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Why I’ll Never Vote Republican Again… And the Democrats Are on Shaky Ground Too

The US has abandoned any sense of a Republic it may have once had and become a plutocracy, serving the upper 1 to 2%. We need a drastic change, and the Republicans don’t even pretend to serve the people and make an open show of caring only for the super rich. Still, thanks to Fox News and the refusal of your average Republican voter to do any self thought (due in large part they are trained to take things on faith, to accept what they are told and read and that critical thought is a bad and evil thing), the viewers think the Republicans are acting in the best interest of the US. However this isn’t the full reason why I’ll never vote Republican again. Continue reading Why I’ll Never Vote Republican Again… And the Democrats Are on Shaky Ground Too

My Problem with Bob Barr

Bob Barr is the Libertarian Party candidate for President. I normally support the Libertarian Party candidate, but this time I am not so sure I can. I am fine with him changing his mind on the War on Drugs, same sex marriage, his original support of the Patriot Act and his original support for the War in Iraq… all these things he has publicly came out against his original position and now is firmly on the correct side of those debates.
However, I have yet to hear him apologize for his bill that would force the Pentagon to ban the practice of Wicca. A move that awarded him one of the few Burning Times awards ever given out. Regardless of one’s view of Wicca, the First Amendment clearly states (emphasis mine): “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof..”
Too many on the Right seem to want to return to the way it was in Europe (and the Colonies here) when people were burned at the stake for believing something different than those in charge did. Joan of Arc, a Christian was burned at the stake by the very same church that later made her a Saint for failing to believe the way they did. Of course rather than burn people at the stake, they want to return to the burning times via political and legal action. This is wrong, and Christ Himself would oppose it. What too many people on the Right seem to forget is that Jesus didn’t hang out among the righteous of His day, but among the very people the Right want to ban and alienate. They say “What Would Jesus Do?” with one side of their mouth, but the other side of their mouth and their actions (which speak louder than words) show they don’t care about what Jesus would actually do, they just want to force their beliefs and agenda on everyone.
To make a bill that would ignore the Constitution and the important concept of freedom of region is just asinine… it is the ignoring of the First Amendment (among so many other things) that firmly put me in the opposition to Bush/McCain. If Bob Barr was to publicly do a sincere apology, and be accepted by, say the Lady Liberty League (who for the rights of Wiccan/Pagan soldiers… and Wicca/Pagan rights in general) and some others, then perhaps I can get behind him. But I can’t support a guy who opposes the First Amendment.

Texas and Ohio Voters are Idiots and Paul Still in the Race

Clinton won both Ohio and Texas. To be fair, she was expected to win both by a large margin, and her margin in Texas wasn’t much and the caucus isn’t counted far enough yet to see how delegates are distributed. None of the news organizations seem to agree on exactly how the counts are distributed, but even after the sad results of Texas and Ohio, Obama still has a sizable delegate lead.
Meanwhile, the mainstream media is ignoring that Ron Paul is still in the race and that McCain doesn’t have the race locked up as he doesn’t have the required number of pledged delegates. Ohio apparently is all unpledged. However, I truly think it is time for Ron Paul to move to the Libertarian party for his Presidential bid now that he won his Congressional seat back, and McCain is as good as the nominee. While he probably wouldn’t win the election on the Libertarian ticket, he would get them enough votes that they would be in the debates 4 years from now and there is a slim chance they may include Paul in the debates that way, though they probably wouldn’t.
If Clinton wins the nomination… well it is time to start looking more seriously at Vancouver or Nelson. Vancouver is closer, and Sara seems excited about it and Toronto. She isn’t sold on Nelson for some reason, perhaps due to it being so far, though it is in the foothills of the Southern Alps, has 4 seasons, is far sunnier than most places here save the South… Not that we can afford to move to either one for a long time anyhow. 🙁