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I Suck at MOBAs – Video Proof

I managed to get a beta key for the upcoming MOBA game, Smite. I typically suck at MOBA games. I played League of Legends (LoL), and I have DOTA 2. I gave up on LoL because I felt bad. I knew I was doing bad and being of no use to the team. DOTA 2 I do occasional bot matches until the training/teacher area opens up where I might do more… I was, still sort of do, hoping that since Smite is 3rd person rather than isometric, and a bit easier controls overall, that I wold be better at Smite. So far not so much. Then again I only did one match so far without any training. I then did one training match did somewhat okay and the did the one I recorded, please excuse the breathing into the mic. This will be in three parts:

Part 1:

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