and to swiftly prosecute those responsible. But Bush, Chaney and the rest of those responsible up for war crimes. What puts us at risk is not dealing with the issue honestly and punishing those responsible. If we investigated and punished all those responsible for these reprehensible acts, then we would in fact be more secure, as the world would see us as dealing with it and not willing to put up with it, even when it was us who did it.

Obama Attacks Bush While Announcing a Bush Like Program, Liberal Media Attacks Him

In a case of the pot calling the kettle black, Obama, standing in front of the Constitution of the United States, rightfully attacked Bush for his policies regrading detainees. Bush and Cheney and all the others should be prosecuted for war crimes. No doubt they overstep the rule of law, no doubt they tortured, or at least ordered the torture of detainees. Unfortunately, Obama hasn’t had the courage to order a full commission into those war crimes. During this speech, in front of the Constitution, Obama laid out a new plan. A plan that includes putting people in jail because they might commit a crime. It is, as the video below points out, something out of Minority Report (good movie by the way).
Here is Rachel Maddow, one of the more liberal reporters out there, on the most liberal media outlet out there, attacking Obama for it:

Of course this is what separates the liberal media from the conservative media. Hanity, Rush, Beck, O’Reilly and their ilk would just as well such Bush’ and Chaney’s dicks before admitting that they were wrong on Iraq and torture. Continue reading Obama Attacks Bush While Announcing a Bush Like Program, Liberal Media Attacks Him

As if the World Needed Proof that Bush is Evil

I saw this the other day, but I’ll just make a quick comment. Bush is going to veto a bill that would ban waterboarding, because torture, he says, is essential the security of the United States. The bill would limit the CIA to the same interrogation techniques the Army is, which itself somehow didn’t get limited until 2006.
I wonder how many Christians still support Bush? If any do, then wake up! He is absolute evil, he isn’t what he claimed, his actions such as this prove it. No Christian, let alone any reasonable human, could condone torture. And don’t believe the lies about it being essential to security. Even after 9/11 you are more likely to die from a mentor strike than from a terrorist attack on US soil. If you want to improve security, get out of the Middle East, get out of Iraq and Saudi Arabia, those two factors alone are the number one recruitment tools of Al-Quida. If we pulled out of the Middle East and adjusted our Foreign Policy a tad, we would virtually end the risk to ourselves.
I’ll question the integrity of any members of Congress who don’t vote to override the veto of this bill.
Okay, I’ll try to stay off politics at least for the rest of the day and move the blog back to updates about our personal lives.