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On the Pros of Nelson, New Zealand

Okay, enough cons of moving to New Zealand. I have said the whole time, I still would move there after Ari graduates pre-school if money wasn’t the problem, and if Sara would agree. Anyhow, from beautiful Nelson, New Zealand (my first choice if I were to move to New Zealand) comes the Lantern Spectacular, a Summer Festival they seem to hold as the Center of New Zealand with lots of artists and performing artists doing their thing… Nelson having a very strong art community…
One of my earlier posts has another video about Nelson, New Zealand that covers Nelson as well (link to vid)…
A couple of blogs from Nelson:
Don and Angela: US Immigrants Living in Nelson, New Zealand. I think their title pretty well says it all…
EDIT: An interesting note, their city preferences when they moved there were the same as mine. Nelson first and foremost, then Wellington and then Christchurch.
Nelson Daily Photo. A photo blog of Nelson.
Ben’s Photo Sketchbook. Another photo blog by one of the two who do the NDP above.
Not a Woman of Few Words. A blog from the other half of the couple that make up the NDP.

I am off to dream of moving to Nelson, New Zealand.