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Despite the Obama Win, I Still Call for an End to Winner Take All

I continue to wonder why only Main and Nebraska renounce the winner take all approach to a presidential election and do it the way it should be done, have the winner of each congressional district win that district alone, then the two extra votes go to the winner of the state. This splits the difference between a pure popular vote, while maintaining the integrity and purpose of the electoral college in giving the smaller states power.
There is no way to pass an Amendment that gets rid of the Electoral College, the small states would never support it, but one might be able to pass a tiered Amendment since it still leaves the small states in play. The question is if the Federal Government could mandate that all the States go to a tiered system without a Constitutional Amendment. The Constitution says the States can choose their own method of selecting electors, the question becomes if detailing how those electors are used would violate the Constitution or not. I have recently thought that perhaps it can’t and that an Amendment would indeed be needed to force a tiered system. In Ray v. Blair, 343 U.S. 214 (1952)., the Supreme Court ruled that electors are functionaries of the state and subject to the state’s rules and governess. So unfortunately the difficult process of an Amendment would probably be needed, but I still think it would pass, especially if it included clauses to prevent faithless electors, and some states would probably want clauses to prevent Gerrymandering (the redrawing of district maps to favor a particular outcome) which would be a far more tricky part to write.

Onto Texas and Ohio

Ron Paul did respectably well Tuesday, however, due to the asinine way the Republican’s assign the winner take all delegates, his delegate count didn’t go up. I really don’t understand why anyone votes for McCain. Even Republican’s hate Bush, and McCain is basically another Bush, perhaps even worse. My shit could win the general election against McCain. I could see the election now, “I have the choice between a piece of shit and McCain. Easy! The piece of shit.” The news reports would be all about how a piece of shit beat McCain by a landslide… Lucky for us there is a chance it won’t be a piece of shit running against McCain (though that depends on who the Democrats pick of the two).
Meanwhile, voters in Wisconsin and Hawaii were smart enough to vote for Obama over Clinton. Obama is also doing better in Texas with him ahead even on some polls I have seen, but most report a statistical dead heat. For some god forsaken reason, Clinton still has a fairly strong lead in Ohio, but there is nearly two weeks until the primaries, so hopefully things will change and the gap narrows. They are still predicting it will come to the superdelegates, all in a party who for the general election believes that the popular vote is all that should matter, but for the primaries they think is worthless.